All the Important People

Quartz is the matrix that is the basic model that rocks follow.  Look through a microscope at a teaspoon of Sand from your favorite Beach, and what you’ll see is a sparkling forest of tiny Quartz crystals.  It’s what’s left when everything else has decayed around it, just the essence of Rock Energy.  It’s the perfect metaphor for intuition and intelligence – it casts a shadow, but with alotta Light getting through.  Each of our mitochondria has a direct connection to all of the Energy and Wisdom in the Universe, through the Zero Point Field.  But Emotional Holding and Toxic Chemistry can cloud this window, so less Light gets through.  We could go on for months about the symbolism of the Rose – this is Rose Quartz.  Suffice it to say that it means magnetism – the ability to draw to us that which we need.

Here’s an email I got today from Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks…

Marianne Williamson, Jack Canfield, Steven Covey, Michael Beckwith along with 18 other contributors – and your host, Lynne McTaggart – invite you to join them in creating a better country, a better world.

More than at any time, most feel that life isn’t fair.

People are losing their homes – while the mortgage brokers are back making massive bonuses

People are losing their jobs – while manufacturers set up shop in other parts of the world

People are losing social benefits, and are paying higher taxes – while those who created the financial mess, the bankers, are creaming off vast profits for themselves.

We know there has to be a better way – but what?  And what would it look like?

Some of the world’s foremost thought leaders are getting together for a very special summit to help shape a new blueprint for change, for a better, fairer world.

Through The Fairness Campaign Summit you will have the chance to explore with these speakers, experiencing their insights practices, techniques and tactics. They will be showing you how to apply this important information to activate in your life RIGHT NOW…

We have Jack Canfield, Steven Covey and Ivan Misner discussing fairness from the perspective of Business.

Marianne Williamson and Michael Bernard Beckwith will be offering their perceptions on Spirituality.

Barbara Marx Hubbbard will be discussing the future of evolution, Jean Houston conversing on our country, with Janet Attwood on passion, and us, Gay and Katie Hendricks, providing insights on relationships.

Arjuna Ardagh, Hale Dwoskin, Paul Scheele, Marci Shimoff, Katherine Woodward Thomas, Eric Pearl, David Gruder, Bobbi De Porter, James O’Dea and Don Beck will be pitching in on topics of divine purpose, human genius, happiness, healing, woman, children and peace, all around the theme of fairness.

Hosting these special 21 days is best-selling author Lynne McTaggart, whose very latest book, The Bond, is setting the agenda for this change.

Lynne – and all her special guests – want you to join them at no charge, for this series of shows and classes that is setting itself the ambition of nothing less than a new and fairer world.

They all believe that YOU have a unique and important role to play in the major changes that are taking place right now on our planet and in human evolution.

What matters is not the isolated entity, but the space between things, the relationship of things — The Bond.

Ifya want, you can register for the free 21-day adventure at

Now, Lynne still thinks she’s in the 1950s, so as soon as you register you’ll be hit by an overwhelming barrage of advertisements for her stuff.  Not that her stuff ain’t good – her books are World-Changing – and we need to focus on her generosity in hosting the free assembly of All the Important People.  But it’s a task to try to thread your way through her internet equivalent of TV yelling at us.  She hasn’t figured out yet that we don’t have any of the money anymore cuz the Bankers and the Koch Brothers are taking it all, so she still thinks she has to yell a lot to maintain her own lifestyle.

But once you register, unless yer curious, you can just ignore the barrage, as the email you’ll get from Jennifer McLean a few minutes later will tell you all ya needs to know.  It works like the Tapping World Summit – they release an audio file every day, which remains available for 48 hours, then disappears.  You can choose to listen or no to each one, and if ya like ’em, you can buy a copy later.

When you’re working with Lynne, be careful what you ask for, cuz ya might get it.  As I’ve mentioned before, she once led a worldwide campaign to focus Attention on ending a civil war, and it worked.  The majority simply massacred the minority, and presto, no more civil war.  I recommend that one never PIAVA (pray/intend/ask/visualize/affirm) without also PIAVAing a loving and gentle release and a loving and gentle outcome.  It’s dangerous to ask for “Fair” (as All the Important People are doing with this adventure), because Justice is usually spelled JustUs – the losers don’t write the history books.

But “Fair” is definitely a worthwhile concept to explore within yourself.  Are we genuinely Neutral, or is there some Anger or Revenge lurking beneath the surface?  There may be some tappable histories there.  Remember that nothing changes until you can accept it exactly as it is, without rancor of any sort.  It’s counter-intuitive, but when yer Neutral, things usually change on their own, magnetically, and if they don’t, Neutrality makes them lot easier to work on.  Without Neutrality, you are unconsciously holding the current Reality in place.  For the sake of the rest of us, we all need to let that go!

And to be clear, Lynne’s books (The Field, The Intention Experiment, The Bond) are fabulous.  They are lucid introductions to a World behind the curtain that most of us would hardly ever encounter, but a World which is absolutely full of levers and switches to change the one we live in.  Next, Lynne needs to write a book on the the Ego and the Unconscious; she’s a good student and a great writer, and the wisdom that Alan Watts and Carl Jung and Edgar Cayce and Jose Silva and Shakti Gawain and Stephen Levine and Fritz Perls and Starhawk provide would fill the hole in her work so far.

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