Jupiter and Saturn

I can tell when my Consciousness has grown – which is the same thing as an Identity shift or a change in frequency – when I get lost in my own neighborhood, or have to work to recall familiar things.  This morning I had to review each item in the fridge; it took me a while to remember what was what, to differentiate the Beet Soup from the Raspberry Vinaigrette and the Guacamole from the Peanut Sauce.  You might blame a minor ischemic event or an excess of Cider or a Walk-In (any one of which might have similar characteristics), but I can tell from Anne’s Weekly Weather, the sequence we documented yesterday, and last night’s Dreams, that this is a change of Trance.  Always cause for celebration!

You don’t change Trance dynamically (by doing), it’s magnetic (by being), it has to be approached indirectly.  The Great Earth Changes give us the certainty that the Male and Female are rebalancing, because without a big dose of the magnetic Feminine, we simply won’t make the transition.  We’ll be pixellated, like in Star Trek, but we’ll re-form in some other dimension, as somebody’s Walk-In.  Then we’ll really hafta go through the fridge.  If there’s any sense in which we do re-form at all.  The YouCan’tChange hypnosis is part and parcel of the Patriarchy Trance.

Hairy Dent’s review of the demographic cycles reminds us about the Jupiter-Saturn Cycle.  We haven’t seen any major Jupiter-Saturn Angles for a little while, so we forget to check its progress.  Jupiter-Saturn makes 20-year Cycles.  The Initiations fall into the same Element for a century of two, then shift into the next Element.  The Industrial Revolution was characterized by Jupiter-Saturn Initiations in the Earth Element.  When the Supercycle shifts, the Cycles stutter – after the chain of Earth-Element Initiations, there is one Air-Element Initiation and then one last Earth-Element Cycle, before the long chain of Air-Element Cycles begins.

The first Air-Element Jupiter-Saturn Cycle was in 1980, just as the “microcomputer,” as we used to call them, was introduced.  Then the final Earth-Element Initiation occurred in May 2000, the same month that the “tech boom” imploded.  So we’re just past halfway through the final Earth-Element Cycle.  The Earth Element is about materiality, while the Air Element is about intellectuality.  So here in the Swan Song of Earth as we knew it, we’re basically deciding what it is about materialism that we want to take with us into a century or two where mentality trumps materiality and your lawn no longer determines your status in the ‘hood.  Won’t that be a change of Trance.  Kinda lends a new tint to the new Chiron-Neptune paradigm.

What’s the essence of the  current Cycle, as measured by the Sabian Symbol of the year-2000 Initiation?

“A jewelry shop filled with valuable gems.”

Doesn’t that make sense.  We’re shopping for the jewels that Matter.

Well, the halfway point of a Cycle is an Opposition, which fell into March of 2011.  We’re kinda weird, in the sense that we don’t like most folks do consider the Opposition to be the Culmination of a Cycle, but rather the PhitilePhi, or 222 anda half degrees, is the Golden Angle of Sacred Geometry.  The Sign-anda-half between the Opposition and the Phitile is partytime, when we enjoy the fruits of the Cycle.  But once we’re past the Phitile, the main program is about clearing away any attachments we have to the old Cycle (let alone the Supercycle – namely, the Industrial Revolution, aka materialism), so we have a clean slate when we get to the next one.

Somebody once asked me why Vedic astrology is deterministic, as if we’re fated to live it out.  My answer was, yes, if you’re unconscious, you’re definitely going to succumb to that Karmic (inertial) fate.  We only gain free will, to the extent that we do, by becoming Conscious of the patterns that have previously been part of the wallpaper for us.  You can count the Muggles that are trying to force us back to the Old Testament on the Human Rights front, where you have an elite Chosen Race that has earned its totalitarian Patriarchy by its virtuous resistance to homosexuality and birth control.  These poor folks are still stuck back in the previous Uranus-Pluto Cycle, the one that began in early 1901 –

“Seagulls fly around a ship in expectation of food.”

Scavengers, expecting to live high on the backs of the rest of us, while condemning us for wanting food stamps.

When we look up the Phitile for the current Jupiter-Saturn Cycle, what do we get?  July 2012.  Isn’t that interesting.  So our review of the advantages of materialism with all of its mod cons has finished, and we’re heading into the Void.  Maybe I was reviewing the contents of the fridge cuz the fridge won’t be with us for long.  The 2020 Cycle that Initiates our looong chain of Air Cycles – where does that Initiation take place?  In the first degree of Aquarius,

“An old adobe Mission in California.”

What does this tell us?  It’s reminiscent of the nascent Chiron-Neptune anthem,

“Fresh violets in an ancient pottery bowl.”

When the Conquistadors came to California, it was the “Serengeti of North America,” a cornucopia of wildlife, and guess who was at the top – Mr. Griz.  So in the next decade, the Bears win out.  Where does that leave us now?

Just because we know the outcome, doesn’t mean we can cheat the Void.  We still have to drop into expectationlessness, the only way to squeeze a positive result out of the unfettered Potentiality that defines the Void.  Jupiter-Saturn has taken on the trappings of an economic Cycle because of Money.  Before the Industrial Revolution, when we had Community instead of Money, the Tenth House of Career was not about what you did to earn Money, it was about how you served your Community and how it served you.

Jupiter and Saturn really define the parameters of the social organization that prevails.  The economics are supposed to be only a small part of that.  The economics came to dominate because Money replaced Community.  Looking back, we can see both the social and the economic elements…

1981 – Having passed thru narrow rapids, a canoe reaches calm water
1961 – A Nature Spirit dancing in the iridescent mist of a Waterfall
1941 – A Red Cross Nurse
1921 – A group of aristocratic ladies meeting ceremonially
1901 – In a hospital a children’s ward is filled with toys

Those feel a little too True, don’t they.  Most of the time in this blahg, we’re wallowing around in the Unconscious, where everything is pretty misty and vague, and where Opposites are Equals.  But Jupiter and Saturn hang out in plain sight, and live and breathe duality.  1981, by the way, was when Volcker saved the US economy from the twenty years of “stagflation” – inflation without economic growth – that LBJ supposedly created by trying to run the Vietnam War and the Great Society at the same time.  Interesting relative to Hairy’s theses.

We learn in elementary economics courses that you can’t have “Guns and Butter” – war and social welfare – at the same time, because it produces inflation.  Clearly LBJ lived that thesis, and Obomba would like to.  But looking at the record, it’s not at all clear that LBJ really spent us into stagflation; we may need to pay more attention to Hairy than to elementary economics.  How many politicians do you know who are talking about “Butter” – that is, social welfare?  The choices we’re being given are either “Guns” or “Guns and Butter,” but nobody’s talking about cutting back on the Guns.  Maybe the media ownership and this trend are involved…


Eisenhower’s famous “military-industrial-congressional complex” has indeed taken over, and they have no interest in the welfare of the people.

This is from Charles Klotsche‘s book Color Medicine

“[Color medicine] is not governed by laws of the physical plane alone – at least as third-dimensional man relates to them.  It is not definable in lineal, rational terminology, nor does it contain the restrictions or finite boundaries set up by the preconceived, often distorted assortment of human beliefs.  When one assumes a multidimensional attitude toward [healing] that is open for events beyond the laws of the physical plane, then much of the sophisticated technology developed by those who are attached mainly to the physical world and its inherent trappings becomes obsolete.”

Take out [Color medicine] and put in [This New Paradigm], and take out [healing] and put in [the future], and I think it’s fairly clear – we may have no need for a fridge.

Phlogopite is one of my favorite Micas, and I love Micas!  Micas are Phyllosilicates, made up of sheets of Silicate units like Phyllo dough.  Phlogopite is Potassium Magnesium Aluminum Phyllosilicate Hydroxide Fluoride.  All common ingredients, but making an uncommon cake.

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