Our Old Friend Juno

Remember Juno, that symbolizes Identity?  We did a whole lotta Identity work a while back.  Identity’s more complicated than just Who Do You Think You Are?  Consciousness involves a lot more than just thinking, and of course Consciousness is just the “tip of the iceberg.”  I could weave alotta complex intellectualizations, but that’s not at all the point.  Just as Einstein said that you can’t solve a problem with the same thinking that postulated the problem, You can’t stretch into a new way of being with the same Identity that has been trying to run your life.

If you still haven’t been willing to read Stephen Levine’s Who Dies?, at least buy a copy, or check one out from your local library, or open a copy at a bookstore if there still is one near you, and just read a page or two at random.  Amazoo will sellya a used copy for $4, and that includes shipping.  If you can get hold of a copy for your nightstand or coffee table or breakfast nook, where you can open it and read a random page or two at random intervals, that’s enough to shift you.

The July 31 New Moon (beginnings) coincided with the beginning of Day 5.  After Day 5 (which ends August 17) there’s only two more Nights and two more Days to go on the Mayan Callemander, so time is running low.  You probably well know by now that a New Moon chart applies to the following four weeks, and in the July 31 New Moon chart, Juno was Opposing Uranus, which of course means it was Squaring Pluto.  Oppositions are about Awareness, and Uranus represents our Soul Chord, and as you recall Uranus recently did a huge new Century-Plus-Scale Download, so the opportunity here is to Leap forward many loops on the board without having to pass Go.  Squares are about gaining wisdom through experience, and Pluto represents Trance(re)Formation, expanding the opportunity exponentially.

The reason we bring this up now, is cuz that Juno-Uranus-Pluto T-Square is becoming “exact” – it was there at the New Moon, but it was a bit loose still, and now it’s tightening up.  In general, when affairs in your life don’t flow smoothly, it’s a sign that it’s time to switch to a new Identity, cuz your old Identity is tripping over the furniture in a Reality that was rearranged while you were napping.  You don’t want to hear that as a judgement, cuz here at the End-O’Days, we need alotta naps, and Reality thinks it’s a kaleidoscope, so being gentle and loving with ourself is first priority.  But that’s always a good way to respond to Confusion and Klutzhood, by PIAVAing (Pray or Intend or Ask or Visualize or Affirm) a new Identity that better matches the wallpaper.

Juno exactly Opposes Uranus in the early morning (PDT) on August 10, and exactly Squares Pluto in the morning (PDT) on August 13.  But, recall, we mentioned earlier that Mars gets involved with Uranus-Pluto around August 9-10.  Well, Mars did in fact complete the Grand Cross at the Day 5 New Moon.  A Grand Cross is four planets equally spaced around the Zodiac, making four Squares.  That actually gives us some stability, cuz the Juno-Uranus-Pluto T-Square, simply because it’s a T-Square, is inherently unstable.  A T-Square is three-fourths of a Grand Cross.  There is no “solution” to a T-Square, simply because a T-Square is not a “problem.”  But it definitely, always, feels like a problem!  Life is messy, and if we’re cursed with a need for Order, a T-Square can get terribly inconvenient.  While the Grand Cross asks for constant adjustments, at least it’s in balance.

So the Day 5 New Moon was actually a Mars-Juno-Uranus-Pluto Grand-Cross Day-5 New Moon.  Mars represents physical Energy, so it’ll be amplifying any dissonance between our current or Old Identity and the New Reality that’s unfolding around us and within us.  Separation is an illusion, a mass Trance.  We are, actually, All One.  Of course it’s Both/And, it’s always Both/And.  But when you ask What’s the Energy rather than What’s the Matter, there are no hard and fast boundaries.  As Above, So Below.  Those cliches, We Be All One, As Above So Below, and for that matter, All There Is Is Now, aren’t really cliches.  They’re the fundamental properties of the Universe that you spend much of your waking hours in.  The rest is mostly Trances of various kinds.

Mars exactly Opposes Uranus around 10am PDT on August 9, and exactly Squares Pluto around 10am PDT on August 10.  The Moon gets all tangled up in all this (the Moon is often the “actuator” for larger Cosmic Energies) from about 9-11pm PDT on August 9.  At any of the times we list, and before the times, the Energies could be enhanced, or not.  When we make opportunities into problems, we can get impaled on decisions.  For instance, suppose our Self-Rejection comes up on August 9.  Well, if it does, we have the option of responding as we do in Meditation – Oh, there’s my Self-Rejection again.  Hi!  Say Hi to Mom for me!  Or we could respond by allowing our Identity to slip into Self-Rejection – What a Rotten Apple Am I!

So let’s say we were about to do something really fun or really important, and we slipped into RottenAppleHood, and decided that we can’t do that.  Well, that decision will carry negative Mars-Uranus(-Juno-Pluto) Energy into the future.  Our Emotional Holding, which has the same effect in the body as Heavy Metals, got there through decisions like that.   If we responded with neutrality (Oh, Hi!), then the Energy will be finished by tomorrow morning, and we can go about our fun and important business unhindered.

The most useful thing I’ve found over the last several days, is that pushing through with volition is not very effective, compared to PIAVAing the Great Spirit (or God, The Universe, The Unconscious, The Goddess, or whatever name you usually address Her by) for what you want to accomplish.  So I’m PIAVAing the Great Spirit for help remembering to always PIAVA Her.

The magically glimmering fellow at the beginning of this contribution, the one that looks like a Wizard throwing his cloak across his chest, is a Goshenite crystal – essentially, a colorless Emerald.  The mineral name is Beryl, because it’s Beryllium Aluminum Cyclosilicate.  The Cyclosilicates are among the hardest minerals, cuz their Silicon atoms form tight rings, so they make good Gems.  Beryllium is of course element number 4 – only Hydrogen, Helium, and Lithium are lighter than Beryllium.  You know why the Angels can fly, eh?  Cuz they take themselves lightly.  The Beryls contribute that neutrality for us.  When mixed into Uranium, Beryllium improves thermal conductivity, making nucular fuel safer, more efficient, and longer lasting, cuz more heat gets to the turbine, and doesn’t build up to the meltdown stage.

When Beryl is relatively pure, you get Goshenite (clear) or Heliodor (yellow or yellow-green).  With a touch or Manganese, the resulting pink Beryl is called Morganite.  Add a bit of Iron, and Aquamarine (blue) results.  Mix in a little Chromium with the Iron, and you’re graced with an Emerald (green).

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