Oh Krap, Not Identity Again!

As Bobby Z said when he was stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues again,

What does it take, to get out of going through all this twice?

Lest we forget, we’re still in the throes of this big Identity thing.  Lotsa folks lamenting how their empathy skills are giving them big headaches.  Well, the natural state of the Universe is Union.  Separation is the aberration, the Big Experiment that Judeo-Christianity chronicles, and that Western Civilization flaunts most divisively here at the End of the Experiment.  This corner of the Universe is in the middle of a huge transition, and lotsa humans are in heavy Resistance, and Resistance is painful, so Union can feel pretty awful these days.  But as above, so below; it’s the Resistance that’s painful, even – no, especially – Resistance to pain.  Nothing changes till we accept it exactly as it is.

The illusion is our Individual Ego, our perceived Identity as an independent actor, rather than an Identity as a small part of a larger Whole.  Chinese culture is waxing in these End Times because they know themselves to be part of a larger Whole.  We so treasure our Individual Ego that we can’t allow ourselves to melt into the Whole, simply because it feels like Death.  And it is Death, Ego Death, the only Death there is.  All else is just transformation.  The lament, “Arrrggghhh, I am dying!” is never about dying, it’s about I.  Western culture is so brainwashed into it’s belief that We Are Not All One that few people in it have the perspective to understand what that means.

The lament, “Arrrggghhh, I am dying!” is never about dying, it’s about I.

In fact, the Individual Ego does carry through from lifetime to lifetime, just not in the form that we expect it to, because we don’t see ourselves as a Whole, we see ourselves as mirrored by segments of our perceptions.  Seth advised that if we want to know who we really are, we can just play the movie of our life history, with all of it’s successes and frustrations and joys and dramas and traumas.  Of course we then have to take Responsibility for that, and few folks here know the difference between Responsibility (willingness to Accept what is in the present, and Respond so as to change the future when appropriate) and Blame (willingness to feel Guilt about the past).  We all know how the Individual Ego carries from lifetime to lifetime – Karma – but we in the West misinterpret Karma to imply retribution (Blame) rather than what it is, simply inertia.

How many of us actually Identify with our Karma, rather than see it as something pressing on us from the outside?  Yet that’s precisely how we come to Accept it exactly as it is, in order to create the field where Change is possible.  As long as our Karma is external to “us,” we deny the immortality of the Individual Ego and the impossibility of Death.  But of course, were we to actually understand the immortality of the Individual Ego, we would see how it’s not Individual at all, but simply one thread in a grander fabric, a thread of colors that make little sense when pulled out of it’s tapestry.  Except in the narrow mind, it’s always Both/And.  What we deny we push into the Unconscious, and the Unconscious is a quantum field.  It has no firm boundaries, and no fixed conclusions.  Like the Zero Point Field, it is the home of unlimited potential.  What a place!  If we could stand to live there.

There is Life after (Ego) Death, be sure of it.  How to recognize Ego Death, so we can accept it and celebrate it as the Liberation that it is?  Easy, it feels like we’re dying, or it feels like we’d rather die than go through that again.  When you experience those feelings, shift your Identification.  Be neither the perp nor the victim in that drama, be an observer.  If you aren’t a disinterested observer, tap out your engagement.  If that doesn’t work, tap it out again, and if that doesn’t work tap it out again.  And again.  We aren’t talking about drinking water here, we’re talking about limiting beliefs we’ve held for many lifetimes.  We’re highly identified with them, or they wouldn’t be giving us fits.  Don’t expect them to let go of us easily.  But on the other hand, don’t be surprised when they do let go of us – it’s nothing but our own fear of the Void that keeps us grasping them.  Be Curious, and expect Miracles.

Like Moths, or Angels with our Wings frozen, the mineral is Wollastonite, a Calcium Inosilicate.  We needed an Inosilicate, because in the Inosilicates the SiO4 Silicate ions are bound together as pairs, symbolizing our Conscious Identity and our Shadow or Mirror Self.  It’s not just that We Are All One in the sense that we are in this together, it’s that We Are All One in the sense that we are infinite, we encompass the Universe – but for practical reasons, we screen most of ourselves out, and pretend we are infinitesimally smaller than we really are.  So The Rest of Us, that plethora of Qualities and Quantities we call the Universe, is the hidden member of our ionic pair, complementing the little piece we’ve broken off to focus our Individual Identity.  Yet from the perspective of the Individual Ego, the Universe half often looks smaller than the Us half.

Wollastonite illustrates how we get trapped by making a habit of our focus and creating the inertia which becomes Karma, and get, literally, ossified, turned to bone, by the Calcium.  It’s neither good nor bad, it’s just the nature of This Reality.  As Alan Watts said, it’s a lot more difficult to clear our “Good” Karma than it is to clear our “Bad” Karma.  Identity is always sticky, like the Briar Patch.  Wollastonite also perfectly illustrates the consequence of accepting and clearing our Karma – like Br’er Rabbit, we get our wings back!

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