The Thick Plottens

Where to start!  What a busy day full of Anxiety with no demonstrable Cause.  Elizabeth tells us that Anne Ortelee thinks it’s a Pallas week, and about coming into Consciousness.  Anne gives a very benign reading for today, though.  We have to remember that Consciousness is about differentiation, about separating something that’s always been there from the background noise so that we now recognize it as a thing in its own right.  Maybe today was just about differentiating Anxiety from Cause and Effect – that would be a pretty powerful addition to Consciousness.  Let’s see what else presented itself today, as possible clues…

Well, another Bear chimed in today, this one the nephew of a Chumash Shaman who heals a World-class Anxiety…

This is a very Consciousness-raising interview.  So Anne’s image of Pallas as the flashlight of Consciousness does seem telling.

And I don’t spose anybody here knows Hairy Dent?  He’s an investment advisor who bases his analysis on demographic trends, and paints a very clear and very dismal picture about what’s going on economically…

Interesting that he used to work for Bane Capital, Rmoney’s company.  His arguments are always compelling, making his readers believe that now they finally know what’s going on.  Anne talks about the importance of Story.  When Hairy talks about the 1870s and 1880s, he’s referring to a prior Chiron-Neptune Initiation, like the one we’re in now.  We’ll talk a lot more about this tomorrow.

But I’m also intrigued by Marko Pogacnik‘s book Gaia’s Quantum Leap, where he maps out the Planet’s future through dream interpretation.  On pp.66-67 he has a dream about throwing a baby into the Sea.  He tosses it because of a mental argument about buoyancy that is won by the floaters.  But the babe sinks, and the dreamer stands paralyzed and doesn’t save it.  Marko says,

“The argument using the principle of buoyancy may indeed be correct.  One cannot object to it.  But then where is the fatherly feeling hiding?  It must ruffle any indwelling parental feelings to resign the fate of one’s child to an experiment that is logically correct but thrusts the little child into unimaginable danger!

“The third dream image testifies to the inner battles that are constantly waged in the psyches of intellectual people today.  Reason dictates the contemporary forms of life, the way we interact with nature, and the ways in which we mix together in various social groups.  At the same time, we sense in our heart that the activities prescribed by our intellect are often destructive.

“The consequences of those actions that are based on rationalistic thinking can be seen in the shape of dying nature, religious quarrels, and warring nations. … The dream’s message is not directed against the intellect, but in favor of the plural dimensionality of human thought.  The problem arises if the intellect takes the dominant role within the human consciousness, so that other levels or intelligence are suppressed or even mocked as immature.  One may practice thinking in a way to perceive the impulses of the heart and draw them into the thought stream.”

That kinda puts Story into perspective, and illuminates how we can believe the Story that our inertial Karma tells us (“tell the same lie often enough and the people – in this case us – will believe it“) and ignore the deleted scenes and alternate endings.  Even if Hairy has all of the Lemmings marching off the cliff, that doesn’t prevent us from gaining enough Consciousness to change our frequency and adopt a different Trance.  More about that tomorrow.

Turns out the astrology says my Anxiety was personal, a product of Sun, Mercury, Pluto, and the Dragon – new Consciousness about the intellect, the path of the impersonal (Pluto), and the path of the personal (Dragon).  At least when astrology tells the Story, it’s always changing.

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