You Saw Me Standing Alone

Well, it’s been two days since the New Moon, and I can definitively answer the question about whether it would be more appropriate to interpret the Full Moon from the chart of the preceding New Moon (ie, two weeks earlier, that is, now), or from the chart of the preceding New Moon in the sign of the Full Moon (ie, six-anda-half months ago).  It’ll be a Pisces Full Moon, so the preceding Pisces New Moon was February 21.  And the current New Moon chart is very blatantly in effect.

Lets compare the charts.  First the current New Moon.

There is a “deadly” serious challenge here for us to align our Mission with the New Paradigm…

“Deadly” because Juno (unconscious Identity) is still sitting on the Dragon’s Head (Mission), squared (Challenge) by the New Moon itself AND by Neptune (along with Chiron symbolizing the New Paradigm) – in other words, the New Moon makes a Grand Cross by Squaring the Moon’s Nodes and Opposing Neptune.

In this chart it’s obvious that the New Paradimes is not just a shuffling of the financial house of cards, but a shift to bring the Goddess more into balance with the Old Male, in spite of the propaganda to the contrary that fills the media.

Uranus (Yin Integrity, aka direct contact with the individual Soul), Conjoined to Pallas (Boundaries), makes a T-Square (Big Challenge offering Mastery) with the Venus (Goddess) – Pluto (inevitable Trance-Formation) Opposition (Awareness).

We’re here at this time to assist in the Transition of the Planet, and the time is now to drop our disguises and tune into our Mission, which will automatically – but not effortlessly – align with the New Paradigm.  For which we will need to drop our fear about letting go of our attachment to the Mod Cons of the Old Nickel.  There are choices to be made, and we need to lean toward Integrity more than toward Comfort.  It may feel like some of those choices will kill us, but we know we have to do it anyway.

Don’t hesitate to be “defensive” – we will be called to not just exercise our Integrity, but to defend it.

This isn’t a Journey we need to take alone – there is ample Grace to help, first because these two Challenges assist one another, and because to some extent we may even understand what’s happening.

Uranus Trines the Dragon’s Head, meaning our Integrity and our Mission align perfectly – and meaning that the Grand Cross and the T-Square are on the same page, supporting the Mastery that each of the Challenges will be pulling out of us.  Mercury (potential understanding) makes the Uranus-Dragon Trine into a Grand Trine (High Grace).

The Neptune (our relationship with the Goddess) corner of the Grand Trine (High Grace) is also Trine (Ease) to the Venus (the Essential Feminine) corner of the T-Square.  That is, as within, so without; defending our Heart (Venus) aligns with adapting to the New Ways to Form Communities (Neptune).

And our natural outrage will make it quite easy to defend our Integrity.

The Mars-Saturn Conjunction (Focused Energy) in Libra (Community and Charisma) Trines (Grace) Neptune (New Paradigm) and Sextiles (Creative Ease) the New Moon (the Essence of what’s going down) – that is, we’ll know what to do intuitively.

Meanwhile, Jupiter (the amplifier) Conjoins Vesta (that which we Hold Sacred) sextile (Creative Ease) to Pallas-Uranus (our Integrity) – it’s more likely to feel like blasphemy that we  react to than injustice.

Which doesn’t mean we won’t have to tap out our Guilt when our outrage offends our “Play Nice Now” programming.  That’s how we can tell when we’re defending our Integrity from when we’re just being an Asshole – if the intensity of our Guilt diminishes when we tap on it, we’re defending our Integrity.  If not, make amends, then PIAVA (Pray, Intend, Ask, Visualize, Affirm) understanding.

So this would be the Energy that’s initiating over the last few days, and expanding over the next coupla weeks.

I’m already deep into it – a neighbor kid comes by and “pesters” me while I’m trying to work, and it becomes very clear why my father didn’t want me around when he was working.  So how do I react to the kid – well, of course, the way my father reacted to me – curt responses, and pretending like I/he wasn’t there!  Do I feel Guilt about that?  You bet!  Does the Guilt diminish when I tap?  Yes.  Do I still feel compassion for the poor kid?  Absolutely.

But is rescuing him/me my Mission?  God, I dunno.  I mean, what a legend in my own mind I’d be if I could!  Is that programming, or Integrity?  Got two weeks to work that out, eh?  What is clear is that I need to work on my own relationship with my own father.  That feels a little terrifying.  I tap on this Fear, and what happens?  The same Energy remains in my back, but it no longer feels much like Fear.  Maybe it’s filling in a hole in my Aura.  It promises to be an interesting coupla weeks.

My New Moon Dream went like this…

I’m with a group of friends waiting inna long line to get into some event, but I gotta go do something else, while they hold the place in line.  Everybody’s well coiffed and clean, and casually but very neatly dressed, high school or college age.  The line grows, till it’s twice ’round the block.  When I finish my task and rejoin the line, my friends have already gone into the event.  As I look for them, people act like they think I’m trying to crowd in.

I have no idea what the event was, just that everyone was in their Sunday best for it.  I know I’m not threatening the other line-standers, so I don’t feel embarrassed or bothered by their defending their space.  I’d like to be with my friends, but I don’t feel like the event itself is important.  When I imagine myself inside the event, the only feeling is a mild smugness – it’s about being cool, following the crowd, being acceptable and accepted, belonging.  Yow, is that what’s dying, giving up my normal disguise and just being me?  Does bias control confirm that?  Yes, when I try that on, I’m disoriented.  If I’m learning something real, it’s disorienting.  Exactly what the kid now and me then longed for, a sense of belonging.

We’ll compare all this to the New Moon from six months ago next time.  Sounds like I’ve made up my mind already, eh?  You might be surprised.

Moonstone is a Potassium Feldspar, one with an Opal-like “fire” or glint, when the angle is right, often a Blue glint.  Feldspar is one of the most underappreciated of minerals.  Like Quartz, it’s a tectosilicate, meaning that the Aluminated Silicate units are arranged in a three-dimensional matrix, giving it maximum, even holographic, information-carrying ability.  Like Labradorite (a Calcium Sodium Feldspar), Mom can speak to you through it on many levels, and it’s a good time to listen.

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2 Responses to “You Saw Me Standing Alone”

  1. Juli Arthurs Says:

    Just joined your blog – came across it while looking for Elon Musk’s birth details – really like your musings. What orb are you using for transiting planets – I wouldn’t have out Uranus in a trine with the north node? I also don’t get how mars- sat in Libra are trining neptune in Pisces? I am working on 17 – Aug which was a pretty weird day for me full of choices leading to some spectacular split second timing. Spirit was working with me that day – or we’re my choices just illusions?! Love your photos too. Juli

  2. astrobuss Says:

    Hi Juli, welcome! Yes, 7 degrees is a rather long orb for a transit, but we’re reading the equivalent of a natal chart – for the birth of a new Lunar Cycle. We’d have to discount the Uranus-Dragon Trine a bit cuz it’s past completion, but if it was in a natal chart we’d be reading it. Mars-Saturn at the end of Libra are 6-7 degrees away from their Trine to Neptune, and these Trines aren’t complete yet, so we won’t discount them. I find that if one is Conscious, the influence of an Angle builds as the Angle approaches completion, but drops off sharply after the Angle is exact. If one is not Conscious that the Angle is occurring, then it’s likely that one made decisions to protect oneself against the onslaught of the Energy in the Angle, and those decisions will extend the influence of the closing tail of the Angle – sometimes for lifetimes!

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