Highly Recommended

Gary Craig is an engineer who founded the process that is currently called “EFT” – tapping to the cognoscenti – and for many many years basically “gave it away” – sold very extensive VHS and DVD and digital copies of his work for cost, or for free.  Then he retired.  When he did, “EFT” went off in as many different directions as there were practitioners, most of whom are right on, just different, and recommended.  As you well know, I often reference the branch that Nick and Jessica Ortner have nurtured, cuz it’s simple, I use it constantly, and it works for me.  But I personally don’t know of any EFT branch that I’d discount for any reason.

The old standby “EFTUniverse” website has been adopted by others (chiefly Dawson Church and David Feinstein), and they’re doing fine work, for example documenting EFT success in ways that mainstream shrinkology can’t reject cuz it’s written in their language.  But today’s glorious news is that

Gary is back!!

He’s returned from retirement with a new website, and quite a fabulous story to introduce it…


Highly, highly recommended!

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