The Clarion of Confusity Rings Out

Next Friday (June 3), Neptune goes retrograde, in the first degree of Pisces.  So we’re likely to become more introspective till November.  Neptune’s a heavy dude, running very deep.  The simplest keywords for Neptune are Confusion and Clarity.  Confusion when you’re looking at the Material World, and Clarity when you’re looking at the World of Spirit or Energy.  We can expect to be pretty spacey till Friday, since our Attention will be directed into other realms.  So will everybody else’s, so don’t expect that just because the other guy has a Stop sign, that means he’s gonna stop.  I used to hang out with a student of Michael Harner’s, and when she was driving and another car came up to Stop sign perpendicular to the road she was on, she would point at the car and say “Stay!”  Worked every time.

Neptune’s been in Pisces since very early April.  Neptune rules Pisces, so Neptune in Pisces is, virtually, coming home.  All this Rapture talk is right on.  Coming home to who we really are, to where we really belong, to Authenticity.  Of course that means that everywhere we’re inauthentic will be lit up, eh?  You been feeling that, I know.  No need to pretend you haven’t.  Of course, you may not be recognizing it as that, you may be experiencing it as other folks beating up on “you,” if “you” continue to look through the eyes of the one you became to make them happy (or get them off yer back) instead of the eyes of who you really are.  We aint been doing all this Identity work fer nothin’.

Pisces is Water, and Neptune is Spirit, so that in itself can be confusing, till you notice that Spirit and Emotion are opposite sides of the same coin.  And you don’t want to focus on the opposite sides part of that, you want to focus on the same coin part of it.  You’ll never understand either Emotion or Spirit by looking through the Mind.  It’s the Mind that sees duality where in Truth only Unity resides.  Great entertainment, that duality, but worthless for comprehension.  We sometimes forget that Emotion covers Ecstasy as much as it covers Despair.  The belief that Spirit understands only Ecstasy and not Despair is what religions teach you to try to get you to play on their team.

In August, Neptune slides back into Aquarius.  It turns direct again in November, then returns to Pisces in early February.  So we can expect Clarity (on the part of the Protest) and Confusion (sold to us by the Old Order – Aquarius – that’s being rejected) at least till February.  Here’s a bit of excellent prognostication on that subject…

Sodalite is a Tektosilicate – Silicates come in a variety of crystal structures, and in the Tektosilicates or Tectosilicates the Silicate ions form a 3-dimensional network.  Silicate ions can also crystalize singly (Nesosilicates, like Garnet), in pairs (Sorosilicates, like Tanzanite), in chains (Inosilicates, like Kunzite), in rings (Cyclosilicates, like Emerald), in sheets (Phyllosilicates, the Micas), or in networks.  The Tektosilicates include Quartz, Feldspar, and the Zeolites.  Sodalite is Sodium Aluminum Tektosilicate Chloride.  Throw in some Calcium and a pinch of Sulfur, and you’d have Lapis.

The Tektosilicates, Sodalite included, are so good at healing because the 3-dimensional network traps things.  The Zeolites have such nice traps that they’re used industrially to purify powders.  If you want to pull, say, the Chromium ions out of a mineral powder, you choose a Zeolite with just the right trap size to hold a Chromium ion, mix it with the powder, then pull out the Zeolite.  Sodalite’s famous for being able to trap wayward and unwanted Emotions.  The Stone in the picture is Indigo Sodalite, or just Indigo, which is particularly good at it.  As Indigo absorbs Emotion, it changes color.  It’s cleared by burying it for a while.

While color in minerals is caused by light bouncing around in the spaces between the ions in the crystal lattice, and not by the elemental composition per se, the spaces are influenced by the size of an ion of the elements, so there is a correlation between elements and colors – but it’s a correlation, not a causation.  Stones with Aluminium prominent often appear Blue.  Indigo, of course, is associated with the Third Eye, or Intuition, or Clarity.  When thine eye be single, thy whole body is also full of light, as Matthew put it.  Held Emotion clouds our Intuition.  Aquarius rationalizes held Emotion; Pisces clears it.  At this point in the history of this particular Universe, go for the clearing, and give it all ya got, Scotty!

Denial don’t help nobody, so when you look into the future and see calamity, own up to the Fear, and tap it out.  When you’re grounded again, and notice that folks are helping one another, as they always do in calamities, focus on what’s most important to you.  If you only got to keep two or three qualities, what would they be?  Maybe Safety, Trust, and Enough Food?  Or maybe furniture, an SUV, and a plasma TV?  As the Planet has already shown us in Japan, Missouri, Alberta, Alabama, Syria, Libya, Wall Street, Memphis, Los Angeles, and a lot of other places, the trend may well be leaning toward calamity.  You could lose a lot of things, and you could lose some loved ones.  Focus on loss, imagine losing what you really love, and feel that Grief, as genuinely as you can, for a few minutes before you tap it out.  There is a lot of very appropriate Grief on the airwaves, so it shouldn’t be hard to pick up on.

Feeling the Fear and Grief in your body, then tapping them out, will help others, and will help bring you around to Gratitude.  If we PIAVA (pray-intend-affirm-visualize-ask for) when we’re in Fear or Grief, that’s exactly what we’re helping to create.  If our Fear or Grief (or Anger or Despair or Shame) is unconscious, that’s even worse.  We can PIAVA all the good things on the Planet to no avail.  If we can come around to Gratitude and Grace, and then PIAVA, now yer talkin’!  A powerful healer we know enlisted a group to PIAVA Peace in a Land that had known ethnic violence for many years.  It worked – that Land now has Peace.  It also now has only one ethnic group; the others are all dead.  Back in the 60s we used to say, Be careful what you ask for!  It may be even more important to suggest, Be careful how you ask!

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