The Jupiter-Saturn Cycle

The dance between Jupiter (expanding) and Saturn (contracting) has a lot to do with our economic activities.  If you think contraction is a bad word (or that expanding is dangerous), I can only refer you to Julie Henderson’s The Lover Within; her exercises with contracting (and condensing) will be heart-opening for you.  We referred to the Jupiter-Saturn Cycle in Stress and Community, and from there linked to a more complete discussion.  Here I just want to summarize it briefly, so we can see it in the context of the Ceres Events, the election, the demise of money, and the rest of the decade.

The Elements in Medieval Astrology, recall, are Fire (Energy – Aries/Leo/Sadge), Earth (Matter – Taurus/Virgo/Capricorn), Air (Mentality – Gemini/Libra/Aqua), and Water (Emotion – Cancer/Scorpio/Pisces).  The Jupiter-Saturn Initiations (Conjunctions) move forward in the Zodiac over time, Air to Water to Fire to Earth to Air and round again.  Jupiter-Saturn Cycles lasts about 20 years, and occur in the same Element seven times in a row, then stutter (once in the next Element, then a last hurrah in the earlier Element), before occurring seven times in the next Element.  More or less like so, give or take a year or two on the boundaries…

1300 to 1420 – all Air
1440 – first Water
1460 – last Air
1480 to 1600 – all Water
1620 – first Fire
1640 – last Water
1660 to 1780 – all Fire
1800 – first Earth
1820 – last Fire
1840 to 1960 – all Earth
1980 – first Air
2000 – last Earth
2020 to 2140 – all Air

It’d be great fun to examine history in this regard, but for now let’s just summarize quickly.  Notice that the Earth-Element span corresponds, more or less, to the “Industrial Revolution,” when people were industrialized.  Notice also that the IBM PC was introduced in 1980, while the “Dot-Com Boom” ended in 2000; the peak of the Dot-Com stock market bubble met the Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction almost to the day.  So the period 2000 to 2020 is the span where the boons and bains of the Industrial Revolution are sorted, and Society decides which ones are keepers.

Or maybe, the Elites decide which ones are keepers.  Having the shoeple industrialized has been a great boon for the Lizards, much more profitable than when the shoeple were just their infantry.  But now that functions are shifting from mechanical to digital and from software to hardware, economies of scale become parabolic (the first function-tailored chip costs millions, the next million cost pennies – consider digital cameras for instance), and the Elites don’t need nearly as many minions for either their infantry or their labor pool.  Many of them have forgotten that they still need minions as customers for their shiny baubles, as their greed has overtaken their common sense.  Once wealth becomes sufficiently redundant, you lose track of the connections.  Fortunately, that’s a self-defeating process, as their subsequent generations have only entitlement and no sense of process.

I always thought that since the machines were taking over for people, if one wanted to survive long-term, it would be good to own some of the machines.  But the machines are cannibalizing themselves too quickly, as it takes a year or less for a machine to be obsolesced by it’s next iteration, and it’s a full-time job and then some to keep up.  The stock market, which used to seem like a good proxy for owning some of the machines, has been eaten by digital greed.  You could own land, till the Elites, masquerading as government, tax you off of it.  You could be a landlord, till the people lose all of their income.  The bottom line is that most of us common folk will end up as gleaners, unless we co-create something quite different from what the current trends have in store for us.

The current and last Earth-Element Jupiter-Saturn Cycle just past it’s Phitile.  The Phitile is the Golden Angle of Sacred Geometry, Phi, and it represents the place where a Cycle has culminated and begins to break down.  So the next eight years of the current Cycle are about descending into the Void.  Starhawk’s Truth or Dare, and Steven Levine’s Who Dies? are the two best sources I can recommend for understanding what that means.  In Western Culture there is no simple metaphor for this process.  If you’re Hindu, you just turn to Shiva, and you’re done with it.  If you’re a Tibetan Buddhist, you just go sit onna corpse till you learn to enjoy the aroma.  Not in the “West.”  We dress our corpses to look like Avon Ladies.

Now you know why we wrote about Ceres before we write about Jupiter-Saturn.  One reasonable co-creation would be to reduce ourselves to sustenance sooner rather than later.  That would put us in the position of having nothing to protect, which is where we need to be if we want to be clear about not enabling the Elites, since our Fear is their Food, and they’ve been systematically stoking our Fear since 2001; more on the Saturn-Pluto Cycle later.

The 1/1/2000 chart was most of all the chart for 2000-2009, the decade.  The chart for the century, yes, but more so for the decade.  Sustainability (Ceres) came into visibility (Rising) in that chart, and the opportunity was there to turn the direction of history through political action.  But it didn’t happen.  Too many sheople, mostly Americans, worshipping money and power, and too many people enabling them.  No Blame, I know you can’t do without that second SUV because you need to get the kids to soccer and piano because without that they won’t succeed at gaining power and money.  They’ll end up gleaners.

So spurning Sustainability we see the Sustenance side of Ceres instead, and the issue becomes Survival.  Not that a Jupiter-Saturn Void is always dire; the 1932-40 Void scraped bottom, but the Chiron-Neptune and Chiron-Pluto Cycles were also in the Void then, so there was no ingenuity (Chiron) on the social (Neptune) or historical (Pluto) level to lift folks out of the mud.  Now both of those Cycles are brand new, and the World is our Oyster (remember Flag becoming Eagle becoming Herald, and Fresh Violets in ancient pottery?).  The Chiron-Uranus Cycle entered the Void late in the last century, and won’t emerge until the 2040s, so individuals (Uranus) are not spontaneously motivated to drop their old Trances for something entirely different (Chiron).  We have to do that consciously.  To do that, we need to drop our Karma.  Give that a try – it’s not as hard as it used to be.

So where do we go from here?  In the Void, our best course is to go within.  Replace Striving with Gratitude.  Imagine the World you want to live in, and hold the vision.  We’re entering the Age of Aquarius, an Air Age – that’ll amplify the coming two centuries of Air-Element Jupiter-Saturn Cycles.  Air is about thinking.  It does not know CompassionSympathy and understanding, harmony and trust abounding are nice sentiments, but Idealism and Idolatry are actually more Aquarian.  The central pillar of the Olde Male Paradigm is Us Against Them; boys start training for that as soon as they’re handy enough to grasp an action figure.  A central pillar of the Primordial Feminine is We’re All In This Together.  That’s the Energy that emanates from those two Mandalas on a woman’s chest, and it fascinates men the same way a Moth is drawn to Flame.

Thulite is a variety of Zoisite.  Zoisite has several forms, and you probably know it better as Tanzanite or Anyolite (Ruby Zo).  Eponymous Zoisite Crystals are usually a lovely shade of third-Chakra brown – there’s a stripe of it just left of center in the photo.  Tanzanite Crystals change from fifth-Chakra blue to seventh-Chakra purple from one side of the Crystal to the other.  The “Massive” (microcrystalline) Zoisite in Anyolite is usually a nice deep Heart-Chakra green, contrasting nicely with the bright Root-Chakra red of the Ruby.  And Massive Thulite is one of a very few Stones that combines the two Heart-Chakra colors, pink and green.  It would be a fabulous time to embrace Thulite.

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  1. m. beach Says:

    Just found your website and have grown with your insights,overnight. Thanks for your wisdom!

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