Venus Resting, Chiron Surging

How was your Venus Walking?

Last week I read Brian Froud’s How to See Faeries – it’s short, and fun.  The day after Venus Walking I was driving home from the Big City and Whoa!  Alla sudden the Trees were alive!  And there were a lot of them!  I had to focus to stay on the road, they wanted a lot of Attention.  Big Change for me, even if the Goddess skipped Wisconsin – or maybe not, if it’s really about being forced to go back to Community and stop focusing on Politics.  The word Politics is the same word as Power, which for all intents and purposes, is just Ego run amok.  Community is Other.  Of course it’s all about Identity.  Are we AllOne, or are we Alone?

Venus should be reborn as the Morning Star – Athena, Innana, Quetzalcoatl – soon; if yer up before dawn and the Eastern sky is clear, have a look.

Great new short Bruce Lipton video out…

What’s up next?  If we ignore Jupiter’s entrance into Gemini, it’s Chiron standing still and turning Retrograde.  Jupiter in Taurus for the last year would have amplified (Jupiter) stasis (Taurus) – think Europe (or for that matter the US), where one desperate attempt after another has been made to keep nonfunctioning financial-economic-government systems from collapsing utterly.  Gemini’s about change, and lots of it.  It’s about trying out all kindsa new ways of doing things, just to see what’ll work – or just to see what happens whenya do.  We’ll see that amplified for the next year.

Neptune was Stationary turning Retro last Monday; now it’s Chiron turning Retro this coming Tuesday.  They been fellow-traveling the last several years, as they’ve conspired to set up a whole new way for us to view the World and everything in and on it.  Retrograde, remember, means thinking it over.  Everybody and everything would rather mull things a while than act precipitously.  Stationary means Strong.  When a planet is Stationary, its Energy dominates everything else.  So, what happens when Chiron dominates?

Chiron is about converting Despair into Miracle by reorganizing the foundation on which we build the structures of our thinking and feeling.  Remodeling our birdcage.  Here’s a trivial example: when I was cooking up some Bacon today, I spontaneously contacted the Soul of Pig, expressed my Gratitude, and sought her Blessing – which she generously granted.  It never occurred to me to explicitly do that before.  I can feel the difference in my body; eating it brings Joy.  I think I’ve always felt a little guilty about cooking and eating Bacon before.  Opens my mind to many other possibilities.  Not that I was in Despair over Bacon, but I do notice that I’ve been seeking stronger flavors lately.  Being in Harmony with what I eat is already changing that.

Chiron is probably a “captured comet” – a big iceball that got snared into a planet-like orbit instead of a comet-like orbit, by the grabity of the Big Planets.  It’s orbit is irregular.  It soars waaay out and touches the orbit of Uranus, then zooms waaay back in, to finish inside the orbit of Saturn before it scoots back to Uranus.  It’s a messenger.  It’s even considered a “higher octave” of our wing-ankled friend Mercury.  It touches our Individual Soul (Uranus), and brings an enlightening message back to our workaday Ego (Saturn) – then takes a message back from our Working Self to our Ideal Self.  It’s not a one-way flow of Energy.

At the moment, after spending many years inside Saturn’s orbit (while repeatedly Opposing Saturn – awakening contradistinctions between the habitual and possible), Chiron is now soaring outward toward Uranus.  As a captured comet with an irregular orbit, one of these orbits Chiron could well just keep going.  That would make Earth Life unbearably boring, so you may want to join me in contacting the Soul of Chiron, expressing our Gratitude, and asking for her Blessing.  Sure, change can be hard, but you can PIAVA (Pray, Intend, Ask, Visualize, or Affirm) that it be loving and gentle and rapid and complete.  You can even PIAVA that you’ll lose none of the benefits you would have gained had you done it the hard way.

So what could our Ego have to tell our Soul, that our Soul didn’t already know?  Well, it could tell the Soul what Life is actually like on Earth, here among the Hubeings.  You can imagine Chiron telling Uranus, Didja hear the one about the… and the two of them laughing their heads off.  Not that Uranus could possibly believe that it’s possible for anybody to forget the existence of the Soul, and actually believe that Matter is real!

Anyway, look for small Miracles the next several days.  Little light bulbs lighting up, “solving” long-simmering “problems” you’ve been working on.  And stay open for Big Miracles.  And don’t be quick to judge what seems Retrograde, like government in Wisconsin.  The Corporate Media want to keep you in Trance so you believe that everything is (a) Business As Usual so no worries and (b) Scary As Hell so be very scared, but it aint neither.  It’s just Change.  Tune into the Soul of Ten Years Hence, find your Gratitude, and ask for a Blessing.  Something is happening, Mr. Jones.

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