One More Thing…

…that I fergot to mention.  When we regress to our first occurrence, in the current lifetime, of a Karmic dilemma, we really do regress to the age at which it occurred.  Say, f’rinstance, you were alive inna famine once, when there just wasn’t enough for everybody to eat.  Actually, most of us probably been there, more than once.  So then in the current lifetime, when you was, say, age 4 – maybe in the middle of a Saturn transit – yer parent(s) hit a rough patch and had to scramble to make ends meet.  At age 4 you don’t gotta lotta resources to help out.  Chances are, they made no attempt to relate the information to you in an age-appropriate way, and you just picked up on a house fulla Fear, without knowing anything else.  Well, at age 4 we assume everything is about Us – I mean, isn’t it?  So we musta done something bad, for everybody to be so whacked out and not paying much attention to us.  Maybe we felt like We don’t belong here, like we’re excess baggage, or wrong to be here now.

So today, you may not even lose yer means of support, you could just read about everybody else losing their means of support, whether in Detroit or Athens.  But it triggers yer own Scarcity, the Scarcity that got cemented into yer own psychic reality at age 4.  (Of course it’s Karmic, it all is, age 4 was just the first time you noticed in this lifetime.  Once you fully recover yer age-4 self, you’ll discover that there were similar episodes at 4 months, at 4 months before yer birth, and so on.  And that’s just the 4’s.)  So it’s not just that you regress to when you were Overwhelmed at age 4.  You also regress to the Skill-set you possessed at age 4!  Now that’s big.  You can’t even read or write!  Yer gonna do great on a job application when you don’t remember that you can read and write!

The point is, we gotta be really tender with ourself when we encounter our Karmic Krap.  Somebody has to step in and be the caring adult, to protect our vulnerable 4-year-old and reassure them that it’s not the EndatheWorld.  And that somebody is ourself, our current-moment self.  So the mandatory first step is to recognize that we’re regressed, because till we do that, we aren’t able to make a distinction between our regressed-to-age-4-skills self and our current-moment-more-capable self.  Which brings us to an important exercise.  If it’s true that till October 10 we need to

expect everything to be karmic

then we can just assume we’re regressed alla time!  So we can just start now, without worrying about content or context, and just bring ourself into the Present Moment.

Back in the 1980s, when Pluto was in Scorpio, we learned a trick for that.  We ask ourself, What color is the wallpaper?  Or the paint, since wallpaper isn’t as popular as it was in the 80s and before.  Or the upholstery, if yer mobile.  The wallpaper/paint/upholstery is, like it or not, in the Present Moment.  So let it invite you to join it there.  Start now with that practice.  Count up how many times a day you ask yerself that, and see how many you can do.  See how long you can remember to keep doing it.  A day?  A week?  Three weeks and yer home free.

If you just stay as much as you can in the Present Moment, then you don’t have to analyze what happened at age 4.  You can just tap out any unpleasantness you experience, without intellectualizing anything.  Then you can notice how your alter egos feel, and respond compassionately.  You poor dear, you’re scared.  I know, it’s hard now, but y’know, things are unfolding as they must, and it’s eventually gonna work out okay.  C’mon, let’s go get some ice cream!  Who cares ifya gotta wear it, it’s the EndatheWorld!  I mean, as Jaihn says,

WaveyoHands LikeyaJussdon’tCare!

If we actually move to Gratitude, we’d be celebrating our innocence and vulnerability when we regress, rather than succumbing to Overwhelm.  I mean, we could actually get to Curiosity and Wonder!  Shitodear, our inner 4-year-old couldn’t help but shift from Fear to Excitement, just because they’d have no idea what to expect next!  Bingo, shattered Karma, the enda the World as we know it!

More Zinnwaldite!  Love the stuff!  It’s named after the Zinnwald, literally the Tin Forest, that still somehow remains woodsy, on the border between Germany, the Czech Republic, and Poland.  The Tin Man, y’know, was a woodcutter whose axe was enchanted by the Wicked Witch of the West, so he cut himself to pieces.  Can’t think of a better metaphor for Karma.  A tinsmith put him back together outa Tin, but neglected to put in a Heart.  So he joined Dorothy’s journey, in search of a Heart.  West, being where the Light goes to sleep every night, symbolizes death.  Now, there is Tin in the Zinnwald.  But there’s no Tin in Zinnwaldite!  There’s just about everything but Tin in Zinnwaldite!  So there’s no need to intellectualize between now and October 10.

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