Terri Patrick brings up some interesting angles that I haven’t mentioned.   For instance, she quotes Clare Martin to define the T-Square, and Clare’s article about Uranus and projection is very worthwhile.  And she reminds me that T-Squares can be differentiated by modality (cardinal, fixed, mutable), and it’d probably behoove us to look at the New Moon’s three T-Squares through that perspective.

Terri mentions that Full Moons often represent the culmination of the previous New Moon in the same sign, which would be six months prior, rather than the culmination of the New Moon preceding it.  Interesting.  Following Rudhyar and trying avoid too much indirection, I usually just consider the current New Moon to influence the following month, rather than the following six months, but I have to say that Terri’s perspective would be perfectly valid, and could yield fascinating insights.  I’ll look into that.

For most of us I don’t think that this coming month’s Identity Trance- (Re)Formations will involve Conscious choice.  The nature of Trance is that it is mostly Unconscious, except for experienced meditators, and even they will still act mostly from Unconscious Trances.  Stories about Sai Baba, or Ram Dass’s stories about his guru Neem Karoli Baba, or about any of the other Indian Saints who can reach into other Realities at will and create what appear to be Miracles from the perspective of our Trance, are stories about Consciousness beyond Trance.  We touch that state when we manifest jawdropping synchronicities, but most of us don’t live there except when we allow our Intuition to be in control, and even then…

Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are considered to be planets of the Unconscious.  When Uranus is strong, we’re more closely in touch with our normally-Unconscious Soul.  Uranus gains its reputation for disruption because it disrupts whatever is not in alignment with our Mission, what is not in alignment with our Soul’s current assignment for us – keeping in mind that this evolves, and doesn’t mean that what’s being disrupted wasn’t in alignment with a previous assignment from the Soul.  So when Uranus realigns our Trance, it means we’re ready for the next assignment (like it or not).

We can think of Pluto, on the other hand, as the Soul of the Planet.  When Pluto Trances shift, we all shift.  The oil crisis in the 1970s was such a shift.  Before it, the media was imagining we’d all be buzzing around in jetpacks soon.  Afterward, it was bicycles.  Sputnik was another global Trance-changer, as were Pearl Harbor and Mai Lai and Kent State and Nixon’s trip to China and Watergate and “9/11” and the Tech Bubble that popped in 2000, the collapse of Lehman Brothers (aka the Housing Bubble, often mislabeled the “Subprime Crisis”).  And probably the LIBOR scandal.

Recall that Jim Sinclair called Bob Daimond’s forced resignation from Barclay’s as the indication of a shift in the global Trance.  When I can understand them, I trust Jim Sinclair’s opinions about the world more than almost anyone elses.  You can find a short bio at  And If you go to

and scroll down a bit, you’ll find bios for Jim Rickards.  Jim R usually simplifies things more than Jim S, so I (think I) understand him more often, but if you want an adviser on things financial, you couldn’t do better than either Jim.  Here’s Jim R’s take on the LIBOR business and whether it will be globally Trance-shifting…

And here’s a fabulous article on the house of cards that this LIBOR business could bring to it’s knees and worse…

What’s ultimately at stake is the basic Money Trance.  It’s difficult to imagine how we would survive if Money went away.  We imagine that our landlord or mortgage-holder or even our property-tax creditor and fire-insurer would still want their pound of flesh.  And what stories would we have for the greengrocer, let alone the megacorporations?  A lot of folks have already experienced the No-Money version of this, but when Money itself is worthless, that’s a whole nother story.  That’s a Trance.

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