Austrian Austerity

The Corporate Media tells us that there are two major schools of economic thought out there, the “Keynesians” and the “Austrians.”

The Keynesians believe that when times are hard the government should print a little extra money and hand it out – that’ll prime the pump and get the economy started again.  It’s the velocity of money that’s important to making the economy hum.  If you have twenty Dollars sitting under the mattress, that doesn’t reduce the unemployment rate.  But if you hire someone to mow your lawn, then they will probably spend your twenty on Rutabagas and haircuts, and the barber will rush right out and buy Courgettes or Diamonds… etc etc – that twenty Dollars might get spent and respent a hundred or a thousand times over the next year.  That’s 2,000 or 20,000 Dollars pumped into the economy from your twenty, versus zero for the mattress money.

The other major perspective, the Austrian perspective, says that when times are hard you gotta knuckle down and work a little harder.  When one business fails or an individual goes bankrupt, there’s a domino effect,  because whomever that business or individual owed money to, they don’t get paid.  So there is hardship, and it’s passed down the line.  But the Austrians say, you can’t “bail out” that failed business or bankrupt individual, because failure is the most important part of learning – which is true.  If you bail them out, they’re most likely gonna make the same mistakes again.  It sounds kinda moralistic, but there’s truth to it.  That’s why there’s an old saying about “putting all yer eggs in one basket” – keep yer failures small, so you can recover from them quickly.

Now there’s a third perspective that’s prominent these days, and the most intellectually honest name for it is the Fascist Conspiracy.  Fascism, remember, means that the government and business are in cahoots, while the People are slaves to both.  Never forget that NAZI was short for National Socialism – as Goebbels wrote, if you tell the same lie often enough, the People believe it.  Since Fascist is such an inflammatory word, we’ll just call these folks the “FC,” so you don’t have to wince every time you read it.  The FC is not a formal school of economic thought, but the basic belief is that “what’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is mine.”

The FC owns the Corporate Media, so we’re flooded with FC propaganda.  That propaganda wants us to believe that we have to choose between Keynesian economics and Austrian economics.  They do not conflict.  Keynes did not say to print a little extra money and give it to the businesses that failed or to the people who went bankrupt.  He said to print a little extra money and hand it outto the people who are most likely to spend it, because that’s what increases the velocity of money.  The Great Giveaway – giving the next 50 years worth of tax money to the Wall Street Banksters – was not given to the people who were most likely to spend it, it was given to the people who are most likely to park it under a mattress in Bermuda.

The FC tells us that the Great Giveaway was a failure of Keynesian economics – it was neither a failure nor Keynesian!  It was a success of the FC – they succeeded in making off with the money – that had nothing to do with Keynesian economics.

Probably because the words are similar, and hypnosis therefore easy, the FC also wants us to believe that Austrian and Austerity are the same thing.  They have nothing in common.  Austerity is an FC code word for stop giving any money to anyone who isn’t already wealthy enough to deserve it.

In the Mediterranean countries (the PIIGS – Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, Spain – Ireland is an honorary Mediterranean country), as in Wisconsin, the People are being sold Austerity as a necessity because the government is bankrupt.  But it was not the Greek People who failed, it was the Greek government and the banks that funded it.  So there’s nothing Austrian (or Greek) about Austerity – what’s going on in Greece is simply an attempt by the FC to blame the People for the failure of the existing financial system.  If the Greeks vote to reject this game, it will be a huge victory for human Intuition!  Wisconsin and Ireland have already failed that test.  Iceland didn’t fall for it.

The existing financial system did not actually “fail” – the FC created what appears to be a “failure” by tying itself in knots with fast-multiplying derivatives.  A “derivative” is something that’s based on something else – it’s “derived” from something else.  For instance, life insurance rates are based on your age and other factors; life insurance is an example of a derivative.  It’s a bet.  The insurance company is betting you won’t die before your time, you’re betting that you will.  By selling incomprehensible derivatives to the Mediterranean governments, the banksters fooled them into betting on their own failure – and the banksters won the bet.  In Wisconsin, the FC merely funded a huge propaganda barrage.

Whatever non-Teutonic traits the Greeks have (the FC press commonly blames them for laziness and tax evasion at the very least), cutting off hard-earned pensions, firing public employees, and “privatizing” prize civic assets (selling them to the FC of course) has nothing to do with letting failures fail.  It’s the government and the banksters that “failed” – the Austrian school would keep them after school, not the People.  It’s the FC propaganda mill that pins the failure on the People, and makes it sound like the Austrian school would condemn them to learn the hard way.

The FC knows that civilization as currently structured is unsustainable, and they are moving to corral all of its fruits into their own back yard and lock the gate, closing the People out in the desert of Austerity that they “deserve.”  Any businessperson knows that without customers there is no business, and the FC is not dumb.  By playing games like they’re playing in Greece and elsewhere, they’re eliminating their customers for future business.  So you know the game is not about legitimate business.  The game is about getting to the Ark first and fending off latecomers.

My point is that there is no conflict at all between Keynesian and Austrian, and that Austerity is about neither.  Austerity is not economics, it’s propaganda, and the Media – NPR included – is owned by the FC.  The FC wants permanent Austerity for you, and permanent wealth for themselves.

There’s an interesting parallel between all this and the “New Age” concept of Responsibility.  This idea basically says that your own personal history is the best textbook for understanding your own Karma.  (Remember, Karma is inertia, not retribution.)  To many people who have unpleasant personal histories, or serious medical conditions, that sounds too much like “Blaming the Victim” – they consider themselves the victim of events or disease.  You resolve this apparent contradiction by differentiating Blame from Responsibility.  Blame means you caused that.  Responsibility means being able and willing to take action to change it – being able to respond.  That’s a critically important distinction, but Blame is a universe unto itself, and one which does not have transparent windows.

So some of us are not as Abundant as we’d like to be because of external events.  Others of us, somewhere down there, have a shard of a belief that this can be changed, if we can find the ability and willingness to take right action to change it.  Since it’s Karmic, it’s not Conscious, so decisions and resolutions and analysis probably won’t help.  PIAVA (Pray, Intend, Affirm, Visualize, Ask) probably will, if we succeed in Changing the Subject afterward, so we don’t drown our PIAVAs in our old Karmic worldview.  There’s no better time for this, here while Neptune and Chiron are both newly Retrograde, here in the most pregnant portion of their new Cycle which is so obviously about economics.  Tapping will certainly help, if we find the right anthem to tap out – or sometimes, even if we don’t; just PIAVA and tap!

Of course Abundance is quite different from the Scarcity that leads to the FC.  Abundance is contagious, it’s about receiving, not about taking, so it’s not about taking mine before you take it.  Remember Abundance means having enough to share.  But the FC and the Banksters are obviously populated by people who unconsciously or consciously believe that they deserve it, while the rest of the population doesn’t.  That in itself is a great clue for what to tap on; what comes up when we tap on something like

I don’t feel like I deserve Abundance

I don’t feel like I deserve to have A Lot More

I’m not always Grateful for what I Do Have

I wasn’t born into money

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