The Yods Are Good

Elizabeth says,

“Hey Jim; Could this have had anything to do with two extroarodinary yods in effect this week – the one involving Venus in 1 Leo, Juno in 1 Libra, with Neptune in 1 Pisces at the apex; and then Sun at the apex of another yod involving a sextile between Pluto and Chiron? Also the upcoming new moon is involved in yet another yod, and also Juno in 1 Libra opposed Ceres just after its retrograde station in 1 Aries. That’s a lot of planets in the first degrees of signs at the same time making a lot of interesting aspects!”

A “Yod” is what we usually call a “Finger of God,” a configuration consisting of three planets – two planets that are two signs apart, each five signs from the third planet, making a long narrow triangle, or, if you draw lines from the center of the chart to each planet, a “Y” or “Yod.”

Five signs make a “Quincunx” – that lovely planetary relationship that’s about Curiosity.  So a Finger of God or Yod is a fabulous configuration, signifying openings to completely new perspectives that can be extremely healing.  Remember what Einstein said – you can’t solve a problem using the same thinking that formulated the problem.  So Yods have the potential to make “problems” go away in a twinkling – Magic Is Afoot, in other words, when we locate our Curiosity!

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One Response to “The Yods Are Good”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Thanks, Jim and yes, against all odds, the yods were good. Activating my entire chart, they brought some interesting and unexpected developments. Time will tell.

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