Ant and Grasshopper make a prominent theme these days.  Lotsa “Why can’t they…” [just be carbon copies of me].  Or rather, “Why can’t they…” [just please my mother the way I’ve worked so hard to do all my life].  It’s a funhouse mirror for “Why couldn’t the significant adults in my childhood have just let me be myself, instead of who they demanded I be.”  So the first task is to own the projection.  When Gandhi suggested that we Be the Change We Wish to See in the World, he was speaking to precisely this aspect of projection.  We judge in others that which we reject in ourselves.

If it were possible to see this phenomenon without Blame, we could postulate that we, on the “Soul Level,” choose our programmers to set up issues for us to have to deal with.  Again it’s the difference between on the one hand rote learning, so we know all the multiple-choice answers (Taxes No! Government No! Freedom to Rip Off Everybody Like the Banks Are Doing Yes!), and on the other hand experience that leads to Wisdom (Hmmm, maybe Compassion is useful after all).  Our judgments of others are an open doorway to our own Core Issues, should we choose to accept our responsibility to raise our Consciousness through self-examination.

Welcome to Day 3 of the Mayan Callemander.  Night 2 began with a major descent into nationalism, and Day 3 also begins with a big Obama speech, this time defending the rights of “those who are reaching for their rights” as long, of course, as it doesn’t interfere with the rights of the Banks.  Whatever his virtues and vices, the man has good timing.

If you have any important communications you need to make, do it today and tomorrow.  Mercury (Mind, Communication) has been traveling side-by-side with Venus (Grace, Beauty, Magnetism) since May 6, but that ends tomorrow, May 20.  After that, if we make it past the Rupture, Venus abandons her philosophical buddy, for a fling at passion with her physical buddy, Mars.  A new Venus-Mars cycle begins every two years.  The Venus-Mars cycle defines our relationships, for sure, but it also defines our emotional approach to the World in general.

Venus represents the Magnetic, Mars the Dynamic.  Venus pulls toward, Mars takes.  The whole PIAVA thing, from Shakti Gawain on, is a Venus deal.  There’s only one word for someone who still believes that the World needs more Mars – Muskrat!  Mars is Ant, Venus is Grasshopper.  Yes, Grasshopper can crash the World – when it needs cleansing.

 The problem with judgment is that you’re usually asking someone else to change their Stripes.  If you’re severe enough, you might change someone else’s behavior, but you’re never going to change their character.  This about the significant adults in your own kidhood – they tried to mold your behavior and repress your character, and the only result was to strengthen your character.  You may not have woken up to that, but this would be an opportune moment.  Power might win a battle, but Multiversity wins the wars.

 We’ve all just received a very powerful New Soul Chord Download, and with a budding Fourth Harmonic to Pluto, It will not be repressedDon’t waste your energy trying to bend other people to your will.  Accept who they are, appreciate how their skills complement yours, and move on together as a team.  Survival depends on it.

The Venus-Mars cycle that’s ending began in April 2009 in the last degree of Pisces.  In other words, the last two years, in terms of our relationships and our emotional responses to the World, has been about Finishing Business.  Not just in the usual Pisces sense of clearing out Karma, but in the last degree sense of Dealing with the Final Details, dotting the t’s and crossing the eyes.  The symbol for the last degree of Pisces is

What you admired as a child is the Light that guides you as you get older.

Really, the last two years has been about nothing except preparing us for the new Soul Chord Download.

The new Venus-Mars cycle begins, here in “Hell,” on Monday May 23.  The symbol is A Red Cross Nurse.  In other words, now that we appreciate who We really are and who They really are, and we’ve stopped trying to twist each other into our own warped images, we’ll be spending the next two years triaging and repairing our relationships with other people and the World.

Indicolite is Blue Tourmaline, though it’s more often Blue-Greenish than true Blue.  Blue-Greenish energy is High Heart energy, Thymus energy.  The Thymus provides immune protection during adolescence, then retires.  Blue-Green energy helps us hold our space during periods of rapid growth and change.  It’s the line between compassion (Heart, Green) and communication (Throat, Blue), sortofa I hear you, but with all due respect, Sir/Miss, that’s you, not me.  Like I’m rubber and you’re glue, but more diplomatic.

Tourmaline is Sodium Lithium Aluminum Borocyclosilicate.  Boron is a magical healer – just ask anyone with a vineyard or a wounded mucus membrane.  Lithium is calming.  Lithium and Boron are the third- and fifth-lightest of the elements, inviting Levity.  Sodium, the next-heaviest of Lithium’s siblings, provides grounding and alertness, as it raises our blood pressure.  Aluminum (the source of the Blue) is the next-heaviest of Boron’s siblings, providing a stiffness to the spine, yet remaining supple and flexible.

All in a three-dimensional matrix (“cyclo”) of Silicon, the Master Exchange, the classical semiconductor.  Our biochemistry is built on Carbon, and Silicon is Carbon’s next-heavier sibling.  Silicon doesn’t just mindlessly carry electromagnetic information like the metals, or stop electromagnetic energy like the non-metals, it modulates information, switching it toward where it’s most needed.  Every Mitochondria in each of our cells is linked directly to the Zero Point Field, to all of the information in the Universe.  Silicon is the intuitive gatekeeper that prevents overwhelm.  This Mitochondrial link is fuzzed or blocked by emotional and chemical toxins, which is why it’s so important to clear away the Unfinished Business, to prevent intuitive underwhelm.

The Venus-Mars Initiation on Monday is a triple Conjunction, as Mercury is still less then two degrees away.  That is, our relationships for the next two years will be tempered with Purpose and Communication.  Venus-Mars-Mercury makes Third-Harmonic (Grace) angles to Pluto (Necessity and Transformation) and to Juno (Identity) – in other words, this is a fabulous time to take advantage of available Grace to break through into new realms of Consciousness – and frankly, it’s not optional.  The Initiation also makes a Fourth-Harmonic (Competence through Challenge) angle to another triple Conjunction, between The Moon (Authenticity), Pallas (Boundaries), and Vesta (that which is personally Sacred).  It would be a great idea to plan to wear a whole lotta Blue-Green for the next two years.

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