Neptune I

Okay, so the meat of Neptune’s involvement here is, first, that she’s Stationary (Strong) during the Big Events of June 4-5 (Partial Lunar Eclipse, Venus Walking Across the Face of the Sun, and Moon Occulting Pluto).  And leading up to it; an outer planet Station is usually felt for a week or so by folks of moderate sensitivity, and longer for the Canaries.  As we write this, eight-and-a-half days before the Station, Neptune is one minute of arc from the location of her Station.  That’s sixty times as close as the one degree one would normally use, at a minimum, as indicating a detectable influence (“Orb,” it’s called).  Neptune has been within one degree of her Station since April 3rd.  And she entered the zone of her Retrogradation (or “Shadow Period”) on February 13th.  We’ll come back to this, but before we forget…

And the meat of Neptune’s involvement here is, second, that she’s Squared by Jupiter during the Big Events of June 23-25 (Uranus Squaring Pluto and Saturn Stationary turning Direct).  That turns out to be even more consequential, so let’s deal with the first meat first…

So with Neptune one minute of arc from her Station, we’re all fully immersed in Neptune.  What does that feel like?  Well, Confusion is probably the most common process.  Of course, if you’re a regular reader, you know that Confusion signifies that a bar has come loose in the birdcage that bounds your understanding of Reality.  A hole in your cage provides opportunity for Tweety to fly free, for Sylvester to reach in, or both.  Till the final episode, you know Tweety’s gotta evade Sylvester, or there wouldn’t be a next episode.  So if you’re willing to tap out your Fear, you can trust that Tweety will survive just fine flying free, as she so often in fact does.

Neptune runs Pisces, so we have to include Intuition and Emotionality.  Know that most of our language is codified by left-brained white males, so of course those things are associated with “irrationality.”  If you’ve sealed yerself off from yer second sight, then you work hard to keep that whole realm of Spirit and Emotion outa legitimacy.  But as Jung said, Thinking People are not rational, cuz they aren’t in touch with their Values.  The mind is a great engineer, but it’s the Heart that decides which projects are worth engineering.  Which is all enormously relevant, cuz the Neoatlanteans are engineering the Canaries and the Sensitives back into the Grove.  They cut down the Groves long ago, but guess what?  They grow back!  And some of them even block EMF.

So the bad press Neptune gets comes from the left-brain equivalent of Fox News – it’s biased, it’s propaganda designed to make you hate yourself, and it’s engineered to destroy your Humanity.  I think of Neptune as Our Relationship with God/Goddess.  This is all Us, remember, not Other.  So Neptune isn’t about the Mysteries, it’s about our relationship with the Mysteries.  In other words, expect Magic to be Afoot.  Look for it.  If it comes looking for you, fabulous!  But if you haven’t been PIAVAing an improved relationship with the Mysteries, you may have to go on a bit of a Treasure Hunt on yer own.  Keep an sharp ear out for when the Thrush knocks twice.  All of which contributes to our usual mnemonic that Neptune brings Fog to material eyes, and perfect Clarity to spiritual eyes.

Another side of Neptune that we usually ignore, is its representation of the Collective Unconscious – the cultural element of your heritage, or your Group Soul.  There are many levels here; genetic and cultural and magical components of ancestry, the crosscurrents in your cultural mileau, your twigmates on your Soul Tree, the Tree itself, the Star System where your True Home lies.  Whether you remember or not, you came here, to this Planet, to help process runaway Excess Repressed Emotional Energy that is tearing the Planet in two.  Your True Home reveals your natural methodology for this processing.  You’re surrounded by folks whose Identity is tied up in their temporary physical form, their fear of displeasing, their need to conform, their Unconscious anger or grief or other estrangement, their great grandfather’s oath of revenge, their lawn, their obsessions, their addictions.  It takes Magic to hold your own Vibration in this Funny Farm.  Confusion?  Good Stuff!  It’ll take you right Home if you let it.

Soooo, what about this particular Retrogradation of Neptune?  It spans the first 4 degrees of Pisces, 0:22 to 3:09 to be exact.  Ifya got any natal positions in that range, they’re already getting a workout.  A Retrogradation means a triple illumination of some portion of the Zodiac – the planet first crosses this zone Direct, then backs over it Retro, then crosses it again Direct.  The entire span is called the Shadow Period.  We’ll feel the planet strongly at the two Stations, but we’ll experience our own natal positions – and the Magical Transformation that they’re undergoing – before, between, and after the Stations.  Like all triple astrological events, we call the first one (February-to-May) the Canopener, the second one the Exposition (June-to-December), and the third pass the Confidence-Builder (January-February 2013).

In the Canopener phase, difficult issues arise.  They can usually be interpreted and resolved (Empathy Heals) by understanding how the natal position triggered fits into your overall horoscope, but that seldom happens, because they seem like they’re out of the blue (we get warned when a planet goes Retro, we don’t typically get warned when a planet enters the Shadow Period), and they often demand a lot of attention.  During the Exposition, when the planet backs over your natal position while Retrograde, you can watch the issue arise again, but this time in slow motion.  You’re no longer caught off guard by it, it’s not as urgent, you don’t feel as much the Victim of your circumstances, and you can try a number of strategies to deal with it.  Then in the Confidence-Building stage, you know you can handle it, and it’s almost exciting to do so, because you appreciate your new-found skills.

If all goes well, by the end of the Shadow Period, you’ve brought a significant portion of your natal skillset (horoscope) into Consciousness, learned how to apply it creatively and constructively, and grown considerably in Self and Confidence.  In the Canopener, we react, we do what we’ve always done, whether it works or not – Einstein’s definition of insanity.  In the Exposition, we learn, by trial and success (and “error” of course), new skills.  Many are trained to encounter a Retrogradation with some trepidation, but it’s the other way around.  We should be trepidatious about the Canopener, and excited about the Retrogradation!  It’s a workshop for learning skills that meet a current-moment need.

So here we have Neptune Retrograding in the early degrees of Pisces.  This is the Pisces Dwad (a Dwad is a 2-1/2 degree chunk, or one twelfth, of a sign) of Pisces – Pisces Squared, in other words.  What better place for Neptune to be at the End of the World as We Know It!  Pisces is the last sign; it’s seen it all, for better or worse.  There are lingering traumas to release, there are reunions to attend (physically or figuratively), new roads to explore, there are Joys to open up to.  Emotions come through one pipe; if you’ve half-closed a valve to tone down some unpleasantness, you’ve also half-closed your opportunities for Excitement and Ecstasy.  We find our Mission by following our Bliss – closing down to our Joy leaves us wandering in the wilderness.

We can’t recommend Tapping enough, but there are myriads of other ways to let go of old traumas, not the least of which is remembering that each time we re-experience an unpleasantry, it’s an opportunity to let go of it.  An Oh shit, here we go again! reaction cements your aversion more deeply.  A Yahoo, this krap is up for release! response, even ifya gotta fake it tillya make it, opens the pipe.  Remember the keyword Release; you don’t want to re-lease your trauma – renew your lease, you want to bless it and let it go.  Each of the traumas on your path was there to protect you.  We close down on purpose, to limit our vulnerability while we endure situations where we would be overwhelmed.  When we’re ready to find Gratitude for the trauma’s protective process, and open the valve again, it’s a cause for great celebration!

Neptune II to follow – it’s basically about how these astroevents are actually all Initiations into the Mysteries of the new Chiron-Neptune paradigm.

A White Opal.  Just Who is that, looking back at us through this foggy Neptune mirror?  Opal is Quartz, with miniscules of Water trapped inside the Crystal structure.  It’s the Water that refracts the light and produces the “Fire” in an Opal.  Opal can bring repressed Emotion up out of the deeps.  Neptune is about seeing through a glass darkly, about recognizing Other as part of Us.

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