Coupla Things to Think About…

…this week.

The worst mistake you can make on this here Planet is to Identify with your Human Suit. 

Not just your physicality, but your mentality, your emotionality, and your Spirituality.  What, not Identify with our Spirituality?  Right.  Nobody here has a concept of Spirituality that comes close to approximating the Energy you are.  Or aren’t.  Individuality is the biggest illusion we suffer under, and it’s the prime source of the mismatch we’re always encountering between the way we [know,think,feel,sense] it should oughta be and the way it is.

How do you respond when you’re confronted with a parallel life?

That’s likely to be pretty popular this week, and each time, it’s a fabulous opportunity to Identify with a piece of yerself that you usually reject.  What’s a parallel life?  Well, we often think of it as a past life, cuz we’re so tranced into linear time.  But All There Is, Is Now.  When the Veil (Neptune) falls away completely, then the illusion of Time does too.  Without Time, there is no Cause and Effect.  Can you even conceive of a World without the Great God Causan Defect?  Well, then how would things be related?  You could try on Intention.  You could try on Desire.  You could try on Fear and Loathing.

Hmmm, kinda similar to our concepts of Heaven and Hell, aint it.  Interesting.  If it’s Both/And then it’s All True.  Maybe, if Time is gonna stop later this year when the Mayan Callemander runs out, it’d be good to explore the edges of our Fears and Loathings so we can tap out as much of that territory as we can before it’s too late.

Do you recognize it when you’re confronted with a parallel life?

It’s not that hard, really.  Many of us know deja vu all too well.  Or when an (any) Emotion, good or bad, is out of proportion to its triggers.  How about any memory, or any sense of regret, or any sense of obligation – if All There Is Is Now, then yer Childhood memories are really parallel lives.  So are your Agreements and your Commitments and your Aggravations.  What happens to Agreements when there is no Time?  And of course there’s beside oneself, out of sorts, not myself, Dreams, Daydreams, Sleep, Fantasies, Wishes, Druthers, Shouldas, Wouldas, Couldas, WhatifIdas, WhatWouldJesusDos, Regrets, and a host of other feelings and thoughts and sensations and trances where we spend a few moments or a few hours or a few lifetimes out of the intuitive Present Moment.

Lotsa great opportunities this week.  We don’t want to show up for the most important moment of our lives without having done our homework.  That’s what we’ll be doing if we don’t understand what the Game is about.  The Game on this Planet is Identity.  Play with it, have fun with it, imagine letting go of yours, try on others, see how far you can get without one.

What if your worst self-judgments were absolutely true?  That’s Identity, aint it.  It’s a loop, as long as we’re in a Body, feelings will be firing, thoughts thinking, sensations tapping us on the shoulder.  They all demand a response, and how can you respond without an identity?  Gosh, what if everyone acted intuitively, without forethought or intention, every moment.  Can you imaging the chaos?  It wouldn’t be safe to go outa yer house.  Who’s house?  What’s a house?  Without Identity or Time, would there be definitions and distinctions?

Can we talk about this, Dave?

as HAL said.  Maybe a good time to see that movie again, eh?

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