Uranus-Pluto in the Sky with Diamonds

Other than an Occultation of Jupiter by the Moon this coming weekend, now that both Neptune and Chiron are Retrograde, we’re kinda sliding “downhill” into the Uranus-Pluto Square.  Jupiter is an Amplifier, the Moon is often a trigger for whatever is brewing, and we regard an Occultation as a growth in Awareness.  So we might find a few cards starting to fall near the base of the global financial system this weekend, or we might find Uranus-Pluto (think Mandatory Yin Integrity) amplified, or maybe just big opportunities to get more in touch with our Gratitude.

Unfortunately, the Occultation occurs at noon over the Australian Outback, so it won’t be visible like Venus Walking was – the Moon is New the following Tuesday, so we won’t even see the Moon.  The Occultation does occur right over one of the Planet’s biggest Diamond mines, though, so get out your Diamonds and watch them sparkle, around 1am PDT on Sunday.

Now, if the next three years – while Uranus and Pluto Retrograde into and out of their Square many times – are like the sixties, what would that suggest for the World economy?  Lets ask the history books.  We’ll use the US as an example.

It took 25 years for the Tao Jones Industrial Average to get back to it’s 1929 peak of 381.  Then, from 1954 to 1964, the Tao climbed fairly steadily to 1000.  The Uranus-Pluto Conjunction occurred in 1965.  The Tao made several attempts to decisively clear 1000 in the following decade, but it wasn’t until 1983 that it succeeded for more than a few days at a time.  Which is to say, the Tao was basically flat for 18 years after the Uranus-Pluto Initiation.  If you price the Tao in Gold rather than Dollars – which removes the effect of price inflation, it was worse; the Tao fell sharply from 1965 till 1983.

Now, the Tao is more of interest to investors than to “working folks,” but it was a good index for whether or not there was optimism in the economy.  Without optimism, the economy doesn’t grow faster than the increase in population, and folks get poorer.  Around 2007, the PowersThatBe began buying stocks to keep prices from crashing, and handing out millions of dollars to anyone who was already rich enough to think they deserved it, so after 2007 the Tao lost its value as the “price” of a nugget of American Industry.  The Tao in Gold has been falling sharply since 2000 (the PowersThatBe have also been ferociously selling Gold derivatives, which deflates Gold).

One good reason for the lack of optimism in the 60s was an expectation of price inflation.

It’s a general rule of elementary economics that a society can either spend its taxes on social improvements, or spend them on foreign wars, but that when there is an attempt to do both, price inflation goes up.  Price inflation means your money is worth less, because it buys fewer Rutabagas and Courgettes than it did yesterday.  Your government takes your money across the table by taxing you; it steals your money under the table by creating price inflation.  Governments can control price inflation fairly well, simply by printing more or less money.  If the money supply grows as quickly or slowly as the economy grows, no inflation.  When the money supply grows more rapidly than the underlying economy, Bingo, inflation.

Besides wearing FlowersInYerHairIfYouGoToSanFrancisco, or getting HalfAMillionStrongByTheTimeYouGotToWoodstock, or homesteading, one of the defining elements of the 60s was the protests against the Vietnam War.  After JFK was assassinated in Texas, President Johnson was enriching the Olde Boys in his home state by expanding the War in Vietnam – the companies that built most of the military facilities in Vietnam were based in Texas – while at the same time increasing spending on social improvements.  Young folks were liking the idea that their government was willing to help support them, and disliking the idea that they were being conscripted to go kill people and poison the Planet and themselves (with Agent Orange) in order to fatten the wallets of the already wealthy.

This is starting to sound familiar, isn’t it.

Since the 60s, Congress has made sure that every state gets the benefit of War spending – exporting bombs is one of the major skills that the American Empire has retained, so nobody votes against War, because if they do it’ll hit them in the pocketbook.  So what can you do, except vote against social improvements.  Obomba didn’t learn the lesson that President Johnson taught the Olde Boys in Congress, he’s too young, and too entranced by the mythology around Abe Lincoln.  Of the two, he seems to be more willing to give up social improvement than to give up his foreign wars.

We haven’t talked a lot lately about how the Planet’s doing, economically.  Here’s an accurate assessment of the present moment economically and politically…


(This is an ongoing blog; to get back to the June 12, 2012 posting, use this link: http://www.jsmineset.com/2012/06/12/the-most-serious-political-and-economic-situation-the-west-has-ever-faced/; we give the shorter link because the rest of what Jim has to say is equally interesting.)

What then can we do to AvoidGoingThroughAllThisTwice?  Here’s a video essay about a more sustainable process…


We’re part of that process too.  It might behoove us to pay more attention to that one, and less to the money-changers and power-brokers.  That process has a brighter future.

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