Well, I totally deserve this comment!

“do you mean it will be horrendous when looking through earthly ego filter and fantabulous when seeing with spiritual eyes?!!! or some such both/and kind of meaning?  I am going to admit that i was actually jarred by You making such a black statement … so will it really be ‘horrendous’???!!!  scheeze…..”

It’s a month away, and now I gotta at least summarize the chart, and it’s my own fault.  I’ll do it quickly for now, and add detail when I have more time…

We’ll be challenged to permanently let go of those aspects of our lives that don’t serve our Mission.  During the last half of September we get a big download of the tools we’ll be needing during the next stages of our Mission, and we need the space.

The Full Moon sits bang on Uranus, making of course a Square to Pluto, and Ceres Opposes Pluto, making a Full Moon-Uranus-Pluto-Ceres Grand Cross.  The contribution of Ceres is to demand sustainability, ie, permanence.

On September 18, Uranus makes its second Square (of many) to Pluto, while Pluto is Stationary.

We’ll also be challenged to proactively replace old emotional and relationship patterns and complexes with new ones that serve the Planetary New Paradigm, and allow us to live long and prosper in it.  Which is to say, if we’re open to it, we get creative about co-creating the post-monetary World.

Another Grand Cross, this time the Moon’s Nodes squaring the Opposition of Venus to Chiron-Neptune.  Mars and Vesta sit on the North Node, with Venus making a Waning Square to Mars.  We’ll look up the Cyclic details later, to get more detail about the emotional and relationship patterns we need to jettison.

There is abundant Grace to facilitate all this.

First, corners of the two Grand Crosses Trine one another, that is, each resolves whatever complications the other appears to introduce.

Second, Saturn slides neatly into the third corner of a Grand Trine along with Ceres in one Grand Cross and Neptune in the other.  Venus finishes off the “Kite” (a Grand Trine with a fourth planet midway between two of the Grand-Trine planets and Opposite the third – the fourth planet becomes the “head” of the Kite).

And of course there are more details, but that’s the Heart of it.  Now, is that “horrendous”?!?  Well, certainly “momentous” would have been a less incendiary choice of words.  And Wiktionary tells me that I misuse the word “horrendous.”  I use it casually to mean something like “extreme” or “very rare” or “unbelievable” or “phenomenal” or “noteworthy.”  Wikipedia ties it down to just “extremely  bad, awful, terrible, horrific,” which I didn’t mean to imply at all.  My bad.

Here’s another great Aurora, this one from Finland by Ole Salomonsen.

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