Elements and Qualities

Since we work mostly with the Angles (“Aspects” is the official term, but that word is also used as a synonym for “Transits,” so Angles is more concise), we don’t talk a lot about the Signs.  They’re very useful, though, so we don’t mean to slight them.

The twelve Signs each have one of three “Qualities” or “Modes” (Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable), and one of four “Elements” (Fire, Earth, Air, Water).  That is, 3 X 4 = 12!  Cardinal means Creative, Fixed means Stabilizing, and Mutable (as in mutation) means Changing, or “distributing.”  In general terms,  Fire is Spirit, Earth is Matter, Air is Thought, and Water is Emotion.  The Qualities and Elements run in the order listed –

Aries  is Cardinal Fire (Creative Spirit)
Taurus is Fixed Earth (Stabilizing Matter)
Gemini is Mutable Air (Changing Thought)
Cancer is Cardinal Water (Creative Emotion)
Leo is Fixed Fire (Stabilizing Spirit)
Virgo is Mutable Earth (Changing Matter)
Libra is Cardinal Air (Creative Thought)
Scorpio is Fixed Water (Stabilizing Emotion)
Sagittarius is Mutable Fire (Changing Spirit)
Capricorn is Cardinal Earth (Creative Matter)
Aquarius is Fixed Air (Stabilizing Thought)
Pisces is Mutable Water (Changing Emotion)

The first thing you notice is that there are a few anomalies, relative to our usual way of thinking – like Changing Matter – what’s that, Magic?  Well, yes.  Just because Chemistry tries to shame Alchemy out of existence, doesn’t mean they can.  Ask Sai Baba!  Or Stabilizing Emotion – sounds oxymoronic.  And some of the Signs are more difficult to have in a chart, not because the Sign is difficult, but because our usual way of thinking is very skewed.

I’ve always advocated for taking a few fundamental truths that have been the foundation of virtually every human philosophy, such as All There Is Is Now and We Are All One and As Without So Within, and crafting one’s view of Reality using those as the building blocks.  So when something in our current way of perceiving doesn’t jive with the building blocks (like, say, linear time, or individual ego), then we adjust our way of perceiving so it aligns more with Universal Truth.  That’s a much more powerful way to live, than to just consider the fundamental truths to be quaint.

And while we’re on the subject of the Signs, it’s good to remember that each sign is a reaction to the previous sign.  Taurus gets a little to set in its ways, and Gemini goes off the deep end the other way.  Gemini can get so flibbertygibbet that it has no bandwidth to spare for other people, so Cancer emphasizes Compassion.  Cancer can give away too much, so Leo comes along to redirect attention back to Self.  Virgo’s function is to dissemble Ego.  If Virgo seems critical, then Libra bends over backward to honor Other.  Scorpio goes within.  Sagittarius flies back out.  Capricorn gets grounded again, and Aquarius turns that around with flights of fancy.  No pie in the sky for Pisces, it’s all about Feeling.  When Pisces gets mired in the muck, Aries burns it away.  And when Aries gets ungrounded, Taurus anchors back to the Planet.  And so on – we could go round and round.  And we do, don’t we.

At any rate, the reason we bring this up, is cuz Terri/Clare mentioned that T-Squares have a Quality!  That is, two planets form a Square when they’re three Signs apart, so they normally share a the same Quality.  (If they’re on Sign cusps, they can have different Qualities.)  So what about our three Eris-New-Moon T-Squares?

Two are Cardinal, and one is Mutable.  That says a lot right there – there is Change happening, but most of the Energy flying around is Creative Energy.  There’s not much in the way of Stabilizing Energy, at least in the T-Squares.  And there are only three planets/’roids/symbolic points in Fixed Signs – Mercury Retrograde in Leo, Lilith in Taurus, and Juno in Scorpio.  Sounds a little painful for most folks’ Egos, actually – our Unconscious Identity (Juno) is Fixed, our inward-focused (Retro) Thoughts (Mercury) are Fixed, while the Whole World is Changing and Creating!  Lilith echos Eris – the Life Force itself.  So that part is Solid anyway.  I think of Lilith Energy as a (somewhat) more embodied form of Eris Energy.

So what is being Created around us, and what’s Changing?  The Stationary Eris-to-Saturn-to-New Moon T-Square is Cardinal.  That makes sense, since Eris is forcing her way into our Consciousness rather profoundly, Creating a whole new social mileau with more “gender” balance.  Look at all the Old Males freaking out and trying to stop Her from manifesting!  Not to mention the She-Bears taking their Power.  The Mars-to-Uranus-Pallas-to-Pluto T-Square is also Cardinal.  That makes perfect sense as well, since we’re co-Creating a new way of being in the World where the Soul is more present and Yin Integrity reigns.  Hence all this amazing panoply of politically-correct criminality, for contrast!

And the Moon’s Nodes-to-Chiron-Neptune T-Square is Mutable, which is totally logical, since Chiron and Neptune are just beginning a new 65-year Cycle, which changes the basic paradigm, and evolves our own Missions accordingly.  Hence the Economic instability – everything is changing, perhaps right down to ReFormation of even the Money Trance.  I was in diapers when the prior Chiron-Neptune Cycle began, but its memory is vivid nonetheless.  My father went from welding Liberty Ships to welding tankers and freighters, and the transition wasn’t easy.  The town I grew up in went from 80,000 people to 40,000 over my first 10 years, and the reason people left was that jobs were scarce.  My father always found work eventually, but he was out looking for a new job every time a ship was finished.

The Nodes-to-New Paradigm T-Square lasts from early March until mid-October, using three degrees of “orb” (slop) between the Nodes and either Chiron or Neptune.  But the North Node backs into Scorpio in the first few days of September (the Nodes always move backwards).  That’s a double-edged sword – on the one hand, Scorpio is a Fixed sign, and we can see the possibility that our new Mission will Stabilize.  On the other hand, it’s Scorpio.  Scorpio’s own Mission is to get to the bottom of things, which usually means shaking up the status quo, and that doesn’t usually abet anybody’s popularity.  Most of us will probably face the choice of shaking it up, or having it shaken up around us.

So we can expect a lot of Heyoka Shamans running around until March 2014, when the North Node backs into Libra.  The Chiron-Neptune Conjunction itself was in Aquarius, so overall it should have a Stabilizing effect, but that’s over the course of 65 years.  Maybe it will eventually Stabilize Global Warming – that’d be nice.  But it’s Aquarius (Fixed ideas), so we can expect this bickering between the Austrian and Keynesian economists to continue.  It was only after the Conjunction that both Chiron and Neptune moved into Pisces, promising a very Emotional period of Mutation.  Chiron gets to Aries around 2018, but Neptune takes until 2025-26.  The New Paradigm doesn’t become permanent (the Waxing Square) until 2042.

After 2014, though, with the North Node in Libra, we can expect Community to bloom, maybe as a replacement for the Money Trance.  While the North Node symbolizes the direction of our Mission, the South Node represents two things – what we’re letting go of (usually some form on Emotional attachment), and what we’re recovering (a cache of tools left by our Soul, that we aren’t ready to use till we’ve let go of the attachment that hides them).  So the South Node-in-Taurus period (September 2012 to March 2014) will likely involve letting go of a lot of Mod Cons, as the Brits refer to “modern conveniences.”  But it will involve a corresponding recovery of skills at manipulating Matter.

Beware the Nodes, though – they can easily flip.  As with any Opposition, especially a permanent Opposition like the Nodes, it’s the Coin that you want to pay attention to, not whether it’s heads or tails.  When we were talking about Signs, we neglected to mention that each sign is its Opposite.  Leo is Aquarius, it’s just that Leo operates on the personal level, while Aqua dances on a more social level.  The Fixed Ideologies that characterize Aqua aren’t much different from the Fixed Egos that characterize Leo.  Aries is the pioneer forging new trails, but Libra pioneers new social patterns.  Since We Are All One, they’re the same, eh?

So the Coin for Sagittarius-Gemini is Changing the Energy.  That’s what we’re up to through August, practicing running new frequencies.  It’s actually a lot easier to change your frequency than it is to change your external Reality, but they have the same result.  It’s just that most of us have never been taught how to do that.  Remind me, and I’ll provide some exercises.  Once we get to September, the Scorpio-Taurus Coin is about Manifestation.  Science hasn’t figured this out yet, but the force that binds Energy into Matter and keeps it from flying apart, is Emotion.  We’ll be coming back to Alchemy after all.

On the left in the picture, you have a lovely red-flowering Lewisia, first cousin of the Bitterroot that the Mountains on the Idaho-Montana border is named for.  This one, though, is from the Siskiyou Mountains on the Oregon-California border.  Now on the right in the picture you have – what?  Energy!  I’m not even going to try interpreting this, I’ll leave that up to you.

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3 Responses to “Elements and Qualities”

  1. sisterbellabee Says:

    This is lovely Jim, but then I have ‘liked’ so many of your recent posts but forgot to go back and click the ‘like’ button! Thank you for spelling this out so clearly.

  2. SriMati Says:

    Jim, I have been reading you for months. I couldn’t figure out who you were; male, female. I don’t know how I got on your list. So I’m happy to see the comment above which indicates a sliver of who you are. From what you’ve shared I experience you as an amazing wealth of strength, wisdom and awareness on diverse subjects.I always enjoy and I am intrigued to see where you are heading with your writing. Thank you for lighting the path. SriMati

  3. astrobuss Says:

    Thanks for your kind words, both of youse!

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