When What Hits the Fan?

Well, speaking of Identity, our friend Juno is sidling up to Saturn’s back door, and about to begin a whole new five-year Cycle.  Juno represents our Unconscious Identity, who we really believe ourselves to be, regardless of who we think we are or how we feel about ourselves.  It also represents compulsive Merging – our tendency to unconsciously adopt other people’s perspectives, and act out other folks’ dramas, in our virtual headspace or in hardcopy Reality.  So if you find yourself getting conscious of how you’ve been Merged with somebody for the last millennium, congratulations, you’re right on schedule!  If you don’t find yourself doing that, WAKE UP and get conscious of it!  It’s pretty important.

Saturn, meanwhile, symbolizes Focus.  Some folks experience that as having their noses rubbed in it, but that’s only because they’re dragging their feet about Focusing on what the Universe has put in front of them.  Saturn’s also often interpreted as the Ego, or that part of ourself that’s in charge of keeping ourself Safe.  If Saturn feels like a wet blanket, that’s cuz we’re not Focused on what we need to make Priority Number One, whatever that is.  So Juno and Saturn together make a pretty foundational dance for us as psychological entities.  In other words, they can feel like a long-overdue transformation that takes us out of stagnant conditions and puts excitement back into our Life.  Or like a root canal.  Usually both, since it’s our own fingernails that are locked into those stagnant conditions.

The Juno-Saturn Cycle we’re finishing began in June 2006, at 10 Leo, “Early morning dew sparkles as Sunlight floods the field.”  Rudhyar interprets that as a happy (or at least relieved) ending to a dark night of the soul.  Whatever new adventures began for you in 2006, in terms of Identity, you are now graduating.  It’s not like those adventures are done, cuz we are sponges, we learn.  So when an Energy finishes with us, we don’t just drop the Energy, we take with us into the new Energy what the old Energy has taught us.  But we’re leaving that school, and moving on to the next one.

The Juno-Saturn Cycle that begins in mid-September (the 17th/18th) will be at 18 Libra, “Two men placed under arrest,” or, as Rudhyar tells it, “A breakdown in the constructive relationship between the individual and society.”  Or should we say, “between society and the individual.”  Hmmm, sounds kinda like the Chaos that the likes of Gerald Clemente and Marc Faber have been talking about – where the Elite and their government flunkies are suggesting that the Hungry Folk can eat cake, and the Hungry Folk decide that’d be a fine idea, but the only cake they can find is the Elite’s.  The kinda Chaos that has been visiting the UK.  At the same mid-September time (9/16), Pluto stands still at 5 Capricorn, “Indians on the Warpath.”

Sounds like it would be a very useful strategy to cooperate with the transformation of Identity, so we don’t need to get caught up in Chaos dramas in order to shake loose our old Karma.  Rather than PIAVA-ing stability or stasis, it might be better to PIAVA a smooth transition.  We are at the end of the current monetary system and the complex of employment/insurance/sustenance that it implies, and Denial helps no one.  Resistance is worse.  Folks in Denial will probably lose their means of supporting themselves, and folks in Resistance will probably fare far worse.  Humans being who they are, there’s a high probability that many will be hurt.  Doesn’t need to be you or your loved ones.

That’s Wavellite, an Aluminium Phosphate.

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One Response to “When What Hits the Fan?”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Thanks, dearie. another good ‘un.

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