Mercury turned Direct again about an hour ago, so we can move forward on stalled projects.

Got another fabulous Mythic Times newsletter from Steve Nelson today.  As I’ve mentioned, Steve is literate in many mythologies, and weaves them together in quite wonderful ways.  A few tantalizing quotes…

In Celtic tradition, Lughnasa is when the power of the Sun god Lugh is felt most strongly.  Whatever is seeded now extends its influence through the August 7-22 hora, the Lammas Season.  Whatever occurs or is brought forth in this time shapes the Autumn harvest to be.  Sun, Moon and other cosmic forces come together now to realize our dreams, the dreams of the world.  Sun in Leo illuminates who we are and what we’re here for. Everything comes into focus during the Aug 6-8 mid-Leo power gate and the 2-week solar hora that follows.  We are supported by the dance of the planets and stars now to realize what we are here to do.  And, if all goes to plan, we will know completely by the Aug 22 Point of the Sphinx (Leo/ Virgo cusp).  This is an opportunity to understand our unique purpose and destiny for the coming time.  The work we’re to do, living it through, will follow as the new creation flowers in months that follow.  First the awakened global woman, the new queen, mediates the emergence of the new king.  Then New Woman and New Man come together in the Seventh Moon (9/16-30) and from their divine union the new creation will flower.

“The August 6-8 World Peace Festival commemorates the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  This great tragedy and the US Embassy Bombings in East Africa on August 7th 1998 remind us of the shadow aspect of this Mid-Leo Power Gate.  The more we honor this time with spiritual awareness the less there will be negative effect.  More energetically charged locations and times may have effect for good or ill according to how these energies are channeled.  The more energy is raised and directed positively the less will be misapplied.  Mountain tops condition all that is below.  Whatever comes to be in the mountain heights extends influence through the realm.  True noon is an ideal time to be on a mountain aligning with spirit and channeling blessings to the world.  Solar prana is more present at higher elevations where magnetic inversions occur and solar prana flows down the magnetic lines of force.  Jesus often went to a mountain to pray because here he could better be heard by ‘the father who art in heaven.’ “

“The classical Mayan way of ritual celebration is to take food and flowers to a mountain top power spot and lay these out in a mandala-like pattern.  The food is then blessed, presented as a offering to the gods and finally consumed in feasting so vital energy focused on the mountain is taken into the body and the spiritual ideal is literally embodied.”

“Most accounts of the Transfiguration leave out the significant role of Mary Magdalene, still her story appears in apocryphal texts.  Lady Mary Magdalene is a mediator for us now, an archetypal feminine avatar.  She is the Woman of Revelation who gives birth to the new consciousness in this magic time.  When it was time [August 6-7, Mid-Leo], the Lord took a few of his close male disciples along with Mary Magdalene up on top of a holy mountain.  He was transfigured before them into a Light-image, showing his close companions the Pleroma of Light and the Light-continuum.  The men were afraid and wished to shelter themselves from the glory and power.  Then the men fell unconscious, overwhelmed by the glory of the Truth and Light, but St. Mary Magdalene was not overwhelmed and remained awake in the Light-presence…  What the men beheld was merely the outset of the divine revelation.  Because they fell unconscious, they did not receive the Light-transmission, and the Light-transmission passed to Lady Mary.  She beheld the whole divine revelation, and she herself shone with visible glory…”

If anybody wants me to forward the whole (long) email, just post a comment to that effect.  I won’t publish these comments unless you say it’s okay to do so.

In the old Pagan calendar, there were eight holidays – the Solstices (cusps of the “negative” or magnetic signs, also known as the “Tropics” – not warm climates, but latitudes where the Sun reverse its relative direction) and Equinoxes (cusps of the “positive” or dynamic signs), and the four “Cross-Quarter Days,” or midpoints of the fixed signs.  Also known as the “Four Horsemen” of you-know-what.

It’s impossible to capture the glory of Sunstone with a still camera, and probably difficult with video, because like Opal, the color and fire change with the angle of observation.  Sunstone is a Feldspar with either Iron or Copper embedded in it.  Lovely stuff!  Even without the embedments, Feldspars are quite magical.

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2 Responses to “Lughnasa”

  1. Barbara Says:

    Yes, do post.

  2. Juanita Says:

    I really enjoyed this post and looking back at things going on in my life around 6 – 8 August, it was all about major changes, so this brings insight as to the nature of these changes and the reasons for them. I would love it if you could please forward me the rest of Steve Nelson’s newsletter – would love to read more! Thank you!

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