Of course, the other thing to keep in mind when Saturn is lit up – as it is this week, being Stationary on Tuesday, is that Saturn is about Focus, not Limitation.  Saturn asks you to trust yourself and concentrate on what’s most important to you, and let go of distractions, for now.  If circumstances want to force you to let go for good, not just for now, that’s okay.  Just grieve the loss.  Don’t try to postpone Grief, just let it in, and tap it out.  We cling to our backup plan because we’re afraid we aren’t up to carrying through on Plan #1.  But even if – or especially if – we fail at Plan #1, we’ll learn more about ourself and the World than if we’d stuck to our fallback, and that Learning will have far more value for us than anything Plan B would have brung.  If self-trust isn’t your forte, it’s a great week to fake it tillya make it.

One Response to “Focus”

  1. Juanita Says:

    Thanks for another great, on the pulse posting! It helps immensely to see what the planets are doing as it totally adds up to so much of what I am feeling and experiencing!

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