War Preparations

This is from Friday.  You prolly don’t wanna read it all, but it’s worth a glance and a skim …


Foreign wars have always been a sure re-election ticket and a good way to get the economy ticking again, though O’Bomber may not be factoring in the Uranus-Pluto (increasing in intensity in May and June), which will regress folks back to Vietnam days.  Youngsters who don’t remember Vietnam will either be glad for the work, angry about the manipulation (lotsa youngsters are behind Ron Paul, the only politician with the guts to face down the Military-Industrial-Congressional – Eisenhower’s original name for it – Complex), or both.

A few other interesting tidbits…


Ambrose is no Peacenik, he’s more often helping the New World Order rationalize their postures.  Jim Sinclair knows more about finance and economics than anyone else I know of, and he knows it from personal experience, not textbooks…


James Rickards is someone else whose views I regard as very highly informed…


He’s busy on his book tours, but here’s a relatively recent interview…



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