Curiosity and the Void II

If you’re in a researchy mood, Castaneda’s Power of Silence well illuminates the relationship between Logic/Information and Intuition – as basically independent and equally valuable sources of insight.  “Left-brain” Logic and dynamic Masculine Energy are correlated, as are “right-brain” Intuition and magnetic Feminine Energy.  As the Primordial Feminine becomes stronger, the Veil thins, our connection with the Other Side becomes stronger, and many new varieties of Intuition become available to us.

Traditionally, Information confers Power.  It’s more complex than that, but that’s the result.  In the Olde Male World, pre-internet, Information Power was very carefully guarded.  The internet screwed that all up, as Information is now available to everyone.  There are still proprietary sectors, but they get smaller all the time.  The gold standard of scienterrific veracity is peer review.  That keeps Information tightly controlled, as the Olde Guard keeps complete control.  When I was in school in order to break out you needed to start your own journal.  That being an extraordinarily expensive proposition, you needed a major conspiracy to pull it off.  Now all you need is a website and a Google strategy.

Intuition confers Power as well, when it’s consistently accurate.  But it’s unpredictable.  Intuition has no peer review.  It’s perfect for small organizations, like a family or a small business or a town, or an individual.  By the time you get to the County or Shire or Township level, battles and standoffs between different Intuitive views of the World are inevitable.  You see that in the US Federal government today.  One Intuitive view sees that the rabble (them, not us) will overrun civilization if it’s not kept under control.  Another sees that we’re all in this together (them and us).  Government in the US is winner-take-all, so all other perspectives are permanently banished.  The two dominant Intuitions trade 51-49 victories, and rather than making progress, each Intuition spends all of it’s time disassembling what the other Intuition has accomplished.

Europe is similarly frozen, and the EU has used the opportunity to appoint governments that used to be elected.  In the US, the 1% is using the opportunity to buy governments.  But all of that misses the point.  As the Primordial Feminine becomes stronger, Intuitions will override other sources of Power of any kind.  As Walter Wriston pointed out long before Sandy Weill and Jamie Dimon started playing Monopoly on Wall Street, national governments are obsolete.  I don’t keep track of what’s going on in other governments, but there are probably parallel processes, because it’s all part of the global process of Trance(Re)Formation.

As Einstein said, you don’t solve any problem with the same thinking that formulated the problem.  That’s the nature of Chiron – changing perspective.  It doesn’t solve problems, it makes them irrelevant.  The way fracking has made OPEC irrelevant.  If we lived in a World where business and government were responsible to the People and the Planet, rather than to quarterly profit and the next election cycle, then fracking would be studied to find environmentally responsible ways to do it, before it became widespread.  Instead, with what in the US we call the “Wild West” mindset, they frack everything, and ignore the people that end up with flammable water in their toilets.

Who on the Planet is working to solve the problems of quarterly profits and election cycles?  You can flail all you want at the wrong problem, and you get nowhere.  Maybe appointing governments is one way to change the paradigm.  You have to wonder who’s doing the appointing.  Historically, appointed governments have failed more often than elected governments.  A friend of mine, who was kicked out of Pomerania after WWII said before he died that “Hitler wasn’t so bad” – he was comparing Hitler to Weimar Germany, where thanks to excess money printing it took a wheelbarrow full of money to buy a loaf of Bread.  The frustration of getting nowhere is a sure sign that your perspective ins’t working and you need a new one – or several.

While Jupiter and Saturn Cycles prominently impact economic activity, Jupiter and Saturn are actually considered the social planets – they impact the whole of social activity – governments, business, religions, schools, granges, entertainment, politics, charities, everything involving more than two people.  All of those endeavors are in the Void.  So we release our Expectations, move toward Sustenance, spend more time in Meditation, rely on our Intuition (including PIAVAing greater access to our Guides), and put our Attention into the smallest units of Community that still function.  That’s how we survive in the Void.

PIAVA, in case you’ve forgotten or tuned in recently, stands for Pray-Intend-Ask-Visualize-Affirm.  Each is basically similar, but some work better for some of the people some of the time.  The Dynamic Masculine manifestation process runs Plan, Execute, Review.  The Magnetic Feminine manifestation process runs PIAVA, Change the Subject, Pay Attention.  You have to Change the Subject (or as the Buddhists put it, Lose Your Mind) because if you keep thinking about it, your Old Birdcage will constrain your Reality to be the way it’s always been.  And you have to Pay Attention because whenever you PIAVA anything, the first thing that the Universe provides is information about why you haven’t had what you’re asking for all along.

You PIAVA World Peace, and Change the Subject by walking the Dog.  The first thing you encounter is a neighbor angry about the Dogpoop in their yard.  So if you’re Paying Attention, you’ll notice and reconsider how you respond to other people’s anger.  Do you set Boundaries?  Ask for more information?  Offer to clean up?  Withdraw?  Use your NVC skills?  Feel guilty or defensive?  Cower?  Apologize?  Scream at them?  Flirt with them?  Deny responsibility?  Manipulate them?  Acknowledge their perspective and respectfully present your own?  Are your responses effective?  How do you feel afterward?  Do your responses keep you safe?  How does the neighbor respond?  Have you contributed to World Peace?  That would mean that both of you felt safer and more serene after your interactions.

You PIAVA less pain, and Change the Subject by reading a book.  The next thing that happens is your brain wants Chocolate to help it stay awake.  If you’re Paying Attention you might wonder if there’s a connection between Sugar and Inflammation.  You PIAVA a better (or any) job, and Change the Subject by immersing yourself in the moment-to-moment demands of your current job (or job search).  When your reflective Attention re-emerges, is it because you’re daydreaming about what you really love to do?  Daydreaming about being a Star?  Have you deeply enjoyed your immersion?  Has your immersion been stressful?  Was it exhausting, or exhilarating?  Did you use your Body respectfully?  Are you spontaneously excited because you’ve stopped doing it?

You PIAVA more money, and Change the Subject by cooking dinner.  The next thing that happens is a good friend rings up, just in time for you to invite them to dinner.  If you Pay Attention, maybe you discover that you don’t want more money as much as you want more Community.  Maybe you realize that Abundance means having enough to share, and decide to change your PIAVA to How can I help more people find their True Joy?

These examples are all pretty Logical, and there’s power in combining the Dynamic perspective with the Magnetic.  But the real value of the Magnetic perspective is the way it opens you to your Intuition.  The World may not change, but what you perceive of it changes.  The classic example is to PIAVA your lost car keys, Change the Subject by washing the dishes, and find them on the table when you collect the dirty dishes.  They were on the table all along, but you were so tied up in your logical mind trying to remember where you had them last, that you didn’t notice them when you walked by.  There’s a very strong relationship between Intuition and Chironic Paradigm shifts.  If you can find your car keys, can you find the next $5 or $50 or $500 that’s wandering around out there trying to find you?  All Prayers are answered – but are we Paying Attention to notice?

For us personally, we each have our own natural balance between operating Dynamically and operating Magnetically.  And we have our programmed overlays, some from seven generations of ancestors, some from “past” lives, some from personal experience and decisions.  How close to our natural balance do we operate?  How often do we sabotage ourself?  (You might want to PIAVA insights into the boundaries between self-sabotage and blame.)  On the personal level, Mars represents the Dynamic, and Venus the Magnetic.  Where is the Venus-Mars Cycle?

Why, what a coincidence!  The Venus-Mars Cycle is also in the Void!

So it’s no surprise that what we’ve been trying to do hasn’t been working very well for us.  How do we handle a Void?  To quote a familiar source, “we release our Expectations, move toward Sustenance, spend more time in Meditation, rely on our Intuition (including PIAVAing greater access to our Guides), and put our Attention into the smallest units of [effort] that still function.”  Venus-Mars entered the Void on March 2, 2012.  Because of the confluence of the Venus and Mars retrograde periods, the last two Venus-Mars Cycles have been unusually long – obviously the Universe has a vested interest in our really getting these lessons.  Lets go over the Venus-Mars Cycles in our next missive.

Natrochalcite – Sodium Copper Sulfate.  A strange Crystal, no?  Structure, clarity, energyForm beyond understanding.  I’d love to quote Michael Gienger’s treasurehouse of information, Crystal Power, Crystal Healing at length, but there’s just too much.  Here’s a few succulent samples…

Sodium … helps us to grasp situations, conclusions and inner pictures and to preserve them.” [p.122-123]

Copper … helps develop creative imagination and dissolve confusion.  It creates neutrality and a balancing of mood and also promotes free expression of feelings.” [p.115]

Sulfur wakens our shadow sides and helps us confront them and overcome them.  Then we find the shaft of light that makes it possible for us to accept things we rejected before and to integrate them.” [p.124]

Green minerals enhance … the ability to react and awaken interest and enthusiasm.  They stimulate the inner world of pictures, clarify our dream experiences and encourage the imagination.” [p.141].

Sulfates make things constant or lasting. … They have a dampening effect on developmental processes; this means they may afford us a period of rest, but using them for a long time requires caution!” [p.98]

Rest is what the Void requests of us; the Void is already dampening developmental processes!  The Void stirs the broth and creates entirely new forms, raw prototypes, undeveloped.  Most of them are heuristics – for the purpose of teaching, not for the purpose of useful work.  The next Venus-Mars Cycle begins in early April of 2013, on the other side of the Mayan Boundary between Worlds.

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