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So, here we go.

In the particular flavor of astrology I use, we are at the focal point of 2012, the waxing Uranus-Pluto Square, aka The 60s Become Permanent.  The Uranus-Pluto Conjunction was one of the defining elements of the 1960s, and according to Rudhyar, Energy born in a Conjunction forces it’s way into the mainstream at the waxing Square.  Truth is an individual thing (in the Uranian Worldview at least), Truth resides in the Heart, and to me Rudhyar speaks Truth, so we follow his notions, to see where they lead.  So far, so good, we could do a lot worse.

The first and most important instance of the Square, which repeats until 2015, occurs at quarter past 1am PDT on June 24.  Not that this is a momentary event; with Planets that move as slowly as either Uranus or Pluto, we’d look for their influence over months if not years.  I’ve been noticing particularly strong flashbacks to the 60s over the last several weeks.

Nevertheless, the moment of completion could well be palpable.  In astrology typically there are also “triggers” – relatively minor events that tip over the oxcart, often the Moon.  The Moon triggers Uranus-Pluto on Wednesday mornings – last Wednesday and next Wednesday.  The Moon Occulted (Eclipsed, ie, made blatant by its absence) Pluto on June 5, and will again July 3.  The Moon crossed Uranus on June 12, the day of the Chiron Station, and will again on July 9.  Any or all of these dates are potential markers for this alleged Permanence.

Then there are the concomitant events, the strongest of which is the Station of Saturn 24 hours after the Square is complete; we should feel a Saturn Station for at least a week prior, and we would likely feel it as a sense of overwhelm, as if there were too many demands on us, or as the urge to focus on one or a few of the most important things.  That’s what Saturn is about, the most important things.  The overwhelm is generated by our Fear of releasing the less important things.  If we could let go of our Fear and just concentrate on Priority #1, a Saturn Station would likely generate feelings of Ecstasy.

A Uranus-Pluto Square during a Saturn Station would tone down the event greatly.  Rather than a Celebration of Individual Freedom, it might feel like a Celebration of Individual Responsibility.  Of course Responsibility would include Freedom, because without Freedom we can’t be True to Ourself, and Uranus is nothing if not obedience to our Mission.  Since our Mission in each Lifetime is always the most important thing, there is definitely no conflict between Freedom and Responsibility.  The procession is just more likely to be solemn than exuberant, but no less of a Celebration.

And a Saturn Station during a Uranus-Pluto Square implies that the most important thing would be our Freedom to express our Soul’s purpose in this incarnation.  With Pluto involved, it’s no longer optional.  If we’re feeling anxiety about the possibility of having to abandon any of our Blankies or Bears (you know, money, food, shelter, those kinda pillars of the castle that our Body needs), that wouldn’t be surprising, as most of us believe that in one way or another there’s a contradistinction between Soul and Body, that we have to abandon one to serve the other.

Well, there is no contradistinction; they are one and the same, they serve one another.  Rest those anxieties by giving them to God, since She’s your Soul’s keeper and since your Body is sustained only by Her Grace, anyway.  Sure, someday “you” are likely to graduate from your current Body – most folks do, but “you” (Ego) aren’t in charge of that process, Soul is, so your best strategy is to surrender that to Soul.  Fear of Death is only possible when you don’t have an Exit Strategy.  You have to be in deep Denial about the Soul to lack an Exit Strategy (a general plan for how you’d approach a Life no longer worth Living), so there’s a task for you if you haven’t got one yet.  Hint – it probably has a lot to do with Surrender.

Lotsa folks are writing about Eris, cuz Saturn Stands Still Opposite Eris.  Eric Francis speaks of her, Willow has a wonderful riff on her Grace, and Steve Nelson says that she comes of age only after a Direct Saturn Angle activates her.  Now, if all these prophesies of Feminine Power manifesting in the World were to come true, this would be Good News indeed.  The Corporate Media has been slathering us with stories about how even Women’s Rights are being withdrawn, Rights that were hardwon in the 60s, by the way.  That in itself tells you that the MCPs are on the run.  But we’d like more than just Underground success.

Back during the Harmonic Confusion, I was wondering aloud how long one must hold on to one’s optimism, before one surrendered to the cynicism and just acted to protect oneself against the onslaught as much as possible.  The classic example was the Native American Ghost Dance, which proposed to Dance the White Scourge back out of Paradise.  I asked that question online, and the answer I got shocked me – As long as it takes!  I lean toward cynicism – having a strong and afflicted natal Eris, and at that time I hadn’t yet feathered Both/And deeply enough into my Psyche.  Their answer shocked me into recognizing my cynicism.

Battles are not won or lost in the Corporate Media, Hearts are won or lost to the Corporate Media.  I had surrendered my Heart to their cynical Trance, and As long as it takes! woke me up to it.  If my Heart believes that we are Free, and your Heart does as well, then we are Free, no matter how many slaves tell us “My name is New York T., or Washington P., and I am addicted to Slavery.”  We stop empathizing with them.  That defines our Freedom.  The more of us reach that plateau, the harder it is for the rest of the hundred to fall under the cynical Trance.  It’s not about what Fox News says to its Zombies.  It’s about how many of us are Free in our Hearts, Free to pursue our most important thing.

Now it turns out that Saturn has already Opposed Eris, late last October, and the Opposition does not complete in the current instance.  So if we were talking solely about Saturn and Eris, without the concomitant Uranus-Pluto, we’d have to expect that the major movement would have occurred last Fall.  That was the first major Angle that Saturn had formed to Eris since her “discovery” (kinda like Columbus “discovering” America, really – we should speak of her rising into human Awareness instead), but Rudhyar tells us to look to the preceding Conjunction to discern the Energy of the Opposition, even if the Conjunction occurred in the (Psychic) “darkness” of pre-discovery.

The Conjunction was in late June of 1997, at 20 Aries, “A young girl feeding Birds in winter.”  The same Symbol as next year’s Venus-Mars Conjunction.  Venus-Mars is about our Emotional relationship with our Shadow Self, so that’s a fabulous sign that Eris and her fierce Attention to Justice will be getting embodied in a deep way.  Even more important, to my way of thinking, was the Jupiter-Eris Conjunction that occurred late last April (2011) at 22 Aries –

The gate to the Garden of All Fulfilled Desires.”

That’s pretty intense!  Jupiter amplifying Eris in this fashion for the next dozen years.

Notice that Eris has moved only two degrees in 14 years!  The sense that Pluto is the “force of history,” or the Trance that runs so deep we don’t know it’s a Trance we just think it’s Reality, is partly because it moves so slowly.  So if Pluto represents a Zeitgeist, then Eris is an Urzeitgeist!  Eris entered Aries in 1923, and won’t move into Taurus until 2047!  A century and a quarter.  That’s because Eris is out at apogee, farthest from the Sun in her very eliptical orbit.  For us to discover her when she’s at apogee tells us that her message is Strong!!  And very much needed at this hour.  At perigee her orbit almost touches the orbit of Neptune, and she’s every bit as big as Pluto.  She could be Planet X.

So, if Eris is involved in the Uranus-Pluto Square, where was she hiding when Uranus and Pluto were Conjunct, in 1965?  She did not make a strong Angle to either of them, as she is not doing now at the Square.  Feminine Power is indirect, in case you haven’t noticed.  (Have you picked up on the rise of “Soft Power”?  Another example that’s not on the Corporate Media’s radar screen.)  Vesta was making a waxing Square to Eris, which tells us that Eris’s role in the Uranus-Pluto Cycle is about enforcing the Sacred – Eris is the Priestess here.

That Vesta-Eris Cycle was initiated in late July 1963 at 12 of Aries,

A triangular-shaped flight of wild Geese.”

That Symbol has an unmistakable direction, strong momentum, wild Freedom, inherent Community, ancient rhythms, and deep Mystery in it – quite an omen for Uranus-Pluto!  And let’s not forget the symbol for the entire Uranus-Pluto Cycle –

An Ouija Board.”

Deep Mystery abounds for this Priestess, and she steps into visibility just as her flock is wandering in the Wilderness!

And Saturn?  Why is Saturn so tightly involved in the Uranus-Pluto Square?  At the Conjunction, Saturn weakly Opposed Uranus and Pluto; preparing to finish up some Cycle of Manifestation (Saturn crystallizing Patterns into Form).  Not finishing, but preparing to finish, almost to culmination.  Remind me to look up the deeper meaning of that Cycle!

Saturn was also finishing up an earlier Cycle with Chiron, which was strongly Opposing Uranus and Pluto in 1965.  Chiron and Neptune both Stationed earlier in June, and their Cycle is obviously connected to the Uranus-Pluto Cycle because their timing is so intertwined.  At the Uranus-Pluto Initiation, Chiron was in a waxing Trine to Neptune – another fabulous omen of Grace that emphasizes how important it is for us to wrap our head around the fall of the current economic regime as a cleansing and an opportunity.  More Cycles to look up – remind me!!

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