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Maybe on the Edge

March 17, 2012

A psychic friend tells me we’re on the Edge of a total transformation, where everything switches frequencies in a flash and suddenly everything is different.  Nothing I know of astrologically would contradict that.  In fact, most everything I know astrologically supports it.

And Alan says,

This is a new TED talk I watched yesterday! I thought it was relevant.  Enjoy!

I agree, Enjoy!

Transformations can be disruptive and painful – they aren’t always about just climbing a staircase into the Light.  I believe we can make future transformations easier by Taking Responsibility for our Evil Twin, for the bummers that “someone” puts in our path.  This is not the Fourth Step, a “searching and fearless moral inventory,” though I’m not sure that ever hurt anyone – except folks who were programmed to beat themselves up to begin with.  It doesn’t mean Making Amends – unless that’s also called for.

Taking Responsibility means accepting what is, and seeking strategies and tactics for changing it, if you still feel that it needs changing after you’ve accepted it fully.  Once you accept what is without rue, your Heart is free to attend to what has Meaning.  Once you let go of held Emotions, your mind and body are free to intuit what will support what your Heart believes in.  It’s cumulative – a little here and a little there adds up.  So sometimes you’ll see a big transformation resulting from a small bit of accepting.  And sometimes you won’t see much resulting from a whole lot of Emotional clearing.  But it’s adding up.

Negative Emotions are a Virus – they’re contagious and potentially epidemic.  We don’t heal by ignoring them, we heal by accepting them fully (“Even though I feel like shit, I fully and completely love myself”) and moving forward into the intuitive space where we trust that we (me & my Evil Twin) know what we’re doing, even when we (I) have no idea what it is we’re doing.  We’re here on this Planet at this time to heal this Virus.

Are We Lost, or Just on the Edge of What We Know?

March 16, 2012

This is a good one…

Not sure how we’re gonna get there, but the alternative is slavery for 99% of us.

On the Other Hand

March 14, 2012

Of course, if you don’t know yer Evil Twin enough to recognize yer own Karma, a Mars Grand Cross can be a pain in any of several body parts.  Accidents, f’rinstance.  If you put yer foot in yer mouth and then shoot yerself in the foot, in that order, that could be very painful, though depending on yer aim, the pain could be brief.  Since it’s very difficult to find the Edge between our own Karma, somebody else’s projections, and random acts of kindness, it’s always a good idea to assume it’s us, since we’re All You anyway.

Eugene Gendlin, the Focusing guy, has a great metaphor for dancing on this Edge in his book, Let Yer Body Interpret Yer Dreams.  After all, any “real-life” situation is just a Dream anyway.  In any situation, just be the other person or object.  Project your Self into the Other, to see what it is that they’re thinking and feeling and experiencing.  You don’t then assume that to be true, it’s like Changing the Subject when you PIAVA or taking a shower when you’re working hard on a puzzle – Insights will pop into your Field.  It’s those Ahas that you’re after.

The video at is also instructive.

Consciousness is tricky; Loki and Coyote and the other Trickster Gods aren’t just about Mercury and mind.  There’s an edge between growing Consciousness and being Codependent.  You can’t just take other people’s word for it, you have to be able to weigh possibilities in your own Heart, to gain what has Meaning for you, not for anybody else.  Sure, it can be helpful to ferret out a consensus among yer friends, but since yer friends were chosen by yer Current Identity, they probably don’t include people who would like yer Evil Twin.  It might help to send yer questionnaire to yer enemies too, but questionnaires are famous for discovering what the writer of the questionnaire had in mind to prove.

I’ve met many people who simply refuse to take Responsibility (Ability to Respond, which is very different from Blame) for their own Karma.  And by Karma, we mean Inertia, not RetributionSheldrake builds a whole worldview around the notion that “evolution” is really just Inertia; actions and thoughts and feelings forming patterns which become habits which emboss themselves into an Entity’s Field via repetition.  Compare the power of ritual, for instance.  “Refusing to take Responsibility” is nothing to be ashamed of; we have no objective reason to assume that every Entity on the planet is here to gain Consciousness.  And it’s pedestrian of us to assume that taking Responsibility is necessary for gaining Consciousness.

But we can say confidently that both taking Responsibility and gaining Consciousness are powerful tools for eliminating self-sabotage.  That’s our basic motivation for both.  Let’s make up a parable fitting for a Mars-Pallas-Dragon Grand Cross.  S’pose you are Frodo, off on yer life-and-death Mission (Dragon), and some Ringwraith (Mars) suddenly charges at you with lance drawn (Square).  Well, if yer a typical Hobbit, yer used to wandering about the Shire without worrying about being assaulted – it just never happens in the Shire.  That’s yer “Karmic” Inertia – a “naive” lack of Fear.   So Frodo’s choice is to get Conscious about the possibility that the World may not always be his Oyster, or to get dead.

But hang on – it’s a Wraith – it’s a figment.  So Frodo might just take a step to the side, Aikido-like, and let the Wraith hang hisself up on a Tree, if Frodo was Conscious that it’s not the Material World that’s “real,” but the Spiritual or Synergic* World.  Or he might let the imaginary lance go through him, imagine himself to be wounded, but then have a “miraculous” healing, and hence become Conscious of Energy Healing.  Or he might just die of fright.  But let’s suppose Aragon (Pallas) happens by, and manages to startle the Wraith’s steed, sending the Wraith and lance careening into the river.  In the next scene, Frodo is thanking Aragon for saving him, but not with true Gratitude from the Heart, because Frodo, leaning on his Shire Karma, believes that it was his bulletproof nature (the Grand Trine) that actually saved him, Aragon was just a pawn in his Game.

So there’s as many opportunities to be victimized by the Grand Cross – or the Grand Trine – as there are opportunities to gain Consciousness.  But why would you wanna do the former when you can do the latter?

* Note: Randy Masters pointed out years ago that Synergic is a more appropriate term than Energic for the Other Side, the non-Material World.  He pointed out that the word Energy has the same root as Entropy, which is a Galilean term that applies to the natural winding-down of all mechanical systems, implying an decline in order and an increase in disorder over time.  Sheldrake and others point out that Living Entities are self-healing and learn – they’re Synergistic – and are not necessarily subject to Entropy, maybe quite the opposite.  Sure, there’s Aging, but when you consider that we do take it (knowledge) with us (else how did Mozart write those symphonies?), and shift to the Synergic as Real rather than seeing the Material as Real, so what.

Alternate Shots

March 13, 2012

For those of us who aren’t golfers, that’s another name for a Foursome, and it describes pretty well a Grand Cross, where each of the four poles demands attention, but each in turn.  Because it’s in balance, nobody gets too far outa line, even if it’s a four-way tug-o-war.  And there’s nothing like seeing every situation from four different orthogonal angles to understand it thoroughly!  Orthogonal means right angles, and in abstract mathematics orthogonality implies independence.  That’s kindofan artifact of Euclidian geometry, which is enormously limiting, but useful nonetheless.  I’m taking some liberties here with mathematics, but they’re astrologically appropriate.

Independence means that new information is contributed.  If you look at things from the Repub perspective, and then from the 1% perspective, you aren’t going to learn a lot new from the latter.  But it you add the 99% perspective to the Repub perspective, you start to see more of the World, and you have to start recognizing contradictions and exercising your Both/Ands, which always means personal growth.  That’s independence.  Even adding the biblethumping perspective to the Repub perspective will be eye-opening, especially when you appreciate how explosively comedic that combination will become when they quit with the rhetoric and start actually listening to one another.

So what about this Mars Grand Cross?  I mean, firstly, why do we call it a Mars Grand Cross – it has four corners.  Why not call it a Pallas Grand Cross, or a Dragon Grand Cross?  Well, foremost, Mars is also a corner of the Grand Trine, which makes Mars the high focus of the whole horoscope.  We could cite other reasons, but their just ancillary.  For instance, Mars is retrograde, and Mars spends less than three months in retro, with more than two years between such adventures.  That’s less than one ninth of the time.  Compare Mercury, which is retrograde one day out of every six, or any of the outer planets, which spend almost half their time deep in reconsideration.  This has a lot to do with Mars’s reputation as impulsive and careless of effect – like the average teenager, Mars doesn’t spend a lot of time in self-reflection.

It’s definitely true that a Dragon Grand Cross is no ordinary Grand Cross.  The Nodes always oppose one another, so there’s half the battle.  But the Nodes indicate our Karmic Source and Destination, so when two planets align in a Cross with the Nodal axis, we pay attention.  Which is exactly what a Dragon Grand Cross, or any planet on a Node or Squaring a Node is about – paying Attention.  Because a major angle to a Grand Cross wakes us up, inevitably increasing our Consciousness.  We learn a little or a lot about how to accept where we been with Neutrality, and how to accept where we’re going without reservation.

We often regret what we do on impulse, because if we thought about it first, we might not have done it.  So a Mars-Dragon Grand Cross gives us alotta opportunities to review our lifetime of regrets, so we can tap them out and get Neutral about them.  And our impulsiveness is usually closer to our True Self or Whole Self than our judging self is.  So if we can liberate our impulsiveness without getting slammed for breaking too many rules, we can edge a lot closer to that all-important partnership with our Unconscious.  It’s kinda the process of civilizing our impulsiveness, so we can “be as crazy as ya want and they’ll luvya for it,” as they say about a Sun-Uranus line in yer astrogeography.

So Mars-Dragon is a true gift of Consciousness, especially if Mars is in a rare introspective mood, and Mercury is in Deep Observer mode too – Mercury turned retrograde last night.

And Pallas?  Well, there’s nothing more educational than a Mars-Pallas opposition, because Mars and Pallas are natural opposites.  Mars is impulse, Pallas is boundaries.  Mars lashes out, Pallas calmly judges what’s appropriate.  Mars is Action, Pallas is Wisdom.  I mean, what if our impulses served our aims perfectly!  We wouldn’t have a care in the World!  Well, if we were immune to other people’s criticisms and control issues we wouldn’t.  Think how effective you could be if you were wired to the tracks that led to your highest goals and you didn’t have any brakes.  If you can Both/And Mars and Pallas, yer sailin’!

What about Pallas-Dragon?  Well, Pallas doesn’t judge.  It defends, when necessary, but without judgment.  So it’s great for sifting through past deeds and their emotional tracks, judging their utility, deciding which to keep and which to discard, and moving on.  And equally good at seeing a mission and discerning which attitudes and actions would be most effective for fulfilling it.  So there aint much to lose with a Mars-Pallas-Dragon Grand Cross, except our emotional baggage.

Juno and Chiron play the background melodies.  We’ve been talking about Juno all along without naming her – Identity and Consciousness are Juno’s toolkit.  She usually goes nameless because Identity is usually Unconscious, though we’re changin that, right?  Chiron, meanwhile, is about transcending our limitations, taking what was so dire that we though it was just reality and didn’t know we were in despair about it, we just thought it impossible, and turning it into Miracles by shifting the foundations of our Reality.  Nothing to lose there except our Naivete and our Fear.

Throw in the bounty of Grace from the Grand Trine, and Zowie!  You guys are probably all ascending tomorrow!  Remember what the Buddha said – once you achieve Samadhi, of course you’re going to come back to help the rest of us, cuz it’s the compassionate thing to do!  Right?  Right?  Hey, where’d everybody go?  We can use some help here!  Great practice for Both/Anding a Planetary Split, eh?  I mean, if you ascend to Earth 2, and also stay on Earth 1, it’s not the same you in both places, is it.  Not from the perspective of Identity.  Of course, from the perspective of Consciousness, it’s both you.  I mean, we are All You, right?  Or All Me?  Or All One?  Or Alone?  Where would we be without Separation?

We just gotta Both/And Samadhi and Separation.

An Old Woman manifesting a Young Warrior with her Vision, aka a “book” of Muscovite Crystals.  I’d never seen the Warrior till just now.  Muscovite is a Mica, if forms in sheets, and when the sheets are stacked up, it’s called a “book.”  Muscovite symbolizes exactly what we been talking about.  It’s a Potassium Aluminum Phyllosilicate – like Phyllo dough is Mica – with Water locked into the Crystal structure.

Upper Limits

March 12, 2012

We shouldn’t oughta ferget Upper Limits.  When we stumble into more Grace than we’re used to, we usually unconsciously sabotage ourselves, lest we think we deserve it, or do something else stupid.  So we gotta recognize when it happens, and take countermeasures to dissipate the black cloud that descends.  Tapping out the fear or anger that may have arisen is a good countermeasure, as is just taking a Time Out, doing something easy and fun and relaxing, to soften the Edge you’re on.

Here’s an example.  I’ve been fortunate to be able to work a little extra for my clients.  So I wanted to move the extra money into a bank that might stand a better chance of staying solvent for a month or so till I have to give the money to Uncle Sam in taxes to finance his Afghan War.  If the bank failed, I’d lose the money, but I’d still owe the taxes.  Not that it’s alotta money, but it’s enough that I’d worry about it.  Which bank?  They’re all Ogres.  I decide one of them might be less risky, so I take it there.  Well, when I get home, I can’t find the receipt for the deposit.

So I have images of someone finding the receipt in the street, taking it to the bank, and doing something obscene with the money, like eating.  Takes me out of my positive, optimistic mood, and installs itself in the well-worn Worry slot in my third Chakra, where it quite literally feels like a dark cloud.  Okay, so I know about Upper Limits.  So let’s see if we can reassure ourself that the Sun will come up again tomorrow.  It’s now the weekend, and the bank is closed, and I don’t know what I’d say or ask if I did call them.  Hmmm.  A while later, I realize I can look in my files for prior deposit receipts at that bank – Voila! – they don’t put the whole account number on their receipts!  Good start.  The cloud lightens, but doesn’t fully dispel.  So I tap it out, do some praying.  Helps a little.  Then I just give it time.

Next morning, there’s the receipt, neatly folded on my desk, just as if somebody else put it there while I was outa the room.  Well, it was somebody else, it was my Unconscious!  There’s nothing more important on this Planet, than befriending your Unconscious.  It’s easy to get to know your Unconscious, cuz their image is written all over your Life History.  Remember that Bad Marriage?  That humiliating, infuriating Idiot Boss who thought they was so smart?  That girl or guy you didn’t call back, even though you hadda great time?  That stupid remark you made when you wanted to be so cool?

So first, you gotta be loving and gentle with all of it, with yourself in the midst of all of it.  Karma isn’t about retribution, it’s about inertia.  You didn’t deserve that Bad Marriage cuz yer a jerk, you stumbled into it cuz you didn’t know any better.  And you didn’t cause their unacceptable behavior, like they claimed, you were a victim of it.  But, there was something you coulda done differently.  For instance, you coulda left sooner.  There were things for you to learn, even if they were only about preferring not to be victimized.  And maybe there were ways in which you were victimizing them without realizing it, or maybe even realizing it and thinking that’s what relationship is all about.  So did you learn what you needed to learn?

There’s always more – just don’t get stuck on the emotional spikes sticking out of those experiences, where your feet don’t touch the ground and you can’t reach the spike to detach yourself.  Excellent place for tapping.  The more neutral you can be about all those unpleasantries in your Personal History, the faster you can release your resistance to accepting all of yourself, that is, your Unconscious.  Then there’s the Archetypes, the times when the Devil made you do it, cuz you would never do anything like that on purpose.  When the Archetypes put us on autopilot, we can get really weird.  The only way to detach is to get conscious of who’s doing the driving.

You see what I’m getting at?  It’s not about who you think you are, or who you want other people to think you are, or who you tell people you are.  And it’s definitely not about your pet peeves.  There’s only two groups of people who care about what irritates you – the folks who want to manipulate you, and the folks who are irritated by the same thing and build their Identity around their irritations.  There’s your conscious Identity, and then there’s the whole gamut of who you really are, including all of the selves that embarrass you, or freak you out, or that you can’t stand, or that you think are stupid, or that sabotage what you think you want.

Don’t take anybody else’s word for it – they only see their own projections.  If you do get input from your friends, don’t believe a word of it unless six people independently come to the same conclusion about some aspect of your Youness.  Think about all the times you’ve hated yourself or otherwise totally rejected yourself – then take all of those thoughts and burn them.  There’s meat there, deeper than just the self-hate and the opportunity for self-love.  There’s also the opportunity to learn about contradiction.  Consciousness is about the absence of judgment, not about love or hate.  Self-Love can be as detrimental to Consciousness as Self-Hate.  But one thing for sure – nothing changes till you accept it fully just as it is.

Mélange à Trois

March 11, 2012

Okay, so we got a Mars-Jupiter-Pluto Grand Trine, with Venus Aphrodite in Jupiter’s lap.  Let’s start with Pluto.  Think of a big River, and you get to choose between paddling upstream or paddling downstream.  When Pluto is lit up, the downstream route is not only easy, but you get a great assist from the flow of the stream.  But the upstream route is fraught with rapids, and even paddling like hell, you’ll never get anywhere, except maybe swept backward or sideways into the rocks.  If something isn’t working when Pluto is highlighted, give it up, for the time being anyway.

Now, let’s throw in Jupiter.  Jupiter is the Big Amplifier.  Whatever’s happening, Jupiter just blows it up big, and in general, things turn out pretty well.  It’s possible to get Jupiter to amplify a bummer, but unlikely.  Jupiter’s usually pretty good-natured, and stands well ‘longside the Wheel of Fortune.  So a Jupiter-Pluto Trine can be pretty sunny, if yer not fighting the tape.  The Big Danger is, as always, Identity.  If you think everything’s going along swimmingly because yer Hot Poo, yer gonna end up smelling pretty bad once you step out of the canoe, or the Energy shifts and you don’t shift with it.

Just watch Rick Sanitorium in a coupla weeks.  And maybe Mitt Rommel too, as they drive on deep into Egypt.  Or the American economy, or European banks – not to mention Amerikan banks.  As Clinton might say, “It’s the River, Stupid!”  It’s not you.  But that doesn’t mean you cant use the Energy to get a heckofa lot of good works done!  Especially with Mars on the other pole of the trifecta.  Put simply, Mars is Energy.  Just pure testosterone, which juices girls just like it does boys.  It’s not too bright, easily cajoled into doing dumb things that can be self-destructive, but it also very often comes through as the Star quarterback or homerun hitter.  Mars is kindofa teenager, it needs direction, but it’s well-intentioned, muscular, and enthused.  If you want help moving, or the lawn mowed, Mars is yer man.

It’s a Grand Trine, so accept the Grace, and milk it for all it’s worth.  Don’t take it to the bank, cuz the banks aren’t yer friend these days, but do take it home and tuck it under the mattress.  The downside isn’t Greed, it’s Arrogance.  Thinking it’s cuz yer cool, rather than cuz the Energy happens to be running your way.  What, how can the Energy run everybody’s way?  Easy, it’s Both/And.  If you actually sat down with them and learned where they were coming from and where they were going, you’d realize you aren’t even in the same Universe.  They aren’t your competition, they’re just a truck going by on the highway.

As long as you focus on your own goals and don’t waste your time examining someone else’s hand, everybody can have Aces.  Don’t get caught up in competition or resistance, just let the Energy flow in your direction.  Mars is retrograde, which is actually a boon, as it’s less likely to burn out, or burn you out.  Retrograde Energy is metered, it’s less likely to run off in every direction at once, more likely to consider possible consequences before punching the throttle.  If you don’t succumb to the temptation to own your successes and become a Red Giant, then you can keep your gains after the Energy shifts, and everyone’s a winner.  The Red Giants become White Dwarfs after the Energy shifts, so just giggle behind your hand at their games and ignore them.

Then we throw Venus into the blender.  Venus generally has a spotless reputation, she doesn’t turn rivals into Stone, or chain nobody to no Tree.  She’s a sweetheart.  She lives in your Heart, and Values what you Value.  Now remember, everybody’s Truth lies in their own Heart, but everybody’s Heart is different.  Venus doesn’t abide Power trips or Control trips or even persuasion or manipulation.  She’s from Arcturus, where it is assumed without question that Other is as Sacred as Self.

The Venus-Mars Cycle is about our Relationships, particularly our Relationship with ourself, otherwise known as our Relationshit.  This is the Waning Trine, where we receive the Grace we’ve earned from the current Cycle before it descends into the Void to be recycled.  The current Venus-Mars Cycle began in May 2011 at 10 degrees of Taurus, exactly the degree where Venus crosses Jupiter next week, sharing the same “Red Cross Nurse” anthem.  That is quite remarkable.  It means that the current flow in our Relationships will  continue and greatly expand, as Father Jupiter takes over the husband role from Brother Mars – speaking in terms of Power, not Incest.

It also means that if you haven’t been owning difficulties in your Relationships, those too will expand, till you take Responsibility for them.  You don’t care whether your partners take Responsibility for their Relationshit, cuz that’s their Karma, and waaay outa your hands.  It’s yer own Karma yer gonna hafta live with tillya don’t, so use the Power of the current configuration to move through and beyond yer own Stuff.  Move to yer Arcturean self – basically, I’m Okay, Yer Okay.  With yer nursey whites on, you can be very kind to yourself while you convalesce.

As with your political aims (the word Politics is from the word Power, which is a synonym for Ego – so yer “political aims” are what you want to manifest), don’t assume that because yer Relationships are smooth at the moment, that the Beast has departed.  It’s not you, it’s the Energy.  Accept it, embrace it, run with it, but recognize that it may not be a gift that keeps on giving.  A word to the wise – win-win is only possible when both parties play the game.  If party A goes into win-lose and party B stays in win-win, party A wins.  Be mindful that yer Relationshit may still have a component of codependence, even 25 years after the concept went out of fashion.  Walking the Spiritual Path with Practical Feet, as Angie likes to say.

Venus and Jupiter are the two great Benifics.  Their coming together is a Goldilocks day, a day in bright Sunshine, with temperature and humidity just right and the Lilacs blooming, and the company exciting.  Coming together as a Red Cross Nurse symbolizes a compassionate Healing that will carry us through the initial Uranus-Pluto squares, through August 2014.  We can think of it as the Light of Ascension that underlies the Paradigm Shift that our Victims feels so tortuously when we forget to own the Karma, tap it out and tame it, and send it Home.

So nothing to rue here – Enjoy!

Eudialyte doesn’t just symbolize Joy, it also dispels that which is past its time and hesitates to move on.  It Cleanses and Heals.  There could be no better Stone for this occasion, and for the next several years.  Like the Tourmalines and Beryls, it is a Cyclosilicate, arranging its Silicate ions in six-sided rings.  But its basic cationic (positive charge) minerals are Sodium, Calcium, Manganese, and Zirconium, while it’s anionic (negative charge) minerals are Silicate and Chloride.  Minerals don’t have molecules, they have ions linked up in matched pairs to create a Crystal structure.  Iron can substitute for the Manganese, and Rare Earths like Cerium and Yttrium for either the Calcium or the Manganese, making it as varied as it is rare.

Mars Caught Smoking in the Loo

March 8, 2012

Well, not only is Mars closer to Earth than it will be at any other time this year (which just means we’re on the same side of the Sun), but he’s in the news smoking up a storm.  And the Star of the major drama of the next week and a half.

I tell people that the most powerful chart anybody can have, is one that features both a Grand Cross and a Grand Trine, that share a common corner.  Well that’s what dominates the next coupla weeks, and Mars is at the common corner.  Let’s digress a minute…

A Square occurs when two planets are one fourth of the way around the circle from one another, or three signs apart.  It symbolizes Mastery through Challenge – it presents itself as a puzzle or problem, but it has no solution.  It’s a heuristic – it serves only to teach.  So for instance, a person with a Square between Venus and Mars usually encounters life-long difficulties with Relationship – simply because their current life does not include enjoying Relationship, it includes only learning about Relationship.  How do we learn?  Not by doing things “right,” but by doing things “wrong.”  We Master a subject by exploring it’s edges, by uncovering its hidden taboos, and by eschewing conventional wisdom.

A Grand Cross is four Squares lined up in series, to circle the entire Zodiac.  The Grand Cross is actually easier than a single Square, because it’s “complete” and in balance.  It has symmetry.  However, it has the additional Challenge that each of the four planets and each of the four Squares must constantly be rebalanced relative to the other three.  So it requires constant vigilance.  A victim of a Grand Cross is constantly tossed from one pole to the other by constantly varying winds.  A master of a Grand Cross has gained wisdom on a wide variety of topics and mastery of a wide variety of skills.

Four is the number of the Emperor, symbolizing Dominion, control over one’s domain.  One moves from being a victim of a Square or a Grand Cross to a master when one becomes Conscious of it’s nature, realizes what the current lifetime is about, and stops coveting the perfection that they so clearly see but can never achieve.  When one sees Reality as a constantly moving variation on the perfect blueprint, rather than flaws in the form manifested from the blueprint.

Simply put, the blueprint is an Archetype, and we are slaves to Archetypes till we become Conscious of them and separate our Identity from them.  Ever notice how an impending cold increases your desire for Sugar?  The cold virus has hold of your Will.  You are feeling the virus’s craving for Sugar, and misinterpreting it as your own craving.  If you knew it was a cold virus doing the craving, you’d never feed it!  But if you think the craving is your own, then it’s an act of self-loathing to deprive yourself!  See why we’re always harping about Identity?  Because it’s the most powerful lever you have for dealing with Karma.

A Trine occurs when two planets are one third of the way ’round the Zodiac from one another, four signs apart.  A Trine represents Grace.  It also often comes through as arrogance, as the carrier of a Trine may have a hard time seeing that other people do not share their good luck.  Haven’t seen his chart, but Romney’s constantly getting himself in trouble for revealing his Triney nature.  A team functions when each member performs their assigned roles. In order to relate to others in a team, a Trine must become Conscious, so the carrier knows that they have a unique skill, and can align it with the unique skills of others.

In American football, a wide receiver must move fast to get downfield and catch a pass, while an offensive lineman must move not at all in order to prevent the defense from rushing the quarterback.  If the wide receiver belittled the lineman about their lack of speed, and the lineman belittled the receiver about their inability to stop speeding freight trains (except perhaps in good-humored jest), there would be no teamwork.  If Grace is heads on a coin, Gratitude is tails – Grace and Gratitude are opposite sides of the same event.  Without Consciousness about our Trines, we do not have Gratitude for the good luck they convey to us, and without Gratitude, Grace will stop flowing.

A Grand Trine is three Trines lined up in series to circle the entire Zodiac.  It’s complete, in balance, and symmetrical.  And it demands exquisite Consciousness and constant Gratitude, or the arrogance will divert you from your Mission even more than remaining an unconscious victim to your Squares.  As Alan Watts said, your Good Karma is harder to let go of than your Bad Karma.  At least as an unconscious victim to your Squares, you’re still learning, even if you aren’t paying attention to what you’re learning.  Once you become Conscious, you’ll reframe all of your victim experiences.  When you become Conscious of the arrogance in your Trines, you gain only regret.

Three is the number of the Empress, symbolizing Love with Wisdom, or Compassion, the complement to Dominion.  If you can’t in a few thoughts describe the difference between sympathy, empathy, and compassion, consider it to be an assignment to study these differences.  They’re critically important to Presence, and Presence is where Consciousness and Identity converge, out there in that field that Rumi talked about.

So you can find a lot of Great People with Grand Crosses in their horoscopes, and a lot with Grand Trines.  Of course Great People are just victims of antique cultural models left over from the Age of Aries.  In the Age of Aries, some 4000-2000 years ago, there were true mythic Heroes, David and Hercules and Loki and Thoth and Inanna and Isis and Aphrodite and Freya.  Think about how few Great People are Conscious of the difference between their own Identity and the Archetype they represent.

The people you truly admire are more likely to be an obscure aunt, or a quietly generous storekeeper, or a friend from grade school whom you never appreciated at the time.  At least I hope so.  If the folks you admire most are Great People from the propaganda mills, I invite you to reconsider your Identity.  It could change your life in ways you’d never imagine.

Bear with me a minute more, as there’s one more concept we need…

Orb” is the astrological term for “slop.”  When two planets form an Angle with one another like a Square or Trine, they typically form that exact Angle for only a short time.  When they do, the Angle is said to be exact or complete.  But the influence of the Angle stretches beyond the moment of completion, often far beyond.  That “slop” in time is called “Orb.”

In a birch chart, you typically look for influences within six to ten degrees (out of 360 degrees in the full circle) of Orb.  In a chart of the Current Time, you typically use one degree of Orb, or if it’s a Big Deal, maybe three degrees.  We deal mostly with charts of Current Time, and we usually use one degree of Orb.

Okay, now we can get down to the meat of the issue…

Now, the combination of a Grand Cross and a Grand Trine in the same chart is exceedingly rare.  There are certain advantages to having both in the same chart, as the good luck of the Grand Trine can compensate for the constant frustration of all the Squares, and the challenges of the Grand Cross can deflate the arrogance of the Grand Trine.  Together, their interplay can act as a fertile medium for Consciousness.  Or, you could see any number of Master Knaves from the history books, whose arrogance is matched only by their disregard for others (a product of projecting the challenges of their Squares).

So basically, it’s the ultimate in horoscopes.  Of course, every horoscope is The Ultimate to its owner, and every horoscope matches the power and subtlety of every other horoscope, but in different ways.  That’s the unique glory of astrology, that everyone is unique and equal, and everyone has their own unique blend of Power and Mystery.  But if you want to talk about the kinds of dramas that are acted out on the World Stage and in the history and herstory books and the covers of the Hot Sheets in the supermarket checkout line, look to Grand Trines and Grand Crosses.  Notta lotta subtlety there, mostly power.

When a Grand Trine and a Grand Cross align so that they share the same planet on one of their corners, that planet becomes The Star of the Whole Show.  There is probably no greater spotlight that you could shine on a planet.

For the next week anda half, that’s exactly what’s going on in the World’s horoscope, a Grand Trine and a Grand Cross, sharing a retrograde and close-to-Earth Mars as their common corner.  I’ll just give the chronology today, and follow up with interpretation as the week&ahalf wears on.

Jupiter and Pluto are within one degree of their Trine from March 7 till March 17, with the Trine exact on March 12.  This is the foundation for the whole party.

Mars lines up to Trine both of them and complete the Grand Trine, within one degree of Orb, from March 12 to March 16 for the Trine to Jupiter, and from March 12 to March 17 for the Trine to Pluto.  Both Mars-Jupiter and Mars-Pluto are exact on March 14, so Magic will be afoot Bigtime March 12-14.  Mars is retrograde, so he’ll be backing in to the alignment.

So if I get busy and neglect to write about a Mars-Jupiter-Pluto Grand Trine in the next several days, remind me!

As if this wasn’t enough, Jupiter Initiates Venus on March 13, bang in the middle of the exactitude of the Grand Trine.  The anthem for this new Venus-Jupiter cycle is “A Red Cross nurse” – talk about an abundance of Grace and Healing!  If you been lucky enough to have clear weather, you’ve been watching Venus and Jupiter converge in the evening sky.

So we also have to write about the Venus-Jupiter Cycle, and a Venus-Mars-Pluto Grand Trine with Jupiter amplifying Venus no end.  Venus as the Evening Star is Venus Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love.

Then, to top it off, Black Moon Lilith joins the Venus-Jupiter Initiation on March 12.  We don’t work much with Black Moon Lilith, we leave that pretty much up to Creedence Clearwater – no, just kidding.  Lilith is a “Bad Moon” only to the worst kinda chauvinist.  Kelley Hunter does work with Black Moon Lilith, so I usually defer to her.

That’s the Big Show, and it would be totally Grand even without the Grand Cross.

This all happens in 10 degrees of the Earth Signs, where Venus and Jupiter are shifting from the Taurus Decanate of Taurus to the Virgo Decanate of Taurus, which means it’s lightening up, not grasping so hard as Taurus usually does.  And Pluto is moving from the Capricorn Decanate of Capricorn to the Taurus Decanate of Capricorn, meaning that Pluto is digging in, getting even more ferociously tenacious than Pluto usually is.

So far Pluto’s only been sorta dabbling in Capricorn, but now it’s gonna get serious, and take no prisoners.  Pluto in Capricorn symbolizes Just Fix It, and at least as far as the World Economy is concerned, our “leaders” have been doing anything but.  The time has come to move it.  Since constructive problem-solving doesn’t seem to be in their playbooks, it may have to arrive through crisis – or since there’s so much Grace about, through the Fuhrers suddenly finding new chapters in their playbooks.

Earth Signs symbolize stuff, materiality, hardcopy Reality, the kind that the Muggles think is Real.  So the World Economy could very well be front and center.

As for the chronology of the Grand Cross…

Mars is within one degree of a Square to both of the Moon’s Nodes from March 12 to March 17, and exactly Square on March 14.  The Moon’s Nodes delineate our Mission in the lifetime, so they’re kinda important.

Mars opposes the asteroid Pallas on March 12, and is within one degree of Orb from March 11 to March 14.  Pallas of course is Pallas Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom and War, also symbolized by Venus as the Morning Star.  So we have the other, firmer pole of Venus here, the Boundary-setting pole that complements the Love with Wisdom pole.

Also involved in the Grand Cross are Juno, which symbolizes Identity (Big Surprise, eh?), and Chiron, which symbolizes Healing through Resonance, through changing the Frequency.

So if I get busy and don’t write about a Mars-Pallas-Dragon Grand Cross, with overtones of Juno and Chiron, within several days, remind me.

Now, as we’ve said before, the Moon is often the trigger for the meat of the manifestation of an astrological event or configuration.  So all those Orbs and times of exactitude could easily be superseded by the Moon, which Squares Mars on March 13.  Well, that’s right in the thick of it, aint it.  As Pogo would say, Friday the 13th falls on a Tuesday this month.  That’s about half-past 4pm PDT on March 13.  That’s a good candidate for the peak of the whole affair, and an excellent time for a ritual of Accepting Power.  If you want to influence events, it would behoove to start yer PIAVAs now, though injecting your own PIAVAs right into the maelstrom of the 13th would also be interesting.

But I think allowing the Power of that Hour to infuse into yourself, so you’re afterward Present to help Change the World, or to mop up compassionately after the Change, or to Ascend if that’s yer objective, would be where the greater power would lie.  Think of that Hour like Dr. Frankenstein throwing the switch.  It would be like Taking Personal Responsibility for the Planet.  You are She and She is you anyway, soya mayas well.  Ifya need a refresher on the difference between Responsibility and Blame, lemme know.  Nobody’s Conscious or Present when they’re in Blame.

Now, if we’re gonna Take Personal Responsibility for the Planet, we need Presence above all, and nothing inhibits Presence like being hypnotized by some dumb Archetype!  So let’s look at when the Moon crosses Juno/Identity (around 11am PDT on March 13) and its own North Node/our Mission, aka the Dragon’s Head (about 2pm PDT), since those are the Hours when our own switch is most likely to be thrown from unconscious to Conscious.  So, y’know, you might wanna spend the whole day in Meditation.

Oh, one more thing.  On March 12, Mercury goes retrograde.  Mercury’s our Observer, our ability to detach our Identity, and retrograde doesn’t mean off.  Retrograde means focused inward rather than focused outward.  All the more impetus for a big breakthrough in Consciousness.  It goes retro at the midpoint between Uranus and Vesta – the hotspot between Integrity and the Sacred.  The cards are definitely stacked in our favor here.  Eat it up!


March 5, 2012

Lovely fireworks on the SpaceWeather page today.  They also mention that Mars is at it’s closest approach to Earth for the year.  Shall we start another one of those FW: erumormills that Mars’ll be as big as the Full Moon next week?  The last one went on for years and years!

Today’s big news is Uranus Initiating Vesta, and Venus entering Taurus.  Venus of course “rules” Taurus – which is to say, you could think of them as the same Energy, it’s just that planet Venus is sortofa verb, while sign Taurus is sortofa noun.  Venus stands for what we Value, and Taurus symbolizes our rigid opinions, likes, and dislikes.  In other words, clear away the Held Emotions (aka Karma) from Taurus, and you have Venus.  Venus in Taurus, which lasts about a month, will provide us additional opportunities to notice the difference between what we Value and our Pet Peeves (the ones we’re proud of), so we can hopefully start, for instance, Valuing our own Integrity instead of being Righteous about Other People’s corruptibility.

Of course, everyone might not Value Integrity – lotsa folks might Value, say, Expediency, instead.  But with Vesta crossing Uranus, you can bet yer bottom that Integrity will be at the top of everyone’s priority list this week.  Vesta stands for a far deeper level of Values, that which we hold Sacred, that for which we’re willing to kill and be killed.  Lighting up Vesta and the cusp of Taurus at the same time could ignite some fireworks, as those who confuse the Sacred with what they’re Righteous about will likely become insufferable, to the extent that they aren’t already.  Fortunately it’s Sweet Venus lighting up Taurus, and Lofty Uranus lighting up Vesta.

Plus, the Sabian Symbol for the Vesta Initiation is “Two lovers strolling on a secluded walk,” much more Venutian than Taurean.  Uranus, as the symbol for our Individual Soul, represents Integrity.  So the opportunity for insights that will bring our Integrity into higher alignment with our sense of the Sacred is pretty exciting.  It’s these two essential components of our personal Psyche that are the two lovers strolling.  If you notice yourself projecting this onto someone else this week, bring it home.  Love projections are wonderful things, don’t rue it.  But also bring it home.  Yes, they’re fabulous, but what is it in yourself that they’re mirroring?  Anything you take for granted?

By Initiation, we mean Conjunction, the two planets coming together on the same line of longitude, as the faster planet passes the slower planet.  The slower planet is the Mentor – the repository of Wisdom – in these Cyclic relationships, and the faster planet is the Messenger, or the Energy that disseminates the Wisdom. Uranus is of course the Wise Old Man here, and Vesta the receiver and carrier of the Shaktipat that Uranus grants.  The Greeks and Romans would be scandalized to hear Vesta, symbol of the most Sacred, lowered to the status of disciple, but then, the Greeks and Romans didn’t know about Uranus.  It’s like when all the Body Parts were arguing over which one was the most important.  You know who the winner was.