Venus Walks Across the Face of the Sun

Here’s NASA’s first story about what astronomers call the “Venus Transit.”  Many of the videos NASA references are just talking versions of the story on the website, but this time the video they reference is great.

We’ll go into gory (though approximate) detail about what the devil a Transit is inna minute.  First we wanna say a little more about Venus…

The Mysteries…

Why did Eve give Adam an Apple, and not a Banana or a Cherimoya?  Apples don’t even grow in climates where you can hang around nekkid alla time!  And why did the Rosicrucians use a Rose Cross rather than a Lilac Cross or a Tulip Cross (other than their name of course)?  And how is it that the Pentagram became the symbol of good (“Star”) and evil (when “upside down,” or pointing down)?

These are Venus questions, and the answer is extremely esoteric, and has roots waaay deep in the “right” brain.  The distinguishing characteristic of the Rose family is its five-pointed symmetry – Apples are members of the Rose family.  Over the course of five years, Venus traces out a five-pointed star on the Zodiac.  There are a zillion Mythologies around these Mysteries, which can be seen from a zillion different perspectives.  I don’t use the term “Mythology” pejoratively – every attempt to explain the Mysteries is a mythology, including the scienterrific attempts.  Here are a few of the many examples…

I invite you to explore these as deeply as you have time to do, as these are Mysteries that are central to Life itself, and some of the most fundamental building blocks of Consciousness.

And the Mechanics…

To an astronomer a “transit” is the opposite of an Occultation or Eclipse – an Occultation occurs when one planet hides another, like when the Moon crosses in front of Pluto (we’re using the term “planet” in a wider sense, as any Heavenly Body).  Astronomers and astrologers use the term Occultation in the same way.  An astronomical Transit occurs when a “smaller” planet crosses in front of a “larger” one (“smaller” and “larger” being relative, based on their distance from us), like when Venus crosses in front of the Sun.

To an astrologer a “Transit” occurs when a current-moment planet forms one of a set of particular angles (such as Square, Trine, etc) with one of your natal planets, or a particular angle to another current-moment planet (such as the Square of Transiting Uranus to Transiting Pluto, which we just refer to as “Uranus-Pluto”).  Here we use the term “planet” in an even wider sense, to include not just other Heavenly Bodies, but also symbolic points in the sky, such as the place in the Sky where the Sun was Rising when you were born (your Ascendant), or the Moon’s Nodes (the places where the Moon rises above and moves below the plane of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun).

When astrologers refer to Transits, they’re actually talking about longitude only – when the Sun is overhead at the Equator (Bali) and the Moon is overhead on the Tropic of Cancer (Hong Kong), they’re said to be Conjunct, even though they’re waaay off in terms of latitude.  You don’t get an Eclipse or Occultation or astronomical Transit till both Bodies are on the same latitude, as well as the same longitude.  Latitudes are also called parallels, and astrologers also use the term Parallel Conjunction to refer to a Conjunction at the same latitude.

There is actually a difference between a latitude and a declination, and astrologers usually use declinations rather than latitudes.  Latitude measures how far you are from the Equator, while declination measures the angle between you and a Heavenly Body relative to the “Celestial Equator,” which is a projection of the Earth’s Equator onto the “Sphere of the Heavens.”  For most purposes, latitude and declination are more or less interchangeable.

Since most of the planets spend most of their time in approximately the same plane or disc around the Sun, most of the time most of the Heavenly Bodies are well-behaved and stay “Inbounds” (between the “Tropics,” or 23 degrees and 26 minutes north or south of the Equator), as seen from our perspective on Earth.  That’s still almost 55 degrees of range.  The Sun and Moon are about half a degree wide, when seen from our perspective.  That means (when the Moon is Inbounds) that they should be in the same latitude about 1% of the time (approximately 1/55 times 1/2 or 1/110), or about 3-1/2 days a year.  They’re in the same longitude once a month, at New Moon.  So you can kinda see why Eclipses don’t happen very often.

When we’re talking about Occultations and astronomical Transits, we’re usually dealing with far smaller Bodies.  Venus and Jupiter, the two brightest (ie, apparently largest) objects in the Sky after the Sun and Moon, are less than one minute of arc wide as seen from our perspective, so they’d be, when Inbounds, in the same degree of latitude about 0.03% (1/55 times 1/60 or 1/3300) of the time – that’s one day in nine years.  And they’re only on the same longitude once a year, more or less (they can repeat their “once” when they go Retrograde).  The other planets are even smaller.  So Occultations and astronomical Transits get vanishingly rare.

Just in case you’re really interested in any of this cosmic geometry, there are 60 minutes of arc in a degree, and 360 degrees of arc in a circle.  Minutes of arc are different from minutes of time, though once in a while they do correspond, because time is after all measured as a function of longitude.

Lots to keep busy with, eh?  No worries, you’ll pick and choose the morsels that provide exactly the nutrition you need to Ascend, cuz that’s what we programmed ourselves to do.  The blossoms are future Jonagolds.

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  1. alan Says:

    Wisconsin is having state governor and state senate recall elections on june 5th… as major political event… happening during a major astro event… very cool…

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