Harvest Moon

Well, that horrific Full Moon is almost here, and here in Endless Summer it’s quite beautiful.  From here it looks like the illusion of economic recovery is fading again, while it’ll take several months for the few crumbs from Bernanke’s third Gift to the Banks to trickle down, and Jupiter (our great Beneficent) turns Retrograde next week.  Hunkerdown time.  Good time to review the Full Moon chart, eh?

Two big Grand Crosses, separated by Sextiles, and a Grand Trine to one corner of each of the Grand Crosses.

A Grand Cross (an X or square box in the chart when you draw lines between the planets) is of course four T-Squares back-to-back and belly-to-belly, and a T-Square is a lose-lose configuration for anybody trying to preserve the status quo or trying to feel successful.  Of course, for someone constantly on the lookout for What am I learning here, a T-Square (an Opposition with a third planet halfway between, forming a short-stemmed T) is pure heaven.  Nobody with a T-Square gets stuck inside o’Mobile with these Memphis Blues again because nothing ever repeats.  Nothing ever gets solved, because it aint a problem.  It’s just one long graduate seminar, with endless variations.  It’s just exploration.  It’s enormously frustrating, till you stop looking for solutions.

But that’s a T-Square by itself.  When you put four of them back-to-back and belly-to-belly, they balance one another.  It’s like taking four graduate seminars that feed one another.  It’s very exciting, because you get to that convergence stage, where what you’re learning no longer opens whole new doors, but begins to tie together whole rooms full of things you learned before, that had walls between them.  A Grand Cross knocks down the walls, it integrates.  It aint restful, it’s manic.  It’s exciting.

Now a Sextile (two signs apart, or one sixth of the way round the zodiacal circle) symbolizes creative ease.  It’s Grace, but not Big Grace like a Trine.  It’s fun, like a jigsaw puzzle that’s just right, not hard enough to discourage you, and not easy enough to bore you.  The Goldilocks angle.  Two Grand Crosses separated by Sextiles?!?  Whoa, that’s horrendous – that is, remarkable!  So we have integration times two, and the whole enchilada will turn out to be not hard enough to discourage us, and not easy enough to bore us!  How can we lose?  Well, okay, the status quo will lose, bigtime.

Then add a Grand Trine?  I tell people that the most powerful chart to have is one that combines a Grand Cross and a Grand Trine (an equilateral triangle) – the Grand Cross providing the motivation, and the Grand Trine providing the Grace.  A Grand Cross by itself can be exhausting, a Grand Trine by itself supine.  They complement one another perfectly, because the Grand Cross is challenging enough to disturb the arrogance that a Grand Trine can bring (if one confuses Grace with Ego), and the Grand Trine provides resolutions to the constant challenges that the Grand Cross supplies.

And we have two of them, with a Sextile between them!  And wait’ll we see what they’re about!

Grand Cross Number One is comprised of Chiron-Neptune (our New Paradigm) Opposite Venus (our Values), all Squaring the Moon’s Nodes (our Progress).

The Opposition represents illumination – so we get to see how the New Paradigm jives with our Values.  That’s why Rmoney’s having such a hard time peddling the lies that the 1% have been telling to try to make people continue to think that striving for their Values is virtuous.

The Moon’s Nodes represent where we been and where we’re going.  The North Node is our Mission in the lifetime, and the South Node used to be our Karma.  Since Karma‘s dead, the South Node now has to stand for our instinctive skills, the things we learned in “previous” lifetimes but forgot in this one.  (Which is to say, without Karma what we really have is bleedthrough from our parallel lives.)

The Squares (three signs or one fourth of the way round the horoscope) between on the one hand the illumination of our Values and our Future as a culture, and on the other the directions of our individual lives, are mutually adjusting challenges – Values vs. Mission, Values vs. Skills, New Paradigm vs. Mission, New Paradigm vs. Skills.  We’ll be making all of those adjustments, in turn, and repetitively, and they’ll be complementing one another.  For instance, when we adjust our perception of our Mission to reflect what we currently perceive to be our Values, that will require and facilitate change to our vision of our role in the New Paradigm to reflect what we’ve just learned about our Skillset.  Make sense?

Now, we have Mars (Action) and Juno (Identity) on the North Node, and Lilith (the Primordial Feminine) on the South Node.  That in itself warrants a long essay!  This says we identify with our Mission – no resistance, and we’re willing to support it assertively.  This active identification Opposes (illuminates) the Primordial Feminine – it triggers the memory of our primordial feminine skills.  The square to Venus says we’ll be adjusting our Values and our relationships accordingly.  The Venus-Mars Square is Waning – we’re letting go of old obsolete approaches to relationship.

Grand Cross Number Two is made up of the Full Moon (Illumination), which is closely conjunct Uranus (Soul Download), and Square to Ceres (Sustainability – and Sustenance).  Of course if the Full Moon sits on Uranus these days, it’s gonna be Squaring Pluto (Inevitable Trance-Reformation).

It’s a stretch to make a Full Moon Grand Cross Number Two, but the Nodal Grand Cross does trump it because the Nodal Cross is about our Mission, while the Full Moon Cross is about our fortnight.  Of course there are broader implications, but the Full Moon is mostly about current events.  However, Illumination is not just a flash of insight, it’s a change of Consciousness.  So every Full Moon is in fact Consciousness-raising.

By now we know well that the Uranus-Pluto Square is about a return to the Values of the 1960s, a cultural recognition of the value of the Individual, and a mandatory transformation of the flow of history, toward Freedom.  The Full Moon will be casting light on the nature of these Changes.  I think it already has, considering the news (resistance to austerity in Spain, transparency of Republican lies in the US, JK Rowling’s Dickensian new novel, continued difficulty for the Old Financial Order, for instance).

Then in the fourth corner we have Ceres, the Goddess of Grain.  One of the ancient Skills we are recovering, some by choice and some not, is our Sustenance abilities.  Yes, it’s certainly a different ballgame when we don’t have Quail under every bush, and when there are more people per acre than there are Miner’s Lettuce.  But remember Buddhist Heaven and Hell – in Hell we’re at a table covered with a sumptuous feast, but our elbows are locked so we have no way of getting the feast to our mouths!  And in Heaven we feed one another.  Simple change of Paradigm – Miracle.

And Ceres Conjoins Vesta (the Sacred) – so there’s more going on than just privation; consider the difference between hunger and fasting.  A higher purpose changes the trance.  Not that there’s a sale on hair shirts.  Abundance is having enough to share.  Avarice is the need to have more and hoard it.  Which would you consider sacred?  And which is more likely to be sustainable?

Pallas also Conjoins Moon-Uranus.  Pallas-Uranus is about defending our Uniqueness, about letting go of conformity, about thinking and acting on our own account, about allowing new ways of organizing our World, adding a wing to our Birdcage.

The Grand Trine connects the Chiron-Neptune New-Paradigm corner of Grand Cross Number One with the Ceres Sustainability corner of Grand Cross Number Two.

Which tells us that the New Paradigm, at least as it’s evolving today (remember it’s a co-creation that we all have continuing responsibility toward), is about moving to a sustainable way of living.  This is a Grand Trine, or Big Grace – our willingness to consider sustenance over greed will evolve the Paradigm toward Community and away from Exploitation, and our focus on the future that we want to live in will create sustainability.

The third corner of the Grand Trine is Saturn.

Saturn does not fortell limitation, it represents Concentration and Focus.  It appears to be associated with limitation because in order to follow its command, we have to give up our fallbacks and focus on priority number one.  The status quo here is a fallback that Saturn asks us to let go of.  Grace flows from putting our Attention on sustaining what we want to see the New Paradigm evolve into.

Is that everybody?

Not quite.  Mercury Conjoins Saturn: our Attention to holding the Vision of a Future Worth Living should be intellectualized (that is, specified), and communicated far and wide.  The Conversation starts now – what Future DO we want to live in?  It’s not about having to settle for what trickles down, or settle for government that abandons us.  It’s about our Freedom to co-create our own Future – together.  A Future that respects our Individuality and honors our Skills, the one that our Mission was designed to create.  This is what the Harvest Moon illuminates.

Rather than What have I lost? it’s What does this loss make room for?  What is it that I’ve longed for since forever?  What are my limiting beliefs that have made me believe that’s not possible?  Time to illuminate those, honor the protection we’ve gained by using them hidden until it’s safe to release them, and let them go.  What am I afraid of giving up?  Why can’t I have Both/And?

And Mercury Trines Jupiter, which in turn Conjoins Vesta.  The Grand Trine is very close, within two degrees.  Neither Mercury nor Jupiter are nearly as close, so we aren’t considering them to be an integral part of the Grand Trine, but it would certainly be defensible to do so.  Either way, Jupiter amplifies the Grace, amplifies the connection to the Sacred, amplifies the sustainability, and amplifies the need for and effectiveness of communicating the specifics of our Visions to one another.

Bottom Line?  When we look back ten years from now, we won’t see this Harvest Full Moon as the End of a Blessing, we will see it as the Beginning of a greater Blessing.  Take your Attention off of a Past that has passed and is indeed past, and put it on the Future you are co-creating.  It has already begun.  Don’t let it leave without you.  Focus on the resources that you do have, not the ones you don’t have.  The ones you don’t have won’t serve your Future – that’s why you no longer have them.  The sooner we recognize this and live it, the easier is our Trance Reformation.  Find Gratitude, seek it constantly.  This is The Time, and quite literally, You are the one you’ve been waiting for.

The frame of mind you want is Curiosity; how will we co-create this new World?  We can’t know ahead of time, because it’s a CO-creation – you, me, them, and a very large collection of Energies we can barely imagine.  We have our Vision, but it will be vastly improved by comparison and compounding with the Visions of our fellow travelers.  We don’t know how that will evolve, and we will serve it best by holding Curiosity about how it will move and change and what it might look like as it grows.

There are three Quincunxes (five signs apart, signifying Curiosity) in this Full Moon chart.

Mars to Vesta: I wonder how I will be serving the Sacred and I wonder how the Sacred will motivate me.  We can be assured that we will, and that it will.

Sun to Chiron: I wonder how my Healing powers will evolve and I wonder how I will be Healed.  Both are certain.

And Pallas to Saturn: I wonder where I’ll be asked to make an unwavering stand and I wonder what priority my vulnerability will demand.  There is no Community without Boundaries.

That’s Saturn, with one of it’s big ol’ Earth-size Moons sitting in the edge-on Ring Field, and with the shadow of the Rings projected onto the planet.  As seen by one of those big-government space-travel gadgets that we sent out there cuz we was curious.

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3 Responses to “Harvest Moon”

  1. SriMati Says:

    Jim! Extraordinary! Thank you! Deep namaste, love & blessings!

  2. Melissa Says:

    Brilliant, inspired, lovely, truthful, useful, needed, illuminating, compassionate, loving, giving, wise, and I could go on and on. But you get the picture I’m sure. Thank you for this gift.

  3. Be Curious « Terri Patrick's Blog Says:

    […] Jim at JBuss Astrology waxes enthusiastic about what all that means, and in a way hobby astrologers can almost understand, if there wasn’t so much going on in the stars. So I want to highlight two of his main summary points: Take your Attention off of a Past that has passed and is indeed past, and put it on the Future you are co-creating.  It has already begun. […]

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