Last Night

Well, there’s plenty of challenges as we enter the Sixth Night of the Callemander, but there’s also plenty of Grace available, alls we gots to do is remember to Ask.  And of course be open to Receive.  Often Grace arrives inna form a bit different than we expected, so too often we end up smothered in 50-dollar bills while we curse the lack of the 100-dollar bill that we Asked for.  Gratitude is to Grace as Tab A is to Slot B.  Now, the Sixth Night is the last one.  There are Seven Days, but only Six Nights.  Night Six starts on Thursday, September 22, just before the Equinox (2am PDT on 9/23).  So everything we encounter between now and October 10 (when Day Seven begins), we need to receive as a Release.

It’s not that we’re cursed to have to re-experience that old shit again, it’s that we’re blessed with the Opportunity to respond differently this time, to respond lovingly and gently, with compassion for our younger self that was less prepared to deal with it when it first hit, and it overwhelmed us.  I mean, that’s what it’s all about, Overwhelm.  We were overwhelmed then, but we can choose not to be now.  Tapping it out is a great place to start.  If tapping doesn’t do it, then Ask for help choosing the right arena to tap.  I was tapping on Fear yesterday, and it was slow to respond.  So I looked down inside, and lo, hiding there, very subtle, just barely noticeable, was a shred of my ancient Abandonment.  Turned away when it saw me looking.  So I tapped on that, and then the Fear responded.

We’re a Victim when we don’t have healthy Control in any situation, and the key to getting out of being a Victim is to Respond.  Differently.  It doesn’t matter exactly how you Respond, as long as you Respond Differently.  A friend used to say, Don’t get even, get odd.  Go for surprise.  Be weird.  Karma is inertia – we’re locked into a habitual, ineffective, response.  So it’s Change that heals.  Sure, our first new response may not move Heaven and Earth, but we’ve broken the chain, and we’re now free to try other new responses, and learn which ones work in which situations.  Even a Karmic response works in some situations; it’s just that when it’s Karmic, we only have one way to respond, and that’ll never work in all situations – chances are it works in relatively few.

Step One is always Awareness.  We need to be able to recognize that we’ve been here before, so we can know to act (and feel and think) Differently, rather than just let the old puppetstrings get pulled.  Consider yourself forewarned!  For the next two and a half weeks,

expect everything to be karmic

and Respond Differently.  Take your time – just stopping for a moment and watching the pull of the strings will usually be Different enough for a start.  Of course, there are places where we have Deerinnaheadlights Karma.  In those situations, Dance.  Move, do anything that’s different.  Find an old shoebox in your closet, and take out the shoes.  Instead, put in yer Spostas and yer Shoulds, especially the ones that are Life-and-Death.  You may as well be dead if yer caught with dirt on yer floor.  You’ll surely starve to death if you don’t go do that job you hate with all yer being.  Ifya sass yer mom, she’ll whap you across the room so fast you won’t even know it hurts till the bruises come out tomorrow.  Tell yer pop he’s fulla shit, and you’ll never eat again.

The World As We Know It is ending.  So it doesn’t matter ifya burn yer bridges.

Well, yaknow that’s probably not quite true.  At the end of Day Seven, we’ll probably just experience a Big Shift – if we feel anything explicit at all.  Besides, the Callemander might be off.  The End may really be 12/21/2012, as others suppose.  Or it may be 7/11/2012, when Uranus exactly Squares Pluto.  We dunno.  Callemander’s scholarship is excellent, but that doesn’t mean he’s right to the day.  The Shift could be Keysian – sometimes you trip out so far that you never get back to know that you’ve left.  Besides, it’s always Both/And.  So what if TheWorldAsWeKnowIt ends – we’ll just shift to a parallel dimension, and it could be one that’s so close to our Familiar that we don’t even notice there’s been a shift.  I mean, you do that every morning when you wake up and think yer in the same bed you were in when you went to sleep.  If we’re actually thinking EndatheWorld, we’re probably thinking linearly, and the Universe is multidimensional.

So it’s not like you gotta tell yer boss to Eat Shit and Die.  Just watch how you respond when she starts berating you.  Do you avert yer eyes?  Drop yer head?  Prop up yer head with yer hand so she doesn’t see yer jaw quivering?  Just do something different this time.  Look up and look through her.  Tilt yer head to the side.  Let her see yer quiver.  Wet yer pants.  Anything to break the Trance, the weirder the better.

Inside and Outside are the same.  It’s just a mirror.  When you change, the World changes.  It is, literally, the end of TheWorldAsWeKnowIt when we betray our Karma.

Ah, Zinnwaldite!  Love the stuff.  Potassium Lithium Iron Aluminum Phyllosilicate (Mica) Fluoride.  Fruitful Potassium, Calming Lithium, Grounding Iron, Levitating Aluminium, with Healing Fluoride in yer rock where it belongs, not yer toothpaste where the purveyors of industrial waste want to put it.  All in a shiny shimmery Mica, like Dragonfly wings.  That shiny shimmery realm is where the Fairies live, in the Dimension next door, where they mostly live happily ever after.  Squint at it, see what comes out.  Course, that’s Dragonfly – Dragon symbolizes our Karma.  The gateway to the happilyeverafter Dimension next door is through our Karma.  The nice thing about Karma is that it aint present-moment.  It’s always just instant replay, celluloid, a paper Tiger.  It can’t hurt us, it can only scare us or confuse us into hurting ourself.  Give it a new Dance this time.

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2 Responses to “Last Night”

  1. jaihn Says:

    Glorious post, Jim!
    And Dance – YES!!! – : especially, today! ~
    Love xxx

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    Good one Jim, this really resonates. I’m thinking next June, 2012 is going to be really intense, with the second of two “Venus passages” (or occultations, eclipses, or whatever they’re called) happening around June 6, followed by, on June 24-25, the first of seven Uranus-Pluto squares together with a Jupiter-Neptune square and Saturn’s direct station – all within a two-day period! And yet even with all that astro drama next year, the approach to 10-28-11 feels like the real shift to me, as in, we’re (t)here, already.

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