The God of Rain and War

We do badly need some Rain here; we haven’t had a good soaker since mid-May.  Just as long as it doesn’t turn cold again.  The War we can do without.  Night 4 doesn’t look too bright, though.

I can only hope Gerald Clemente’s vision of our near future is a bit too dark…

but I sure don’t have any counter-arguments.

I haven’t finished Frank Rich’s article ( yet, don’t even know the man, but Matt Taibi’s review of it tells a story about Uncle Barrack that sounds waaay too on the money…

and I sure don’t have any counter-arguments for that either.

And didja know that almost 20% of the IMF bailouts of Greece are paid by youall – US taxpayers?  Know what happens to those funds?  They rescue Greek  hotel owners and former Dancing Queens from hard times, right?  Er, no, it goes to the bankers and hedgefunders who bought – and are still buying – Greek debt, the same bankers and hedgefunders who brung us the 2008 Crash, and who your tax monies have been making whole since.  God forbid, just because they made a bad (or fradulent) investment, that they not get paid in full.  Kinda makesya sick, to think that Gerald may well be right.

Of course we need to add a grain of salt when we read what the Germans have to say about the Greeks, but…,1518,772176,00.html,1518,772260,00.html

And then there’s the Ag Cartel, and yer Food Bill, ifyer lucky enough to have one…

Now, I don’t wanna bum ya out, but ya just can’t keep yer head in the Sand.  Woulda been great to have turned this fascist Juggernaut around in the 1980s, but we were all too charmed by Ronnie to notice his hand on our wallets.  Not that LBJ was a better thief; he was just a lot less charming.

Day 5 starts on the last day of July, so maybe August will feel a little more hopeful.

The Stone is called Pietersite, though it has alotta other names too, like Tiger Eye, Hawk’s Eye, Crocidolite, Riebeckite, depending on whoya talk to.  In general, while it’s not official (common names are just that), the name Pietersite is usually used when both Tiger Eye (red or brown or yellow) and Hawk’s Eye (blue) are found in the same Rock.  It’s a Sodium Iron (Magnesium) Inosilicate Hydroxide – the Crocidolite or Riebeckite is the blue Iron-Hydroxide threads.  They look so luscious cuz they’re embedded in Quartz or Feldspar, like the Copper or Iron in a Sunstone.


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