June and July

Well, we have the end of QE2 on June 30, the Moon Occults (passes in front of, so as to hide – “occult” means “hidden”) Venus on June 30 (half-past midnight PDT), the Moon partially Occults (ie, Eclipses) the Sun on July 1 (just before 2am PDT), Uranus Stands Still and then turns Retrograde on July 9, and Night 4 (ruled by the God of Rain & War) of the Mayan Callemander begins on July 12.  Meanwhile, China has offered to buy – er, I mean, bail out – Europe!

So it’s a fabulous time to become aware (occultation) of the places in your life where you’re out of synch with your own Values (Venus) and your True Self (Uranus), so you can PIAVA (Pray for/Intend/Ask for/Visualize/Affirm) Grace-full changes to your life that will bring you more into harmony and integrity and congruity, while the option is easier (ie, Uranus is still Direct).  Don’t forget to also PIAVA a loving and gentle and rapid and complete release of everything that’s hindered your harmony and integrity and congruity up till now.  Your Old Programming could easily War With or Rain On your PIAVAs if you forget to add Grace and Ease to the mix.  And y’know, it doesn’t hurt at all to tap while you’re doing your PIAVAs.  In fact, if you haven’t already tried it, you could be amazed at how effective that is!

I wouldn’t aim for harmony integrity congruity with the old right-brain/dynamic techniques of deciding, planning, and acting.  If you do that, your Old Programming will be doing the deciding and planning.  Instead, you want your New Soul Chord to be doing the work, for which you need left-brain/magnetic techniques like PIAVAing, because only your New Soul Download has the sufficient scope and perspective, and, for all of us, most of the New Download is still occult.  We’ll be manifesting this Download in stages over the next fifty years.  Only then shall we fully understand.  The Glass is still quite darkly.

Meanwhile, here’s some entertainment…

A great meditation by Carol Tuttle;

Some clarification on the Economic Reality;

A bit of additional perspective on the European Situation;

Some interesting hearsay: “I was at a party not too long ago with a bunch of young people, and we were talking about some topic that was mildly controversial, and one of them said, ‘I’d love to look up more about that online, but I don’t want it to be part of my permanent search record.’  So, the youth of America already have it in their heads that anything they do online is being monitored and will be in their search records forever and accessible to the government”;

A long interview with Edwin Vieira, the guy who related the hearsay;

And a very entertaining two-year-old repartee between Jon Stewart and Christine Lagarde.


Didja know that every Flower is cohabited by a Fairy?  RJ Stewart, a life-long student of Celtic traditions, says that this Planet will be “saved” only by a coalition of Humans, Fairies, and Critters, and it won’t be the Humans leading the way, cuz they don’t got sufficient scope and perspective.  The Fairies and all their many Cousins live in a Dimension that is closely intertwined with this one.  Mostly They withdraw just beyond the Veil, cuz Hey, you would too if you didn’t get no respect.  But they are There – that is, Here – and every Flower is a portal to their Dimension – or that is, the occult Soft Power Wing of our own Dimension.  No better way to start getting to know the Fairies, than to just say “Hi Sweetheart!” to every Flower you pass.  One day, when you start to believe it again, you’ll get a response!

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