That’s Uranus Talkin’ Atcha

That’s pronounced Yer’-ann-us, just so’s there’s no confusion.  You know my Party Line about the three traditional Outer Planets – since we’re talking about the Unconscious, Heads are Tails and Tails are Heads – ya gotta focus on the Coin.  They’re about Disruption (Uranus), Confusion (Neptune), and Deconstruction (Pluto), and about Integrity (Uranus), Clarity (Neptune), and TranceFormation (Pluto).  It’s easy to say ya get the first three characteristics whenya look through Material Eyes, and the last three whenya look through Spiritual Eyes, and in general, that’s a pretty useful metaphor.

They’re likely to Disrupt whatever is outa Integrity inyer Life, Confuse you wherever your priorities and motives are Unclear, and Deconstruct any old Trances that are obsolete and in need of Reformation.  We all operate on Trances, alla time, so don’t try to kid yerself about being immune.

So tomorrow, July 9, at about half past 5pm PDT, Uranus Stands Still, and then goes Retrograde for the next six months or so.  So by now you’ve gotten ample information about what’s outa integrity in yer Life.  The hardest things to recognize are the most important, and the most central to our Lives, closest to our Essence.  So ifyer still sufferin’, that’s good, it means yer onto some really really Core Issues.  You just gotta remember we’re talking way way up above the plane where the Ego operates – if the Unconscious was a Satellite, the Ego would be a Kite.  Yes, a Kite all dolled up to look smashing!  But for the right angle and weather and a glint from the Sun, you’d never even see the Unconscious.

It is very possible to work with the Unconscious, but there are rules.  As Ursula would put it, The Rules Change in the Reaches.  And how true that is!  First, there is no Cause and Effect; that’s an artifact of Linear Time, which is a mass Trance.  With the Callemander winding down, that Trance could be due for Reformation, eh?  Night Four (Rain & War) begins July 12.  Second, of course no Either/Or or Contradiction.  That happens in the mechanical mind, which doesn’t even operate at the Kite level, more like the Hip Pocket level – the Ego’s smarter than the mechanical mind.  The Unconscious is totally and competely Both/And.  The Third Rule is that you kneel before the Unconscious and humbly Ask it to share its plans with you, you don’t petition it to preserve or create any particular realities.  It’ll replace you with a Walk-In inna minute if you get too uppity – don’t think it hasn’t happened before!

Not that the Unconscious is nasty – that’s Freudian Old-Testament Firebreather Trash, er, I mean Trance, that some of yer ancestors got stuck on and never could figure out how to break out of.  I think they kinda liked the illusions of Power and Order.  Ifyer trapped in onea those, just pray for a Rapture so you can start over cleanly.  There’s NOTHING that the Unconscious loves more than your commitment to cooperate with it!!  It has plans that are gonna happen whatever, and it’s a lot easier to ride shotgun than to try to fight for the steering wheel or cower in the back seat.  It needs Trust, and that’s about Faith, and that’s gonna be your major contribution.  Sure, you’ll be chipping in for the gas, but you won’t even notice that.

While Uranus represents the most personal region of the Unconscious, even there, personal doesn’t mean anything like yer Ego imagines (Wow, I’m really special! or Hoo, I yam sheet!).  It just means that the Uranus region of the Unconscious is more about yer own Soul Chord than anyone else’s.  Of course, yer Twigmates aren’t far off, but they have their own Twigs.  Not at all a lonely place, it’s permeated with all-knowing, non-judging Unconscious Energy, and inhabited by Angels.

So first thing “we” (the Ego) gotta do, is Surrender.  Not give up (though that’ll work too), but give over.  I know yer reading time is limited, but in Truth or Dare Starhawk does such a fabulous job of describing the difference between Power Over and Power With, that you’ll never regret looking it up.  I mean, gawrsh, it’s only a chapter, and I’m not even asking you to read Who Dies? in this issue – though of course you’d be infinitely happier ifya did.  It is terribly relevant.

You can call yer Unconscious whatever you like – Fred, or Connie, or God, or Great Big Me, or Higher Self, or Faraway Winker.  But you do wanna talk to It/Him/Her.  Let ‘Em know you’re declaring the intention to cooperate with whatever They have in mind for you next – you know the story, Curiosity, and Expect Miracles.  If there’s anything you really don’t want, like Pain, or Lackawanna, or Bigtime Hassles, just let ‘Em know.  They ain’t out to torture you – that’s your childhood programming that believes in No Pain No Gain.  The way the Universe really works is Big Grace Big Gains, but ya gotta Intend it, or it’ll pass ya by while you aren’t looking.  You could use something like,

I dedicate myself to collaborating with the Unconscious in Grace (though I have no idea what that means!), rapidly, completely, lovingly, and gently.

Then just distract yourself with something pleasant, and leave the rest up to Them.  Believe me, They’re up to the task!

Ain’t that Peacock Ore just lovely as a fine feathered Ego?  It’s usually a mixture of Bornite and Chalcopyrite, which are both Sulfides of Copper and Iron.  Those combinations can produce just about any reflection color imaginable!  And Copper has just as many hypercritical uses in the Body, from maintaining cells, nerves, bones, joints, to facilitating antioxidant reactions and the Body’s use of Iron.  Not exactly a precious metal (costing about 10% of the cost of Silver), Copper comes close (sharing the same bed in the Periodic Table with Silver and Gold), and has been used for adornment since forever.  It’s called “Dr. Copper” because it’s price tells you exactly how excited the World Economy is, cuz nothing industrial happens without Copper.

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