Fergot to mention one of the most important elements – the Moon’s Nodes are now in Scorpio-Taurus. Hence the traumadramas.

And Eris Opposes Mercury.  We would expect some very sharp tongues to follow from that, yet the Really Big Shew at the UN seemed fairly scripted.  If Lilith is the Primordial Feminine, then Eris is an even deeper current.  “Hell hath no fury…” would be the common cliche.  But then the Opposition is about Awareness.  It only superficially represents contradistinction, as a means of raising something into Consciousness.  All dualities are merely illustrations of the underlying Unity, dualities exist only in the mind of the observer.  So we could see this as the Goddess Revealed, coming out of Her long hiding.  The Opposition is Trine-Sextile to Eris’s priestess Vesta and Her public-relations agent Venus.

A few interesting comments about the state of the Planet for those of us intrigued by socioeconomic currents…

The People rise in Chile…

The People and the State in Spain…

Look who else is pointing out that the Banksters still have no clothes…

And speaking of Eris, the She-Bear is everywhere as her new book comes out.

First the Lizards take Manhattan, then they take Brussels…

Nigel is always entertaining.

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