Free Choice, or Both/And?

Well, if anybody is still left out there after the End of the Calemander, here’s a nice choice…

Option 1,

Bill is now a Professor of Law and Economics at the University of Missouri (Kansas City).  He knows of what he speaks – in the 80s, as a Board Member of the Federal Home Loan Bank (which regulated savings & loan associations, which originally were local banks specializing in home loans) he was a major player in the unwinding of the S&L mess in the US.  Bill’s blog is at

I was a consultant to the FHLB at the time, so I too know of what he speaks.  If anybody’s unfamiliar with the S&L mess, I’ll be glad to fill you in on the history.

Plus Option 2, from the 60s,

And Option 3,

Which Option would you choose – justice, detachment, or compassion?  I suppose None of the Above is also an option, but good luck with that!

Well, there’s always Both/And.  And there’s the challenge – staying clearly focused on Reality (nothing changes till it’s accepted exactly as it is), AND staying emotionally Neutral (which is essential for healing), AND keeping your Heart ripped wide Open.  Moving from Gandhi to Mother Teresa.  There’s a difference between retribution and justice (which is usually spelled JustUs).  There’s the desire to put some folks to the guillotine, versus the desire to get them to stop hurting other people.  And the fear that the first may be necessary to stop the second.  Actually, though, here’s one excellent way to work with that apparent contradiction…

Contradictions, recall, are always in the Mind, never in Reality, because only the Mind is dualistic – Reality is multidimensional.  Shakti Gawain use to have her students sing the most moving song they knew, over and over again, till they could sing it without tearing up – opening your Heart while staying Present and Neutral.  That’d be a great practice to use with Option 3.

This is a Crystal of Kunzite – or Spodumene to a geologist.  When Spodumene is pink, it’s often called Kunzite.  Lithium Aluminum Inosilicate.  Lithium of course is grounding and calming, and a fundamental transmission medium for transposing Light and Matter – that is, a Trance Mission to Trance Pose Light and Matter.  As in Beam me up, Scotty.  Or Shazam!  Kunzite Opens the Heart and helps they Physical Body and the Emotional Body adjust to higher vibrations.  Aluminum stabilizes the Identity – oh so helpful during upgrades, and (used externally, not ingested) helps the body maintain alkalinity, which is essential for healing.  Inosilicates (which carry their Silicate ions in long chains) kickstart energy flows, and accelerate healing and transformation.  A Crystal with those lovely little triangular pits is called a Recordkeeper – the pits record the history of the Planet.  Kinda like those bright RobinsEgg Blue pits on Mercury.

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