The Bird of God

Bear with me here – this week we gotta do some heavy duty astrologizing.  We’ll try to make it palatable.

The meat is that Mercury went Direct (communication should be smoother) last Friday (3pm PDT), and Jupiter went Retrograde (large projects will be delayed for beneficial redesign) today (Tuesday 8/30, 2am PDT), with a New Moon (a reboot) halfway in between (11am PDT yesterday, 8/28).  The New Moon chart will flavor the next four weeks, the Mercury chart will flavor the next twelve weeks, and the Jupiter chart will flavor the next sixteen weeks.  And, in the Big Picture, they’re basically the same chart.  And that chart is…

Dominated by what might be called God’s Middle Finger.  A “Finger of God” configuration, recall, is a Sixth-Harmonic Sextile (Creatively positive) with a third planet at the far Midpoint, so that it forms a Quincunx (Curiosity) to each end of the Sextile.  That Finger of God puts us in one of our most productive frames of mind, where our Creativity flows easily, and it’s complemented by our Curiosity.  Curiosity is that child-like state where we reach beyond our Limiting Beliefs and discover new perspectives.  You know what Al said, you can’t solve a problem using the same thinking that formulated the problem, you gotta think outside the box.  That’s exactly where a Finger of God points us.

Well, a “Bird of God” configuration is a Fourth-Harmonic Square (Mastery through Challenge) with a third planet at the far Midpoint, so that it forms a Sesquisquare (Purging) to each end of the Square.  The Square is a Fourth-Harmonic angle because it divides the Circle into four.  The Semisquare divides the circle into eight – the Eighth Harmonic.  A Sesquisquare is three Semisquares, or three eighths of the way round the Circle.  In Traditional Medieval Western Astrology, the Semisquare and its derivatives are irritants.  They aren’t so much a perceived “problem” like the Square (which provides the ultimate Victim/Opportunity choice) as they are minor hassles, like the Pukwudgies would provide.

But Traditional Medieval Western Astrology basically gives us snapshots out of context.  So lettuce use a coupla different viewpoints.  For instance, from Rudhyar‘s perspective of the Cycle as a whole, the Semisquare hints at the Square that will follow.  The preceding Conjunction initiated a New Energy, which gradually waxes till at the Square it’s no longer possible to Deny.  The New Energy then blooms at the Opposition (and, I would add, fruits at the Phitile).  At each of the Eighth-Harmonic mileposts along the way, irritating disruptions invite us to release parts of our Old Perspective, to make room for the New Paradigm.  The spiritual purpose of irritation is to get us to stop and shift to Curiosity – Hmmm, I wonder why that didn’t go as I planned it.  Then, of course, as in any PIAVA, we have to Change the Subject – thoroughly shift our attention away from our question, so the channel is not clogged up with obsolete preconceptions when the new insight arrives.

Or, we can turn to Arrien‘s Thoth-Tarot perspective.  She refers to the Eighth Harmonic as the principle of balance, justice, realignment.  Hmm, kinda similar to Rudhyar’s take, aint it.  In the Crowley deck, the Goddess of Law, Truth, and Justice – Maat – “stands in a diamond, having pierced the webbed veils of illusion, delusion, and deception” with her “Sword facing downward, symbolizing the application of creative ideas in tangible, useful ways.”  Okay, so we’re getting pretty clear here – God’s winking when She gives us the Bird.

Then, what planets are involved in these Bird of God configurations?

Most important is a Bird of God to the budding Uranus-Pluto Square that 2012 brings us.  The Uranus-Pluto Initiation in the 1960s brought in a New Energy that allows us to express our True Self (Uranus) in harmony with the path of History and (especially) Herstory (Pluto).  The third planet?  That was the Direct Station of Mercury.  So loads of information (Mercury) will be flowing to us to help us navigate the bar that we’re all crossing.

Second in line would be a Bird of God to the Square formed with Vesta by the Stationary Jupiter.  Vesta represents that which we hold Sacred.  This Square is waning – we expand (Jupiter) by releasing (waning Square) that which we thought we knew to be Sacred.  The waning Square isn’t about releasing into a New Paradigm, it’s about releasing into Emptiness, into the Creative Void that is Pure Potential.  It’s about Trust and Faith, whether we can resist the temptation to steer ourself away from the challenging but educational shoals, and allow the Greater Current to carry our fragile little Ego away.  Or you can think of it as surrendering into Trusting your Soul to steer your terrified little Ego through another Metamorphosis, through another Ego Death.  The third “planet” in this Bird is The Moon Herself.  The Moon is the Implementer, the Energy that activates latent processes.  So we’ll have fun with this one.

Now, as long as we’re on the subject of Jupiter, and before you despair about another Ego Death, the Jupiter Station also forms a Grand Trine.  The Third-Harmonic Trine is about Grace, and the Grand Trine is Grace cubed.  The downside of a Grand Trine is arrogance – the danger that we’ll think God is on Our Side, rather than being Grateful for the Gifts.  Given the Jupiter Bird, if we do allow our Ego to inflate, we can expect it to be popped pretty quickly, and probably pretty messily.  Stick with Gratitude, and save yerself alotta Amends later.  Remember, Jupiter turned Retrograde, so most of these dramas will be going on in our Psyche, more than in Hardcopy Reality.  Fortunately, Maat’s Sword will be piercing the illusion that the two are any different from one another (Hint: you’re just looking at it from the other side).

The other two planets in the Grand Trine with Jupiter are Pluto, and Sun-Venus.  This tells us that all of this expansive reorg that’s going on in the Psyche will be Gracefully realigning us with the currents of History (Pluto), with The Light (Sun), and with the Values we hold inalienable in our Heart (Venus).  There’s a huge and important distinction between what we Value intellectually – our Ideals – and what we Value in our Heart.  If you get a little choked up, or start to tear a bit, you know you’re in your Heart.  If you feel justified, or feel like you’re right, or feel like it’s about time, yer in yer Head.  Move down about a foot, or you’ll miss the bus.

The third God Bird targets a waning Square from Mars to Saturn.  A waning Square from Mars (Action) to Saturn (Plans) tells us not to get too invested in expecting events to unfold as we expect them to unfold, or as we try to direct them to unfold.  The third “planet” in this Bird is the still-close Chiron-Neptune conjunction that we enjoyed last year.  We can easily blame our current economic malaise on Chiron-Neptune, as it has traditionally signaled a big revision in the way finances are handled, and despite our vaunted Big Brains, we aren’t clever enough to let go of our old programming till long after it’s become debilitatingly dysfunctional.  A new Chiron-Neptune Cycle signals a New Beginning as Big as any, as Chiron symbolizes our Paradigm, and Neptune our relationship with whatever is Larger than ourself.  Replacing Despair with Miracles is how we kernelized it last year, and it’s still right on.

In other words, if you relax, quit trying so hard (or at all), let go of what you believe you need, focus briefly on what you sorta might prefer, and let yourself tumble headlong into Emptiness…

you’ll probably end up feeling very Confused.  Which is precisely what you want!  Confusion, remember, is the first step toward liberating yourself from the birdcage of your Limiting Beliefs and your Scarcity.  The first step toward letting the Bird of God fly free!

Dyscrasite is an Antimonide of Silver.  Antimony substitutes for Sulfur, but it’s highly toxic.  One historical meaning for the word Antimony is Alchemist-killer.  Silver, a biocide and antimicrobial, is also a “heavy metal” that can be fatal in large doses.  But Silver is the most versatile metal on the Planet.  It carries heat and electricity better than anything known.  It’s in your mirror, your electronic gizmos, your teeth, your solar cells and wind turbines, your batteries, and, back when it was worth something, your money.  The best way to protect yourself against future economic damage is to go down to your local coin store and buy a bag of pre-1964 Silver dimes.  They should be about $3 each, and their value should rise at least as much as the cost of food and shelter over the next decade, while the value of your Dollars and Euros declines to nil.

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