Stress Reduction

Nick Ortner, of The Tapping Solution and World Tapping Summit fame, has put a nice introductory article on the scienterrific aspects of EFT onto Huffandpuffpost,

For instance,

Research suggests that EFT may be so effective because of its perceived ability to balance out the nervous system, leveling off the activity of the parasympathetic and sympathetic regions.  Responsible for promoting cell regeneration and relaxation, the parasympathetic region helps to slow your heartbeat, support digestion, and more.  The sympathetic system, on the other hand, prepares you for vigorous physical activity by speeding up your heart, constricting your pupils, and so on.   As noted in [Feinstein and] Church’s study, imbalance between these two regions is associated with a long list of health issues, from high blood pressure and heart problems (most often seen in those with an overactive sympathetic region), to depression, fatigue, and weakened immune response (in those with excessive parasympathetic activity).

The Huff&puff article includes a link to a pdf of an article on gene expression by David Feinstein and Dawson Church (David being Donna Eden’s husband, in case you didn’t know).  The article also includes a link to a free copy of Nick’s ebook on tapping.

And of course it’s Nick’s sister (and collaborator in much of his work) Jessica that does our favorite quick tapping instruction video…

Tap on!

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