A Hint of 2012

A child born today, Friday the 13th in the Second Night of the Universal Underworld, would definitely be considered to have Uranus Square Pluto, the Fourth Harmonic angle between the two.  The Fourth Harmonic, recall, is about Mastery through Challenge – developing the competence and confidence to excel, not by book-larnin’ or following orders, but by confronting and experiencing and failing at difficult challenges that have no tidy solutions.  That’s another perspective on the Fourth Harmonic – constant failure.  Constant failure tells you what?  That your assumptions and expectations are wrong!

Constant failure is the only path there is to learning and growth and wisdom.  The rest is just turning the crank (and of course Grace).  Real Life is not a problem to be solved.  That’s Life lived as Thought, not as Experience.  Real Life is an infinite tapestry of issues to be resolved, all woven together.  You cannot solve one element of Real Life without ripping out the seams of several other elements.  The Planet is coming apart because too many people are trying to solve too many problems.  You resolve an issue by adding a dart or easing a seam, not by blaming a perp and dumping them into the Sea.

Now, what exactly is it that’s in the headlights of this Fourth Harmonic, what can we say about Uranus Squaring Pluto?  Uranus is simply, for each individual, their Authentic Self, the Soul Chord.  Pluto is that which cannot be avoided.  Transformed, yes, but not avoided.  Pluto offers tremendous opportunity for constructive change, for adding darts and easing seams.  And Pluto will nailya to the wall faster’n you can say The 60s if you approach Self-Transformation and Authenticity as a problem to be solved.  The other side of this coin is tolerance, multiversity.  If a wide receiver thinks he’s an offensive tackle, or a mother thinks she’s a maiden, teamwork becomes a disaster, and the need for teamwork – community – has never been greater.  Community is not based on conformity, it’s based on multiversity.

The waxing Fourth Harmonic challenges us to accept the Energetic Message delivered at the prior First Harmonic, or Conjunction, and work with it constructively.  It tells us that The World is moving that way, and either we move with it, or we fight against an increasingly vigorous current.  The Energetic Message of the Uranus-Pluto Cycle is “A Ouija Board,” 18 degrees of Virgo, from their Conjunction on October 9, 1965.  The essence of a Ouija Board is abandoning the effort to intellectually solve problems, and Asking for Guidance.  We are being Challenged to surrender the Ego in order to access and collaborate with a Higher Power, in order to develop Mastery at doing just that.  All without abandoning our True Self.

Uranus is now four degrees from its Square to Pluto.  In a natal chart, eight degrees is the usual margin given to an angle, so for an Initiate, whether a Person, an Energy, or a Process, the Uranus-Pluto Square is well “within orb,” or in effect.  When we look at “transits,” or events in the Sky, which is to say, Energies we Experience in the moment, the margin is usually three degrees for Jazz, and one degree for Classical.  So we can’t in general, by the usual rules, claim that Uranus-Pluto is dominating the Energy of the Moment.

But the Rules change in the Reaches.

As we write this, the Moon is Squaring Pluto from the opposite side of the horoscope as Uranus.  So basically, Friday the 13th is gracing us with a Moon-Uranus-Pluto T-Square, which is to say, a Hint of 2012.  A T-Square is two Squares, one on each side of a planet.  The Moon is Squaring Pluto from the left, Uranus from the right.  The Moon is an activator.

So, what battles were we fighting in 1965?  Dunno about you, but I was fighting to avoid being drafted to go kill Vietnamese because they were fighting for the right to run their own country.  Compare that to this (scroll down till you get to “May 9, 2011”)…


It may seem very different, but it’s not, not at all.  These are the same bankers who were making a fortune building war infrastructure in South Vietnam.  If you haven’t educated yourself about how the American Empire works, John Perkins does a very tidy job of it.  John even integrates the Ouija Board – half his books are about the American Empire, the other half about Shamanism.

In this Universal Underworld, Night appears to be about economic recovery and the Revenge of 9/11.  Obama recently, wisely, said that we need to stop being lulled back into trance every time gasoline prices recede.  He coulda shoulda said we need to stop being lulled back into trance when the media convinces us that “the economy is recovering.”  But of course he can’t, because the illusion of recovery is the biggest single determinant of re-election, and every politician is lured by the trance of re-election.  The call to Authenticity pales by comparison – his Nobel speech and behavior reveal that he’s authentically dedicated to the War Machine.  We don’t know yet whether his Authentic Self is a puppet for the bankers, or if he has merely stumbled into the appearance of that through naivete and pragmatism.

The economy in the US is not and will not recover, because the Empire is broken.  The simple act of losing the US Dollar’s status as the World’s “Reserve Currency” will reduce the standard of living in the US by 25%, a reliable observer estimates.  The World’s Reserve Currency is the one in which most important trades are made – for instance, when Brazil sells Oil to France, the French must sell their Euros and buy Dollars, pay the Dollars to Brazil, and then Brazil must sell these Dollars to buy their own currency (Reais), because Oil trades in Dollars.  Dollars are a major US export.  Losing Reserve Currency status for the US is like Ethiopia losing their Coffee exports.  This loss is not a possibility, it’s a reality.  Russia recently opened a large Oil pipeline to China, and they agreed to use Rubles and Yuan for trade, not Dollars.

But the US is losing its Reserve Currency status because the only way it can pull itself out of its third-world level of debt (to those bankers), is to deflate the currency.  If you owe somebody $10 and you can pay them with Dollars that are only worth 75 cents each, you win.  But guess what.  If your Dollars are worth only 75 cents, you can only buy three fourths as much Gasoline or Sugar or Coffee or Chocolate.  That’s another 25% drop in your standard of living.  Since the 2008 debacle, there have been no major changes in the rules, and no major changes in the Players – except that the banks that were then too big to fail are now much bigger, and the toxic derivatives that brought down the house of cards are also now much bigger.  How much did your standard of living drop in 2008-2009?  You can count on seeing that hit again in the next couple of years, if not sooner.

By all means take whatever benefits you can from the illusion of economic recovery.  Just don’t get tranced into believing it’s a trend.

Because it travels so slowly, Pluto is not only transformation, but also trance formation.  It’s what Thomas Jefferson called a faction – an illusion that everyone buys into.  “Health Care” is a good example.  Jefferson considered factions to be the most severe threat to “democracy.”  It’s the Fourth Harmonic that rends the Veil and reveals the trance, by showing us that we don’t really understand what’s going on, and forcing us to look for new Assumptions and revise our Expectations.  Living as we do in a hologram, there is no underlying Reality, only the next level of trance.  But Authentic Community requires that we are all in slightly different trances.

Zinnwaldite is a phyllosilicate (mica) of Potassium, Lithium, Iron, Aluminum, and Fluoride, with any number of “impurities” thrown in for good measure to prevent factions.  Potassium for Energy, Lithium for Calming, Iron for Grounding, Aluminum for Levity, and Fluoride for Healing.  It’s the most peaceful mineral I’ve ever encountered.  It’s named after the Zinnwald, or Tin Forest, that straddles the current triple border between Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic.  Like the Ruhr on the French side of Germany, you find near here Coal and Iron Ore.  In the Iron Age, who controlled the Coal and Ore, could smelt the Iron to make the Steel for weapons and rails and engines and wheels, so there has been lots of back-and-forth fighting over who controls the area.  Surrounded by open pit mines and factories, the Zinnwald has remained a Wald.

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