Forgot an Eclipse Item

Oops, forgot to include the Sabian Symbol for the Eclipse.

Good thing I forgot it,  because the omission gave Elizabeth the chance to help me interpret it!  Sabian Symbols are channeled interpretations for each Degree of the Zodiacal circle.  Each of the twelve Signs has an interpretation, such as Pisces Compassion, Scorpio Fearlessness, Cancer Nurturing.  And each Degree has its own reading.  While we’re on the subject, there are also interpretations for each 2-1/2 degree segment (a “Dwad”) and each 10-degree segment (a “Decanate”).

The Eclipse occurs in the 22nd degree of Scorpio, “Hunters shooting wild Ducks.”  Rudhyar bases his interpretations of these Symbols on their location in the Zodiac, and the corresponding implications for the Cycle of Development.  His call is that it’s about channeling aggression into socially acceptable rituals.  That makes total sense in context, particularly in the context that violence has been declining on the Planet. I know, it doesn’t seem like that, but these days natural disasters often have death tolls in the tens or hundreds rather than hundreds of thousands or millions, and wars get into the tens of thousands – in the First World War, millions fell in a single battle.

Of course interpretations are both/and, not either/or.  But if we substitute “Unconscious” for “wild,” we get a big Aha!  The Primordial Feminine, as with all other Energies that are emerging, resides in the Unconscious.  And Lord knows that’s exactly what the Olde Male has been doing for the last several years with abundant Media fanfare – shooting at Unconscious contents that threaten their arbitrary Power, many of which wear feminine disguises.  Most of the old white males who preached about things like “legitimate rape” and “the rape thing,” and went into all kinds of gyrations to try to apply 5,000-year-old preachings to Gay Marriage during the US elections, got trounced soundly.

In the US, there is a significant cohort of old white men, some young even, with sanguine body parts between their ears and their collarbones, who firmly believe that Obama’s gonna take their guns away from them, especially the AK-47s that they use for hunting and proof of gender.  The image of Men Killing Things is deeply Primordial.  The astrological function of Scorpio is to root out any Unconscious content – bars on our birdcage – that inhibit collaboration and ascension.  At 22 degrees, the Eclipse occupies the Cancer Dwad of Scorpio – nurturance.  Motherhood.  Sounds to me like more basic shifts in The Balance.

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