Would an Emerald Work?

Certainly Emerald would carry all of the healing properties that Goshenite carries, with a bit of added grounding from the Iron, plus a bit of strength of character from the Chromium.  If you want a deep, strong, bright, brilliant color in Wool, you cure your yarn with a Chromium salt.

I chose Goshenite though, because I was looking for a Clear or White Stone, like the Rock Crystal (Clear Quartz) above.  Identity and Mission merge or diverge through the Crown Chakra, the Clear White space that provides us with a Mirror for our Self Witness, even for a fearless and searching inventory of who we really are.  As measured by our actions and our effect on the Planet, as opposed to our self-judgements, good or ill.  And because it was a splattering of Milk from Juno’s Breast, spilt by the infant Hercules, that put the Milky Way in the Sky and the Lilies on the Planet.  And of course it could only be Zeus who tried to steal a drop of immortality for his illegitimate son Hercules, by putting the Bastard to his wife’s Breast while she slept.  Identity, Merging, Separation, Integrity, Perspective, Mortality, Assemblage Point, Mirroring, all symbolized by Juno.

So any Clear or White Stone would be relevant to the Identity and Soul Chord elements of the Day-5 New Moon and the currently culminating Grand Cross.  Emerald, the quintessential Stone of the Loving Heart (as opposed to Ruby, the Stone of the Fearless Heart), would be equally relevant to our need to be loving and gentle with ourself as our first priority.

Even White Opal, for the brave among us, would be a good Mirror.  Opal brings buried Emotion to the surface, which is exactly what we need to clear the Held Emotions that prevent us from sliding effortlessly from one Identity to the next.  I say brave because in ordinary circumstances such a Clearing could be painful, and call for some serious tapping.  But right now, near the End of Time, you’ll be surprised by how quickly Clearings such as these can pass.  We’ll spend more time dreading them than we will Passing them, though it still takes Courage to face the dread to find out.  On the other hand, it’s Milky Quartz that can just pull Held Emotion out of a person.  Hold it in your left or non-dominant hand.

Better to move toward Curiosity – be Curious and expect Miracles – with a Stone like Manganocalcite or Inesite.  They have the Power to open us to new experiences and new perspectives.  If you do move toward Opal, take a Ruby along, in Intention if not in person or in photo.

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