Here’s where the US is headed.  And here’s a concise description of why the US is headed there.  Did we mention that the dollar you saved in 2001 is now worth 20 cents?

So let’s look at what Uranus Square Pluto means.  Pluto represents TransformationTrance Formation.  Pluto is the Long Wave, the eons of history that are long enough to make us think that this is just the way it is.  Till it ain’t anymore, and a new Trance Forms.  The 1950s Trance was painted by Liberace and Norman Rockwell, aka Norma..ll.  Neil Young painted the 1960s.  To the folks with big investments in Norma.ll, the 1960s were Evil, Chaos.  To the Young, the 1960s were a big exciting change from dad’s soulless job at the insurance company, even after dad took the T-Bird away.

We been living in a version of the 1950s, courtesy of Alan Greenspan’s and The Ben Bernank’s easy money.  And now we’re moving rapidly back into Evil, Chaos.  What were the Big Exciting Opportunities of the 1960s?  You could become a Rock Star, maybe, without even having to move to Nashville.  You could become an Engineer, and go to the Moon.  You could trip out so far that you never got back to know that you left.  The 1960s exploded with Opportunity, if you went to San Francisco and wore flowers in your hair.  If it feels like the Teens are Evil, Chaos, Scary, then you’re stuck in The Ben Bernank’s Bubble Machine.  The Opportunities are there.  What are they?

Then there’s the Square part – the Fourth Harmonic.  Four is about Dominion.  That’s Mastery, but through Challenge.  There is no room for perfectionism in the Fourth Harmonic; the field is too complex for tidy solutions.  The only success is through satisficing – making things tolerable, while continuing to try to tidy up the loose ends and stanch the bleeding.  If it grows Corn, you win.  Don’t worry about the size of the ears or the color of the kernels, or whether it’s ripe on time, or whether the Raccoons got there first and ate half of it.

Ah, yes, then there’s Uranus.  Uranus looks for all the World like Disruption when you’re in the 1950s Trance.  And looks for all the World like Integrity from the perspective of the 1960s Trance.  That’s one way to escape from Ben’s Bubble Machine – ask yourself, What is it that I’ve always wanted to do but never let myself do it?  Uranus doesn’t tolerate self-abandonment lightly.  Your Woodstock awaits, and there isn’t a lot of time left.

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