I Can’t Believe Rupert Lets This Stuff Out!

But he does…

http://www.marketwatch.com/story/rip-reaganomics-revolution-1981-2011-2011-05-31?link=MW_story_populara .

Now, are Paul and I just being depressing?

“Open the pod bay doors, HAL.

“I can’t do that, Dave.”

The Age of Easy Money supposedly ends June 30, and though this particular ending is mostly symbolic, some folks may take it as a pretty serious cymbal.  The stock market’s a leading indicator of economic activity, and it’s still going up, right?  Hmmm.  What would happen if we priced the stock market in ounces of Gold instead of Dollars?

Eclipses illuminate by helping us notice the absence of what we been taking for granted.  Our two partial Solar Eclipses, on June 1 (today at 2pm PDT, visible from Lapland) and on July 1 (visible from just off the northern coast of Antarctica) occur at 12 Gemini and 10 Cancer.  Gemini 12 is

“A minority woman fights for her rights,”

and Cancer 10

“A small naked girl leans over a pond trying to catch a fish.”

Vulnerability, eh?  A pretty clear picture of the need for the Feminine to rise, to bring the Planet back into balance, Sarah Palin excepted.  And Her willingness to Act to do so.  Maybe we’ll notice the absence of Feminine Power, and respond accordingly?

The Lunar Eclipse on June 15 is Total, happening at 25 Sagittarius.  Which puts the Sun at 25 Gemini – a Lunar Eclipse is an Opposition after all.  25 Sadge is

“A chubby lad on a hobby horse”

and 25 Gem is

“A gardener trimming large Palm Trees.”

So now we get the masculine side, one working to keep Ma Dirt tidy, and the other fantasizing about riding the range.  Oppositions also illuminate, but by contrast rather than absence.  We’re contrasting play with work, youth with adulthood, hobby with vocation, chubby with trim, lumber with a living Tree, and Identity-by-fantasy with Identity-by-occupation.

The Solar Eclipses bracket the Lunar.  So we have a rising of Feminine Power examining and reorganizing how Male Energy acts upon the World.  That sounds potentially quite useful.  How depressing is that?


One Response to “I Can’t Believe Rupert Lets This Stuff Out!”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Hi Jim; I think you’ve given the Sabian symbol for 9 degrees of Cancer, not 10. 10 Cancer is “a large diamond in the first stages of the cutting process;” “the arduous training for perfection in order to fully manifest and ideal;” and CRAFTMANSHIP, according to Rudhyar. And the July 1st solar eclipse will feature a virtual replay of last summer’s grand cross in the cardinal signs, eh?

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