Bitterroot, or Lewisia, named after Merryweather Lewis of Lewis & Clark fame, gave it’s name to the Mountains that separate Montana from Idaho.  Well, actually the real Bitterroot flowers are often white; these are a showier close cousin.  Bitterroot is the Shoshone word for Dragon – the jewel-collecting fire-breather with roots deep in history.  The Violence and Plunder doesn’t end till the roots are cleared of their bitter taste.  It asks each of us to take Personal Responsibility for rooting out and clearing our hidden role in the Violence and Plunder.

Orb is the name that astrologers use to indicate “slop” or “margin of error” or “sphere of influence.”  When one planet crosses another, they’re typically “exact” – in the same place or the same longitude – for only a short period of time.  But the psychological and circumstantial effect of an astroevent normally last considerably longer.  Hence the concept of “Orb.”  If you’re looking at a “transit,” where one planet in real time crosses a specific angle to another planet, you expect the influence to last as long as the angle is within “Orb.”  Still sounds confusing to me, so let’s take an example.

For transits, one degree of Orb is often considered to be useful.  So, when we’re looking at the impending Square of Uranus to Pluto (ie, 2012, ie, the 60s Becoming Permanent), we expect to begin feeling the Energy of this event once Uranus gets within one degree of exactly squaring Pluto.  During the first week of August 2011, just after Day 5 of the Callemander (ruled by the Lord of the Light) begins, Uranus is one degree and one minute from squaring Pluto – that is, right on the edge of being “within Orb.”  In other words, it’s time to start looking for Uranus-Pluto effects, because these will become the major trend of 2012-2015 and beyond.

Uranus, recall, just turned Retrograde, so it’s traveling backwards very slowly as it accelerates.  Pluto is already Retrograde, and it’s slowing down in order to turn Direct in mid-September.  So after their week at 1 degree and 1 minute of Separation, they move further apart again.  By the end of 2011, they’re back to six and a half degrees apart, and they won’t be back “within 1 degree of Orb” of their Square until early June 2012.  So we’re getting some early hints about what we’re likely to encounter next (northern) summer (southern winter), when Uranus Energy hits the Pluto Fan.

The most obvious flack occurring currently, other than the demise of the Euro, is the whole Debt Ceiling Soap Opera.  Well, the same Soap Opera was actually a prominent part of the 60s, even though not many folks were talking about it then.  LBJ believed he could do both “Guns and Butter” – build his “Great Society” and bomb Vietnam back into the Stone Age at the same time.  We’re still under the domain of the God of War and Rain until July 31.

Dubya  and Obomba are really trying to do the same.  They both support a warped version of their own “Great Society” for a few – massive giveaways to Big Pharma (Dubya’s Medicare Part D) and to Big Bankers (Dubya’a and Obomba’s TARP) and to the Wealthy in general (their shared tax cuts for the rich), while greatly expanding their own overseas Empire-building adventures (Iraq and Afghanistan, and Spain and Ethiopia and Bohemia, er, I mean Libya, and Yemen, and …).  Like Paul Farrell points out, when you live in a country that has a near-monopoly on Hi-Tech Violence, War is the best jobs-creation and vote-getting machine there is.

Although the City Councils of many prominent cities, and the National Council of Mayors, have written to Obomba saying it’s time to get serious about throwing all that money at foreign wars when there is no money for shoelaces or Broccoli at home, the Corporate Media hasn’t given it an inch of airtime.  It’ll be interesting to see if the topic scratches the surface of the Newsosphere over the next few weeks.

It’s in Europe where the classic 60s battle is acting out, with the Greeks and other Mediterraneans playing the laissez-faire role of the Hippies, and the Germans and French playing the role of the Lawn Order end of things.  A parallel from the 60s would be the East German control freaks using the Berlin Wall to try to keep the laissez-faire Capitalists on the other side of town from polluting their socialist paradise.  Interesting that it’s a Physicist who grew up on the control side of the Wall leading the Northern European control vendetta against those lazy, er, I mean laissez-faire Mediterraneans.  Her French counterpart was born in Paris the year before the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, the son of an exiled Hungarian aristocrat father and a French-Greek mother.  Busy, busy, busy.

There are a number of times when the Moon triggers the budding Uranus-Pluto Energy.  These are great times to watch for events of relevance.  They include 5-9 pm PDT on July 20, 1-4 am PDT on July 28, 9am-noon PDT on August 3, and August 9-10 from 7am PDT on 8/9 till 10pm PDT on 8/10, when Mars joins the action.  On August 17 (when Uranus-Pluto is lit up from midnight-3am PDT), Night 5 of the Callemander begins.  Night 5 is ruled by the Lord of Darkness.

There’s an added rubbing of salt, or a window of opportunity for Consciousness, depending on yer perspective, on August 1-2, as Mercury (Awareness) is Standing Still (Strong), preparing to turn Retrograde at 9pm PDT on August 2.   Mercury remains Retro until August 26, spanning in the process 2 degrees of Virgo through 19 degrees of Leo.  This is basically the Aries Decanate (last third) of Leo, when Leo, by virtue of proving that their schtick is to promote others more than themselves, has earned the right to self-determination.  The cusp of Virgo, meanwhile, is the place where the Individual Ego begins to learn to Surrender to the Greater Will of the accumulated Other.

So there is some opportunity there for the Preachers to begin to learn to Listen.  Not easy to do while you’re drinking too much Tea, but the opportunity is there.  A few of those who are confusing the Fascist Agenda with the Popular Will might open their eyes here; the rest will probably (in the best of all possible Worlds, at least) step into the Political equivalent of concrete booties.

Bitterroot, recall, is the Shoshone word for Dragon – the jewel-collecting fire-breather with roots deep in history.  The Violence and Plunder doesn’t end till the roots are cleared of their bitter taste.  Bitterroot asks each of us to take Personal Responsibility for rooting out and clearing our hidden role in the Violence and Plunder.  The root has magical powers, and can stop a Bear from attacking.

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