Venus Walking Schedule

Here’s a timeline and a review of Venus-Walking-Across-the-Face-of-the-Sun websites…

DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE SUN WITHOUT INDUSTRIAL-GRADE EYE PROTECTION (such as a welder’s helmet – sunglasses won’t prevent blindness)

Her Firewalk begins four minutes after 3pm PDT, and ends 26 minutes after 9pm PDT.

The best viewing location is between Hawaii and Japan.  The second-best location is on the Internet – your neck won’t ache, and you won’t go blind besides.

NASA has a live webcast from the top of Mauna Kea on Hawaii, starting at fifteen minutes before 3pm PDT, at

Best of both worlds, eh?  Hawaii and no blindness!  It’s 10,000 feet up, though, so bring a sweater.

Third-best location would be floating many miles above the Planet, out beyond that pesky atmosphere that blurs things up so (bring Oxygen!).  They have a solar filter (so you can see more than a huge glare) and a still camera on the International Space Station, and they say they’ll be beaming live pictures to or

all day, though they don’t seem to have started yet.

NASA has its own real-time snapshot gallery, that’ll even automatically refresh if you allow such a thing (not a good practice, security-wise), at

and seems to have teamed up with some Sugar-Water company (ah, the business-government partnership!  I think they used to call that “National Socialism”) to create another live webcast from Oz and Mongolia (where the full Walking is visible) starting at half past 2pm PDT

And there’s kindofa Venus-Walking Central at

Lemme know what works and what doesn’t.

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