Hiding Pluto

Just to remind about the Occultation of Pluto – the Change of Trance, should one occur on Wednesday, is likely to be a sudden increase in Consciousness.  When something that we accept as just part of the irreducible fabric of Reality (such as The Global Trance itself!) is suddenly absent, it’s a huge wake-up call.  An excellent example from the 60s is the combination of Kent State and Mai Lai – suddenly War went from Glory & Pride to Murdering Children and it became clear who really should have the Scarlet T branded on their forehead.  Even Archie Bunker realized he could no longer get Ego Points for being an Asshole.  Bill Moyers gives us a hint of what could occur…


Just don’t expect the 1% Media to carry the Story, or the current crop of  “leaders” to respond to it.

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