Tapping on What Ails Ya

Award-winning nurses María Eugenia Solórzano, Doris Arguedas, Graciela Chavarría and Patricia Solano, pictured here with psychiatrist Patricia Montero, MD (center)
The “Magician” Nurses of Costa Rica Use EEM
I’m repeating this from Donna Eden‘s Energy E-News newsletter…
Four nurses in a government hospital in Costa Rica started to use meridian tapping behind closed doors.  They called it a new kind of relaxation therapy, but after several months they were called by the physicians in the psychiatric unit, who asked them what they were doing.  The doctors had become aware that the nurses patients no longer needed anxiety or sleep medication, and several of their patients were ready to be weaned off anti-depressants.  So the nurses confessed that their new therapy combined EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) with Donna’s 5-Minute Daily Energy Routine.
Even though it was considered quite strange, they were encouraged to go on with what they were doing.  Now, four years later, they have been nicknamed The Magicians.  They get referrals from throughout the hospital and are also frequently asked to help reduce the stress levels of their colleagues.  More than half of psychiatrist referrals now explicitly indicate “please apply EFT.”  The four nurses recently received the “Spreading the Word” award from the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology.

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