Lovely fireworks on the SpaceWeather page today.  They also mention that Mars is at it’s closest approach to Earth for the year.  Shall we start another one of those FW: erumormills that Mars’ll be as big as the Full Moon next week?  The last one went on for years and years!

Today’s big news is Uranus Initiating Vesta, and Venus entering Taurus.  Venus of course “rules” Taurus – which is to say, you could think of them as the same Energy, it’s just that planet Venus is sortofa verb, while sign Taurus is sortofa noun.  Venus stands for what we Value, and Taurus symbolizes our rigid opinions, likes, and dislikes.  In other words, clear away the Held Emotions (aka Karma) from Taurus, and you have Venus.  Venus in Taurus, which lasts about a month, will provide us additional opportunities to notice the difference between what we Value and our Pet Peeves (the ones we’re proud of), so we can hopefully start, for instance, Valuing our own Integrity instead of being Righteous about Other People’s corruptibility.

Of course, everyone might not Value Integrity – lotsa folks might Value, say, Expediency, instead.  But with Vesta crossing Uranus, you can bet yer bottom that Integrity will be at the top of everyone’s priority list this week.  Vesta stands for a far deeper level of Values, that which we hold Sacred, that for which we’re willing to kill and be killed.  Lighting up Vesta and the cusp of Taurus at the same time could ignite some fireworks, as those who confuse the Sacred with what they’re Righteous about will likely become insufferable, to the extent that they aren’t already.  Fortunately it’s Sweet Venus lighting up Taurus, and Lofty Uranus lighting up Vesta.

Plus, the Sabian Symbol for the Vesta Initiation is “Two lovers strolling on a secluded walk,” much more Venutian than Taurean.  Uranus, as the symbol for our Individual Soul, represents Integrity.  So the opportunity for insights that will bring our Integrity into higher alignment with our sense of the Sacred is pretty exciting.  It’s these two essential components of our personal Psyche that are the two lovers strolling.  If you notice yourself projecting this onto someone else this week, bring it home.  Love projections are wonderful things, don’t rue it.  But also bring it home.  Yes, they’re fabulous, but what is it in yourself that they’re mirroring?  Anything you take for granted?

By Initiation, we mean Conjunction, the two planets coming together on the same line of longitude, as the faster planet passes the slower planet.  The slower planet is the Mentor – the repository of Wisdom – in these Cyclic relationships, and the faster planet is the Messenger, or the Energy that disseminates the Wisdom. Uranus is of course the Wise Old Man here, and Vesta the receiver and carrier of the Shaktipat that Uranus grants.  The Greeks and Romans would be scandalized to hear Vesta, symbol of the most Sacred, lowered to the status of disciple, but then, the Greeks and Romans didn’t know about Uranus.  It’s like when all the Body Parts were arguing over which one was the most important.  You know who the winner was.

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