Another She-Bear and a Third T-Square

Here’s a fabulous example of New-Paradigm Economics…

And another She-Bear telling it like it is…

Elizabeth points out that there are three T-Squares in the New Moon chart – in addition to being Squared by the New Moon, Eris is also Opposed by Saturn.  Since this T-Square doesn’t line up with the others to make a Golden Rectangle (effectively neutralizing the Creative Tension with Grace), this one becomes the focus of the chart.  Not to discount the other two T-Squares or the Golden Traingle – those are the gifts being given to us to help process the Main Event, and they are not at all trivial gifts.

So we have a Saturn-Eris New Moon, how are we likely to encounter that?  First, lets get some background.  Is there any Grace?  Yes, the New Moon is Trine to Juno.  That tells us that we can dodge any dilemmas by shifting our Identity.  But Juno’s in Scorpio, and being a Fixed Sign, Scorpio isn’t usually associated with dodging.  Wait though, Scorpio correlates highly with Pluto, and what does Pluto do?  TransForm!  Or, as we often say, Trance(Re)Form!  Since all Identity is just a Trance anyway, how convenient!

So we rephrase: we can dodge any dilemmas this month (the New Moon is the chart for the following month) by TransForming our Identity, or rather,

Allowing our Identity to be TransFormed.

Scorpio is relentless.  It does not leave avenues unexplored.  And it will stretch like a rubber band to accommodate what’s happening.  But once it has stretched to its limit, there is no turning back.  So any Identity TransFormations that occur over the coming month will be permanent.  And of course, since Pluto is being Squared by Uranus, the most likely TranceReFormations will be downloads from the Soul.  Sounds like Monkey Month to me!

Let’s dig a little deeper.  The Vacancy for this T-Square is 24 degrees of Capricorn:

“A store filled with precious Oriental rugs.”

Doesn’t say whether they’re selling many (seems like those rug stores are always full to overflowing, doesn’t it?), so we can’t see a miraculous recovery in the world of economics, unless you’re restoring movie theaters.  But these rugs are precious – no machine-made cotton-warped Indus-valley imitations here.  A real hand-made Oriental rug really is precious like a jewel.  Silk and high-mountain Wool so pure that it shines.  Dies from the native plants, still sparkling with Faerie Energy from the local flora.

Rugs that were made to keep you warm in a high-mountain winter, and keep the sand out of your crevices in the desert.  Rugs made by somebody’s grandmother, probably yours, using the tribal and family patterns handed down from her grandmother, given to her by the Djinn of that Oasis on the other side of the mountains.  Rugs that were a Communion between the Place and the People and the Faerie Kingdom, and still breathe it.

So what do we make of that?  In general, a T-Square provides the entertainment, and the Vacancy is something we have to fill in, to complete the Balance.  So the T-Square provides a challenge for us to newly (New Moon) and compassionately (in Cancer) bring into consciousness (Opposition) a new relationship between the Patriarchy (Saturn) and the Original Female Energy (Eris).  We provide respect for ancient Tradition and for the Matriachy – Oriental rugs were made by the women.

So, as Saturn Opposes Eris, it brings into full flower the Energy born at their Conjunction.  When and where was that?  Early March of 1998, at 19 degrees of Aries…

“The ‘Magic Carpet’ of Oriental Imagery.”

Whoa, what kinda “coincidence” is that?  Not just the Tradition and the Matriachy, but the Djinn itself!  Since the Sabian Symbol for the Uranus-Pluto Conjunction was…

“A Ouija board”

and of course the New Paradigm is an evolution of Chiron-Neptune Cycles, Neptune representing Spirit itself (in its communal form) and Chiron representing Miracles (resolving despair by shifting perspective, or by reForming the Trance).  So what can we say, Magic is Afoot.

Of course we gotta look to see if we’re just being optimistic here and making Roseanne crazy.  I don’t see it that way – we have every reason to be optimistic about helping to co-create the New Pair of Digms by bringing our Life down to the personal level and allowing Big Impersonal Predatory Business and its captive Big Impersonal Government to burn themselves out by just not having any prey left.

Dravite is Brown Tourmaline.  Brown is deep Orange, a color that resides between the Root and Second Chakras, representing Grounding without abandoning Passion.  Roseanne provides a great example.  Tourmaline is a Boro-Cyclo-Silicate.  Cyclosilicates arrange their Silicate clusters in rings, in balance.  Most of the gemstones are Cyclosilicates, because they’re hard enough to be worn without breaking, and because they sparkle.  Boron is a bigtime Healer.  Only four elements are lighter than Boron, and Levity is the best antidote to Gravity.  So the Borocyclosilicates like the Tourmalines have a strong reputation as Shamanic Healers.

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