Calleman gives us some perspective on convergence (thanks, Darshana!), .

And lo and behold, convergence appears…


and the latter is from Rupert Murdoch’s empire, deep in Wall Street, and not even from his token bad boy!  And then, his token bad boy waxes philosophical…

We can only hope that the underlying philosophy shifts because people come to their senses, not because of pepper spray.

If you look closely at the faces of that lovely Rose-Quartz-pink crystal, you’ll notice that the crystal structure is not the usual six-sided structure that Quartz uses, cuz it’s actually Phenakite, or Phenacite.  It’s a nesosilicate, the simplest silicate, where the silicate ions stand alone in the crystal structure, kinda like Ayn wanted us to.  In the other silicates, they’re paired, or chained, or tied up in hoops (with six sides of course), or sheets, or fully linked into a three-dimensional matrix (like Quartz).  The nesosilicates you’ll recognize are Topaz and Garnet.  Like any electrical process, crystals depend on the union of “positive” and “negative” – a positive ion latches on to a negative ion, and that’s how the structure becomes Stable, cuz neither is hung out craving its soulmate.

Of course positive and negative are arbitrary terms, distinct from our moral judgements about what’s good and bad.  Positive and negative do indicate directionality – when a circuit is completed, electricity flows from the positive pole to the negative pole.  Same with magnetic energy, which flows from the “South” Pole to the “North” Pole.  The terms are even chosen that way – the negative cation means “up,” and the positive anion means “down.”  So positive and negative do connote normal.  On the other hand, consider the power of widdershins – walking nine times counterclockwise around a fairy ring can transport you into the fairy realm!  The simple truth is that normal is only half of the story – that’s our connection to moral judgement, and our window to Power.  Any time you see a gap between normal and true, you see an opportunity to use Power.  As Artemisia said in The Findhorn Garden, something like

You humans are afraid of Power, but for us, greater Power allows us to serve God better.

There is Stability in balance, and Power in imbalance.

So, for Phenakite, Silicon is the anion (source); what’s the cation (sink)?  It’s Beryllium.  Beryllium is the fourth-lightest element, and only the second-lightest solid, after Lithium.  At the extremes, there is always instability and Power, and Beryllium is a powerful medicine.  The geological name for Emerald is Beryl – Emerald is a Beryllium Cyclosilicate, where the Silicate ions are bound in Rings.  Beryllium by itself is extremely toxic to humans – it’s powerful.  You need to bind it and make it stable before you use it – in a Silicate, for instance – lest its Power turn round and bite you.  Beginnings and Endings are like that too, including the End of the Callendar.

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