Slug-Free Zone

Another great letter from John Perkins… .

Thank goodness the Dalai Lama didn’t say we hafta have compassion for the Slugs for there to be Peace in the World!

One Response to “Slug-Free Zone”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Carl Johan Calleman has posted his September 30 update to his web site – – as of October 2, saying it is likely his last communication before the end of the Mayan Calendar on October 28. He reminds us that it is the seven days (of the Ninth Wave) that bring the most destruction to the old structures of the world, and surprsingly, since he has been anything but alarmist, reveals he will “choose to be at a seismically solid place as the calendar approaches its end.” He surmises that the Seventh Day of the Ninth Wave – October 11 to 28 – could be rough and outlines three possible scenarios for the end of the Callemandar as you call it…

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